Written by SmilingDevil81

3 May 2012

I thought it must be unusual to be invited straight to their house, as with my ex we had met people out first. I guess I had spoken to them on the phone, and they sounded more nervous than like serial killers, so I thought I’d take the chance.

From their message on the site and their shy phone conversation, they were interested in DP, as she fantasized about it, and he was interested in experimenting with a guy, in all things, as he had never tried that. At this stage I had tried oral, and receiving only once, and liked it, so was keen to try more with a guy. And DP was always a massive turn on for me. They sent me a message straight after the phone call, asking me to come over that night. I immediately cancelled my other plans.

So this all sounded good to me. They were only a couple of years older than me and looked and sounded good from their profile. She was a curvy brunette, with dark brown eyes, and he was a fairly muscular, taller guy with soft blue eyes. Neither of them were athletic, but they were in good shape and an attractive couple, and most importantly seemed fairly easy going. They invited me to come round that night! I asked what to bring, he said a bottle of wine should be fine.

I brought a good bottle of red, and turned up. Brooke answered the door with a surprisingly bright and friendly “hi, how are you? Come in”. That made me feel good straight away. She was in a tight fitting shirt and jeans. I could see straight away she had great breasts, and a good figure, about 5’6 tall. A nice brunette with dark brown eyes just as the photos had shown.

For a first timer she seemed quite friendly, and took a good look at me as I walked in and looked pleased. She led me in to the kitchen to meet Jason, who was also happy and had had a few beers to loosen up I think. He was about my height (5’11) but with bigger build and pretty clean cut. He offered me a beer straight away as I handed him the wine, only to see they already had one open anyway , and invited me into the lounge to sit down at the table and have a chat and a drink. We started off talking general but I could sense this wasn’t all they wanted to talk about. We were getting along great and having a lot of laughs. I switched to wine after a couple of beers and Jason had had a few and was not the nervous guy he was on the phone, and Brooke was enjoying her wine.

Brooke excused herself for a moment and I stayed talking to Jason. While Brooke was away Jason told me that she wanted us to come on her tits. I smiled and said I had no problem with that. And I guess that’s when it seemed like they had already made their mind up that they were going ahead with this.

Brooke came back with a wicked grin and determination, She sat back at the table across from me, beside Jason.

“Let’s talk about boundaries” she announced. All I could do was stare at her tits, and Jason’s excited face.

“No kissing, I only kiss Jason”, okay, I thought… Even Jason looked surprised by this.

“And we’re not into any excrement or pissing or pain”.

“Sounds like we’re on the same page then” I replied. They were both looking very excited now.

“And only Jason is allowed to have my arse”, she said. Jason looked happy with this.

“That’s all fine by me”. I agreed.

“What’s yours?” She asked, while Jason waited to hear.

“I’m pretty much the same as you guys, this sounds good!” Jason was pretty happy to hear this.

“Another drink then?” Brooke suggested.


I laughed as Brooke said that her last rule was “No wearing socks!”

Jason came back with the wine and another beer for himself. I excused myself as I went for a piss. When I came back they were on the lounge, putting a DVD on. Brooke had discarded her jeans and top, and was just in black lace underwear. Her breasts easily filled her bra. Jason was standing up beside her as the porn came on, with just his boxers on, displaying his strong body. I took another sip from my wine, smiled and looked over. The next thing I knew, Brooke had Jason’s thick cock in her mouth. I was instantly hard watching her full lips close around his thick cock. I stood up from the table and took off my clothes (not forgetting my socks), not taking my eyes off the action. Brooke was now stroking Jason’s hard cock while she took one of his balls in her mouth. I nearly tripped taking my socks off, we all laughed, then I strode over to join them on the other side of Brooke who was on the lounge giving Jason a great bj.

Jason grinned at me and Brooke let his cock slide out of her mouth.

“Nice of you to join us!” Brooke said and laughed.

She instantly grabbed my hard cock with her soft hand and moved her face towards my hard cock and licked my engorged head. She grabbed Jason’s cock with her left hand and started jerking him slowly as she took my length in between those luscious lips, slowly moving back and forth over my cock.

Jason’s excitement at his wife sucking another man’s cock in her mouth showed on his face as he looked at me. He grabbed down and undid Brooke’s bra and I helped remove it from my side as Brooke took my full length up to my balls. I moaned with pleasure as I looked down at Brooke’s gorgeous face over my cock and her full, great tits. Jason grabbed Brooke’s right tit and tweaked her nipple. I grabbed a handful as well as she kept going on my cock.

“She’s got great tits hey” Jason commented.

