Written by I_luv_it

11 Jul 2014

The early rain had gone and the sun was now out and getting hotter, so I changed, grabbed my towel and went down to the pool.

I had a swim dried off and lay on a sun bed watching everyone else in the pool. “May I join you” I looked up and Jane was standing there in her green sun dress, “be my guest” I said. She sat down on the sun bed next to mine and said “on your own today?” “Yes she has gone off on a Thai cooking experience, and you are alone” she replied that she was and that her partner was off on a diving trip.

We sat there for a while chatting about nothing when she asked if I had recovered from my chocking fit at breakfast, I laughed and said that I was better now thank you, to which she just smiled and said that she was glade. I asked her if she wanted a drink of some kind and Jane said that a cup of tea would be nice but she had to go and have a shower first as she had just had a neck and back massage and wanted to get the oil off.

“I could wait here for you or…” “Or what?”She asked I replied “well I could come with you and wash your back if you like”. “Mmm, that could be nice but what about your partner?” I told her that we had an open relationship and that we both did our own thing as long as we did not tell each other about anything. She told me that her relationship was the same but they told each other everything and that they played as a couple and separately. After a few moments she said “alright I think I would like you to wash my back for me”

So I picked up my towel and followed her to her unit. Once in her unit she said “be a dear and turn on the shower I will not be a minuet” With that she went to the bed room and I went to the bathroom and started the shower. She came into the bathroom and was only wearing a bikini that looked stunning on her; it was a green bikini that matched her sundress. Jane asked me to unite her top after her massage the girl had tied it in a knot and she could not undo it. I untied the straps at her neck and did the same at the back. She let the bikini top drop to the floor and turned around. Her tits were milky white with rose coloured nipples that were erect, her tits were a perfect B cup in size and I could not take my eyes off them. She then bent over and removed her bikini bottom and there in front of me was a very white crutch area a pink cunt and a wisp of red hair in a “V” shape above her slit. She looked fantastic standing there naked.

She stepped into the shower and said take off your trunks and come in here with me. So I took off my bathers and got in the shower with her. By this time my cock was standing to attention, that is a nice looking cock you have there she said to me and turned around and told me to wash her back. I got the body wash and put a generous amount on her back and started to wash her from the shoulder down to her nice white arse. Umm that feel good she said. I continued to wash her back and then her legs. I then told her to turn around so that I could wash her front. I then put some body wash on her tits and began to wash her front, paying attention to her tits and nipples. Her tits felt nice and soft under my hand and I told her that she had beautiful tits and that I loved her rather large nipples. I continued to wash her tits and moved down to her belly and further down to her inner thighs and finally to her cunt, as I rubbed her cunt I could feel it opening to my touch and she let out a moan.

My turn she said. She took the body wash a put some in her hand and started to wash my back and arse, she told me to turn around so that she could do my front. Again she put a good amount of body wash in her hand and started to wash my chest moving down to my cock. She washed the length of my cock and then washed my balls. You have a very hard cock I have not come across one that is so hard it feels like an iron bar. After we had washed each other we then dried each other. She then led me to the bedroom where we kissed each other and explored each other’s mouth with our tongues.

Finally she pulled away and lay on the bed. I lay down next to her and started to explore her body starting with her neck and working my way down to her tits. I massaged her tits then kissed and sucked them and took a nipple into my mouth and started to suck and nibble on it, that feels so good she said bite it harder. I continued to suck her tits first on then the other, biting and sucking her nipple so that it stretched and elongated into my mouth. I then moved down to her belly and put my tongue into her belly button licking it and continued to move further down to her inner legs and flicking her cunt lips with my tongue. I then started to lick her clit and inner cunt lips, finally fucking her cunt with my tongue. She was moving with me and I could feel her getting close to climaxing. Jane then moaned “god yes keep going yes fuck yes I am cumming oh god ahh…”

With that she said “It is my turn now, are you ready” Jane turned me over and started to kiss my chest and worked her way down to my cock, she licked my cock head and with her tongue licked my cock shaft up and down, she then started to suck my balls one then the other, back to my cock head, she took the head into her mouth and slowly taking my entire length into her mouth, up and down flicking the head with her tongue. I was ready to explode and told her to stop before I came. With that she knelt over my cock and taking it in her hand she lowered her body until her cunt lips were just touching my cock. Then slowly she lowered herself onto it. The head of my cock was just inside her cunt, she stayed like that for a minuet then pulled out, down again, this time taking a bit more of my cock into her cunt, up again so that my cock was just inside her, down again, this time all the way taking my entire cock into her cunt. She sat there not moving telling me to be still and do nothing. Jane then started to move her hips very slowly back and forth so that I could feel the head of my cock rubbing at the top of her cunt. She continued to do this for some time and I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock, she had her eyes closed and was moaning very softly, pinching her nipples and pulling at them.

Jane continued to set the pace until she could not stand it anymore and let out a long loud moan and came, I could feel her cunt juices flowing down my cock. After what seemed like ages she looked at me smiled and started to get faster and faster, up and down on my cock. I could feel myself ready to cum and Jane said you are almost there aren’t you, to which I said yes, good she said. Jane then pulled my cock out of her cunt and started to suck my cock head, I could not hold any longer and shot my cum down her throat. She took all my cum and then my entire cock into her mouth.

After we just lay next to each other panting for breath, as we lay there I caressed her tits and rubbed the outside of her cunt and she stroked my still hard cock. Latter we went and had another shower and Jane said you can get me that cup of tea now. We went back to the pool had a drink and Jane said that we should try and catch up again before we both leave.