Written by fuckbuddy

7 Jun 2012

this is a bit of the story from the fuckbuddy lol

what a awesome night, when michelle and dean arrived it was plain to see they were as horny as hell. Michelle and I made ourselves comfy on the couch, and dean sat in the chair looking at us. Dean was on the phone texting a lady interested in joining us. I was only dressed in a robe, and michelle looked incredibly hot, and b4 I knew it my rock hard cock was so far down michelles throat, I thought I would lose it.We both got naked on the couch and the fun began, michelle so knows how to suck cock. Her pussy tasted so nice, I licked and sucked on her clit, and dean was slowly wanking his cock watching us. Dean then got a message to pick her up, and left michelle and I alone.

whilst he was gone, michelle sucked and wanked my hard cock. I then got michelle on her hands and knees, I then slowly entered her listening to her moaning

I slowly picked up the pace, thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and faster. her moans were getting louder, then I pulled out of her, told her that was jus a sample of more to cum. Michelle then took my cock deep into her mouth again. Dean turned up with the lady, she was a bit shy to start with watching michelle and I play, but was soon sucking on deans cock.

Well I think I will leave the rest to ur imagination. I had the most incredible nite of sex. I might post a bit more to the story soon...............might hahaha