“I can see!” I agreed as I massaged one in my hand, feeling her hard left nipple. Brooke stopped sucking my cock and moaned with pleasure. She turned her head and went back to Jason’s. She stroked my cock gently between her hand.

Before I knew it she had brought her wet mouth back to my cock and was sucking it nicely now, one hand jerking my base and her other headed down between her thighs. I was loving it. Jason nodded at me, glad I was enjoying it.

“Let’s change this up a bit” I boldly suggested.

As Brooke had me in her mouth, I reached over and rubbed Jason’s cock in my hand. I leaned over and took it in my mouth. He moaned straight away. I felt privileged that I was the first guy to do this. It felt great to be sharing the pleasure while his wife had me deep in her throat. This turned on Brooke even more and she increased her pace on me. Jason leaned back and was loving this new experience. I was also enjoying savoring Jason’s cock in my mouth and concentrated on that rather than lose myself too early to Brooke’s skills.

Brooke stopped on me so I stopped on Jason.

“Thanks!” he said, as he eagerly leaned over to do the same for me as Brooke put his familiar cock back into her mouth and slid a hand down her lace underwear. Jason took my cock in his mouth and I looked down, knowing I was his first guy. He seemed unsure of himself, but my moans reassured him and he got more into it. So I had my cock in Jason’s mouth as I grabbed Brooke’s gorgeous tits as she leant underneath and sucked Jason’s cock. I liked this!!! A lot of moaning was heard from the room, especially with the forgotten porn in the background. Jason was struggling a bit but got the rhythm right for me, as I’m sure Brooke had it for him. We all stopped as Jason stopped his first male blow job. Brooke said she needed some water so got up to get some, Jason grabbed a beer and I found my wine and we sat on the lounge, our eyes drifting back to the porn. I watched Brooke’s hot body depart to the kitchen and Jason grinned across at me. “Enjoying this?” he asked. I told him I sure was, I didn’t need to ask him, the look on his face told me everything. Brooke came back and resumed her place on the lounge between us. I put my wine down as far away as I could reach as Jason leaned down and kissed her. He pushed her onto her back on the lounge and reached down to her lace, I sat and watched right beside them and grabbed another handful of Brooke’s irresistible breasts. Brooke raised her legs up and Jason slid off her remaining cover to reveal a swollen, wet, tight pussy. He asked me if I could go down on her as he moved up kneel beside her face. I watched her grab his cock as I knelt in between her thighs and gently slid my tongue over her moist lips, slowly moving it round to circle her clit. Her moans told me all I needed to know and Jason was enjoying more of Brooke’s mouth around his pre-come drooling cock. I ground my face down into her, tasting all her wetness. My moans vibrated through her. I had always been told I was gave great head and this was another satisfied receiver. She was gasping and writhing and had to stop giving Jason head. “Let’s swap” Jason suggested as he quickly moved down and swapped places with me. He started where I left off and Brooke smiled up at me and took my pierced cock in her eager mouth once more, I could feel her rhythm change with Jason’s efforts. I was loving her big, full breasts and while supporting her head.

Jason came up quickly and entered her wide open pussy. She stopped briefly and just stroked my cock as she enjoyed her husband’s thickness, then she resumed. I looked at this gorgeous wife enjoying cock at both ends, and her powerful husband fucking her extremely wet pussy. Jason was close to coming so he slowed down and pulled out. I didn’t need to be invited, and Brooke let me go to move down to penetrate her sopping hole. I slide down on the lounge to her wide open pussy. I had to pause as I looked around for a rubber and hastily rolled it on, guiding it over my piercings. She looked down at me as I aligned my hard cock with her inviting pussy. I slid my head inside her eager, wet hole. It was surprisingly tight and she was loving a new cock inside her as she moved back against me as she pulled more of Jason into her mouth. I began to fuck her tight pussy slowly, feeling her wetness all over me. Grabbing up to her breasts, I watched Jason’s cock fill his wife’s gorgeous face. She was grinding back against me as I moved my cock back inside her, and she came for the first of many times that night. I was getting close myself as the excitement was getting too much as my brain took in everything. I announced myself and let myself go as Brooke’s pussy pulsated around my cock. I eased out and ripped off my full rubber.

Jason motioned me to come join him up at Brooke’s face and she let go of Jason’s cock and took myne in her mouth. Jason began jerking over her breasts as Brooke vacuumed up the remaining cum off my relaxed cock. Jason groaned and spilled out his load over Brooke’s breasts. She massaged it over her hard nipples, looking up at us both.

We all agreed that that was a good start. We grabbed our drinks and rested a moment. Brooke suggested us boys follow her into the bedroom. We both sprung up and did so.

