Written by Nic

2 Jun 2017

The Cinema

My Cinema Adventure

I had been to an engagement party at the Clarion Motel and was walking to my car when I remember one of the girls at work had told me that she had seen a porn cinema on Flinders Street West when she was out driving. The things girls talk about, lol. Anyway I didn't know of any porn cinemas in town so I thought I would at least drive past just for a naughty look.

I drove slowly along the street and found it. The place use to be an old book store that had been turned into a tiny cinema with a couple of flashing lights and some posters on the window. It actually looked very cheap and nasty but it still made me wet thinking about my fantasy of being a cinema slut but I kept driving.

I was about half way home when I thought 'bugger it', and since I was already wearing a LBD and pink G-string and high heels I turned around and headed back towards the cinema. I parked about a block away from the cinema and started walking and the closer I walked the more nervous I got and the wetter my pussy became. How far was I going to go? Was I actually going to do this?? Those questions were running through my mind but I kept walking and oh my suddenly I was walking up to the cinema there were two mature men standing out the front having a cigarette and boy they really checked me out and I even heard one say, 'what a hottie'.

Even the guy selling the tickets gave me more than a casual look and asked, 'are you sure your at the right place', 'yes very sure thanks', I told him and when I turned the two guys were now standing behind me waiting to buy tickets so very naughtily I gave them a big smile and walked into the cinema.

It was almost just like I had imagined and had seen in those cinema porn clips that I have watched. Dark with only a few, maybe a seven to ten people, most sitting alone spread out through the seating but due to the low light I wasn't to sure of their gender or ages. There was a girl sucking a guys cock in a car on the big screen and he was moaning loudly which almost made me laugh. Nearly everyone looked around as I walked between the chairs and sat myself down about three seats away from one guy who I could see was definitely mid to late fifties.

I got comfy and couldn't help but keep looking over to the guy sitting to my left and every time I looked he was looking at me and then I heard movement behind me and saw the two men who I saw out the front walking up the seating and they sat directly behind me. Goodness if only they knew how wet I was but it wouldn't be long before they found out.

Once again I looked to the guy to my left and again he was looking at me so I smiled at him and moved in my seat, he smiled back at me and even though it was quite dark and I wasn't sure if he would be able to see I winked at him.

Yes he saw me wink and I heard him clear his throat and very casually he got up from his seat and came over and sat next to me.

'You don't mind if I join you', 'no not at all', I told him. He wasn't even looking at the screen rather just at me and I could tell he was just itching to touch me so I moved my leg and discreetly lifted my dress higher showing just a hint of pink pantie and then I looked at him again and wanting so badly to be that slut I put my hand on his leg and boy did that get his attention.

'I'm here on to fulfil a fantasy you know', 'say again', he replied looking a little confused, 'I'm here because I want to fulfil a fantasy', I explained. 'So what sort of fantasy do you fulfil in a porn cinema', he asked now with a cheeky look on his face. 'I'll show you', and I moved my hand onto his groin feeling his hardness through his trousers I reached for his zipper, 'you don't mind if I do', I asked, 'not at all baby', he replied and put his hand on my leg then straight away he pulled my dress right up exposing my panties totally, 'oh yes very sexy', he said and I saw him look behind me obviously to the guys sitting directly behind me.

He started rubbing my pussy through my panties as I pulled down his zipper and undid his button all with one hand and reached in and took his cock in my hand and started stroking it, 'mmmmm you know I love mature cock', 'do you just', he said again looking behind me and then he pulled my panties aside and started teasing my wet lips which caused me to moan with delight. Then suddenly I felt a breathe on my neck and knew that the guys that were sitting behind me were leaning forward and watching. Without saying a word the guy beside me pushed my legs open further and started fingering me and then there were hands on my shoulders then they were touching my boobs, under my dress groping, squeezing them.

His cock was now very hard in my hand as I continued stroking it, 'you had better suck it baby', a voice said and without a second thought I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and started pleasing him. I felt other hands lifting my dress up touching my bum, pulling at my G-string then there were more fingers probing my pussy. At least two sets of hands exploring my pussy as I continued pleasing with my mouth.

I looked up and noticed other men had come down and were sitting and standing around while more hands touched and explored then I heard, 'here suck mine', so I looked around another hard yummy cock was waiting on my mouth.