We all jumped onto the queen size bed. I immediately went down and devoured her sopping pussy once again, it tasted great. Jason was kissing her once again and they were really turned on. “Fuck me!” Brooke ordered when she broke away from Jason’s embrace. “Hang on 1 sec”, I laughed as I searched for another condom. I unrolled it and got it on as fast as I could. I slid back in between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance. I slid my cock over her pussy lips, then shoved it in hard. She squealed a bit and I pushed her legs up to my chest, exposing her pussy completely to me. I fucked her deep and hard. Brooke took Jason in her mouth as I noisily smacked into her. Jason was jealous and called out to swap. So I went back up to Brooke’s mouth and took off the rubber. “You’re a great addition!” Brooke told me, before she took me in her mouth again. I was glad she loved sucking cock! Jason dived into her pussy. Jason was getting close and came up to jerk himself over Brooke’s tits, I began to do the same. Jason let fly with a groan, I kept jerking, after coming before to just jerk off rather than come inside. Brooke put it back in her mouth and took it deep, basically gagging on my hard cock. I moaned once again, took it out, looked across at Jason and looked down at Brooke’s tits, and followed suite. Brooke’s beautiful round breasts were now covered in both her husbands and my man-goo. It was a memorable site. She moaned. “Mmmm”, she moaned as she ran her hands over her body and massaged the cum over her tits. She rolled around for a bit with her eyes closed, soaking up the experience. “That was what I wanted!” she said. Jason leant down and kissed her passionately. We got up and had a drink and Brooke went and cleaned the cum off her in the shower.

Jason and I were saying how good this experience was. I reached over and grabbed his cock, and began blowing him again. “Hey! You can’t have all the fun without me!” Brooke had rearrived from behind us, and we stopped. Jason basically threw her back onto the bed. I grabbed at her lace panties and moved them aside so I could finger her pussy. I was impatient and I began to pull them down, which was greeted by a “Yep!”, from Jason. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and went to town as Jason kissed her and then watched me at work. She was quite sensitive now and she was writhing in response to my actions. I searched around for a condom with one hand as I kept going. I found one and had to use both hands to open the pack, then resumed. I rolled it on and raised up to penetrate her with something harder. I put it in straight away. I began thrusting hard. Jason moved back to watch me fucking his stunning wife again. I took Brooke’s body in my arms and we intertwined, feeling her hot body close against me, pumping to her rhythm. I felt some firm hands on my shoulders and as I came up Jason’s cock was in my face. He pushed it towards my mouth. At first I was a bit taken aback because I hadn’t expected it, but I took it in my mouth, as Brooke looked up at me sucking her husbands cock as I kept drilling her. He pumped my mouth a bit too hard and I nearly gagged, Brooke leaned up and took over, as I leaned back and raised her legs over my shoulders to get into her deeper. Brooke directed Jason back to my mouth and this time he was gentler as I circled my tongue around his cock, licking his big head, and taking it in my mouth. Jason pulled out and moved back again and disappeared behind us. I dropped Brooke’s legs and repositioned myself further up her, to enjoy the feel of her breasts against my chest as I fucked her. Brooke was writhing about, on her way to another climax as I pounded her. I felt hands on my hips and then a lubed finger roughly inserted into me. I heard a condom packet rip open, then felt a slippery hot member rest at the entrance of my arse. Jason then took me from behind. Even with the lube Jason struggled to get in. Once he was in he didn’t ease in, he just pushed it all the way and began fucking my extremely tight arse. It felt like it was burning and I was in pain, all I could notice was my arse being fucked hard and I stopped pumping Brooke. I was groaning, first with pain, then with an insane pleasure, I had been fucked before, but gently, and Jason wasn’t being gentle at all. I was yelling out “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!” I enjoyed the sensation of his cock reaching much further than the last one I’d had, and hitting the right spot, as my hard cock was still inside Brooke. It was intense. Poor Brooke was forgotten for the moment. I felt Jason come and I rolled off Brooke in exhaustion and ecstasy. “Wow! That felt amazing, wow, wow wow!” I screamed. We all laughed. I was hyper! With my arsehole still feeling quite sore I leant on my back. Jason disposed of his condom and Brooke jerked my cock. “You’re turn” I grinned at Jason. He got on all fours and I rolled my condom on and was very generous with my lube. I grabbed his butt and gently entered his virgin arse, also the first time I had fucked another man’s arse. It was incredibly tight. It felt great as I edged in, so tight, and I could feel the tension in him. He bit into the bed and Brooke held him tight in her arms. But to be honest I wasn’t that it into it, I gently fucked him and tried a faster pace to try and give him more pleasure, but it didn’t work. After a good few minutes I pulled out and he was glad that I did, he wasn’t enjoying it at all like I had. A complete contrast. At least now I knew what I preferred, and I think him too.

I took off my condom and threw it on the floor with the others. There were quite a few on there!

Brooke was now ready to be fucked again, seeing her husband fucking and being fucked by another guy had excited her even more, if that was even possible. Jason wasn’t ready but Brooke got on all fours and displayed her waiting pussy to me, looking back at me with those devilish dark eyes. She began reviving Jason, I loved watching his hard cock disappear in between her luscious full lips. I grabbed another condom and put it on. I slid two fingers into her wide open slit and leant over to the side to watch her blow her husband. I leant back and slid easily into her wetness. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting hard, really hard, as Jason had told me previously she loved. Well, she did, obviously, because being spitroasted like this turned her over the edge and she’d lost Jason’s cock out her mouth and was screaming. I pounded her more to increase her volume. She came hard, within about two minutes, and collapsed straight onto the bed, exhausted. Jason held her in his arms. I was left with a hard on and tried to relax.

I told them I’d just go get a drink. I walked out to the kitchen and poured myself some more wine, pausing to take in all my “firsts”. They arrived in their underwear back in the lounge room about ten minutes later, with a new vigor. Brooke sat on the lounge where everything had started, whilst Jason put on a new DVD, bluntly titled “Best DP videos”. “This is the one thing left I still want to do” She informed me with a devious grin. I looked down at her and said “I can definitely help you with that!”

Soon we had some pornstars doing, not surprisingly, what was on the title. Brooke and Jason were ready. We let our hands wander over each other, letting Brooke be the center of attention, as I had my hands down through her lace, Jason decided we move it to the bedroom again.

“You just wait over there for a minute” Brooke said slyly. I took a seat in the corner of the bedroom, as Jason’s strong hands rubbed his hot wife’s pussy. They caressed and Jason began fingering Brooke’s arse whilst he gently finger fucked her pussy. She was enjoying this and they were putting on a show for me. I sat back and relaxed, except for my cock, which was highly alert. They whispered something to each other, then Jason lay back with his throbbing cock pointing straight up. Brooke turned to face me, and lowered herself onto him, stopping to squeeze his thick cock up her tiny arsehole. She gradually went lower and took more of him up her tight space, her eyes closing as she moaned. She then began to move up and down on his cock, slowly, moaning with pleasure once again as she did. She looked over at me with desire, knowing that fulfilling her dirty fantasy was not far away. She leaned back further on Jason, opening herself wider for me. I couldn’t get a harder erection. I was incredibly turned on. Her pussy couldn’t be any wider open, and with the look she had given me, I didn’t need a verbal invitation. I walked over in my eagerness, then stopped, and grabbed a rubber, which I ripped open. “Come on!” Brooke said impatiently, half joking. I wrapped the condom over my extremely hard cock and stopped short of her sopping wet pussy, watching her arse take Jason’s thick cock right up to the balls. She leant back even further and I knelt between her legs. I spread Jason’s legs apart more as well so I could kneel in unhindered. Her gaping pussy basically pulled me inside and her fantasy was filled. I went right in and both her holes were full of cock. I couldn’t be any harder. I pressed my body hard against her and felt her firm breasts against me. I could feel Jason’s cock pump her back passage as I slid in and out of her front. She was screaming (loudly) with pleasure straight away. I was sure the neighbors, and the rest of the street, would have heard. I only got one hard thrust in before she exploded with a massive climax, her juice flowing out everywhere. She collapsed back and rolled to her side, leaving me extremely hard. She grasped Jason and held him tight, still shaking from her orgasm. They just lay there, holding each other tight. I was still hard as hell, but they were spent, so I rolled back off the bed onto my shaky feet, and went and jerked off in the toilet, it had to be done.

I came back and they had hardly moved.

“I think we’re done mate” Jason said, stating the obvious. I said that was fine, and asked for a towel. I went and showered and redressed. Brooke had regained her composure when I returned. Both were radiant and relaxed. Brooke thanked me for coming, then giggled at the innuendo. I guess she was very tired. “Come say goodbye”, she asked. I walked over, she loosely grabbed my face and pulled me down for a kiss. “Let’s do this again”, she said. Jason put his boxers on and walked me to the front door. We shook hands like completely straight men, and he thanked me for coming. “Such a great night! We’ll be in touch!”

I stumbled out into the dark, with a smile brighter than the moon…

I did hear from them again too ;)