I was lifted up onto the seats on my knees , 'fuck that's a great arse', I heard as someone pulled G down, fingers started probing my pussy again. Fucking me with their fingers as they talked amongst themselves. 'Do we get to fuck her', 'bloody hope so she's fucking gorgeous', I heard so I made eye contact with the men talking and nodded my approval, 'fuck me yes she wants it', 'we have ourselves a slut here me first', a voices said and then suddenly there was a cock teasing my pussy then pushing inside me, I moaned my delight as the strangers cock eased inside,'yer nice little cunt this one'.

I had a cock in my mouth, my pussy and in my hands, I couldn't believe what I was doing. Actually I couldn't believe how easy this whole situation came about was but I was lovely it. No sooner was a cock removed from my mouth and another was there ready and mmmmm they were all just so hard for me. They each seemed to like how I would kiss, lick and suck their cocks even as cock was serving my pussy. One commented, 'man I love those sexy green eyes honey', then there was another cock enjoying my mouth, another cock thrusting into my pussy.

It was almost crazy as all these men wanted a turn at me and in the kaos of a gangbang all I could thing of was how many men were there! I think 6 men but I still wasn't sure not that it really matter then as it happened just as I wanted!!

I was leaning over a seat getting taken from behind when the cock in my mouth starting taking over, moving back and forth allowing me to rest my neck and let him do all the work and fuck my mouth. Something as you know I have become quite good at because of my naughty husband and guys love doing it, lol. 'Hey will you look at her', one said as I relaxed my jaw and just let se my mouth like a pussy. 'I want to try that', another said as I delighted in the fact that all these men were enjoying me so much..................

They lined up side by side and took turns pumping their cocks into my mouth then I felt the cock having my pussy start to swell and I knew he was getting close, 'I'm gonna cum', he called so desperately taking a quick breathe from cock I called, 'yes cum', and seconds later I felt a flood of hot semen shooting inside me, 'yer bloody awesome', he declared, as I heard another say, 'fuck me he came in her', and almost like they were on queue the guy cock having my mouth swelled, his shaft moving back and forth over my tongue so I was able to get eye contact with him and started massaging the base of his cock with my hand and he knew.

He knew where I wanted him to cum and shortly after he called, 'I'm cuming in your mouth, fuck yer', and I received my second load of hot semen but this one went shooting straight down my throat, 'good slut', he told me as another cock was being thrust into my pussy.

'Lets fill her up with cum', one called causing me to almost feel faint. All these men were going to give me their cum and goodness knows I wanted it.

Another load of hot load flooded my pussy, they talked about how hot it looked as cum oozed from my pussy once his cock was removed. 'Wonder if her hubby will know her cunt got such a good work out', 'fucking hot milf isn't she'. All their dirty talk about me only fuelled my fires of slutty lust, 'I want all your cum', I told them.

Another load was hand delivered onto my tongue, 'I'll never forget this night thank you', the guy said as his cum ran down my throat. I love making men happy so that comment absolutely delighted me................

It wasn't long before a third load of hot cum was being pumped into my pussy and as previous it felt wonderful but pussy was now starting to feel a little tender.

Some how one of them must have noticed that I was fatigued, well at least my pussy was, 'come on lets get her on her knees', 'yer have some more of that mouth', and I was quite literally lifted from the seat and carried over to the aisle, 'down you go', I was told so down I went and again I had cock in my mouth. They guy standing to the left was madly stroking his cock as I sucked cock, 'got some more for you', he said and pushed the guy I was sucking out of the way, 'open wide darlin', and he wanked for another second until a stream of cum splashed onto my nose, cheeks and lips, 'fuck yes how good is this', he said and then another man was standing in front of me but he moved in closer with the head of his cock touching my lips and his load shot over my tongue and straight down my throat, 'a good slut always swallows', he laughed and then I realised that they had all cum and were all just standing around me looking at me, 'so did you all have fun', I asked and well it seems they all did and finally I was about to count.

Eight men was the finally count and oh goodness I felt like a queen and just like that I stood up and dressed myself. The guy asked, 'so was that how you wanted your fantasy to be', 'yes only better', I told him and smiled said good bye and walked from the cinema and in the direction of my car. By the time I reached the cum running down my legs had reached my shoes, lol. Such a naughty girl.............