Written by gazabiz

29 Oct 2009

My wife and I had often fantasized about her picking up a stranger in a hotel, last Friday, we put the plan into action and it worked a treat.

We checked into a smart London hotel, went out for dinner and a few drinks then returned to the hotel bar separately.

Sally-Anne is a still very fit 47 year old and looked hot in low cut top, tight jeans and shag me knee length boots. She sat at the bar whilst I took a seat with the bar in full view.

Inevitably, single woman (even wearing wedding ring) alone in a bar attracted guys like bees round a honey pot. She flirted for a while until one guy she fancied got a subtle come on from her and she managed to isolate him from the pack. She told him the story about having a weekend away with her husband but then he was called away to a business meeting but she had no intention of sitting in her room waiting for his return.

The guy bought her another glass of wine and they moved from he bar to a seating area not far from me. We gave each other a discrete nod and soon after, they got up and left the bar with a few lewd comments from his mates. My heart was pounding as they disappeared from view but I was getting very turned on at the same time.

Just over an hour later, I got a pre-arranged text from her. She had finished with him (he fucked her twice) and had told him he had to leave as her husband was due back soon.

I moved closer to the bar where his mates were still standing and waited his return. He came into the bar looking rather disheveled and red faced and was greeted with a cheer. He then told his mates how she had given him the best blow job ever and that she just loved cock. Other than that, he was quite discrete and when one of his mates asked for her room number he told him about the returning husband to which they all had a laugh.

By now, I was rock hard and went up to our room. Sally-Anne was still laying spread-legged on the bed with signs of the guys spunk on her inner thighs. I quickly undressed and Sally-Anne was on her knees greedily sucking my cock. I rolled her back with her legs over my shoulders and slipped into her very wet pussy. She was soon yelping out as a thrust hard into her and before long we had the most amazing orgasm together.

The following morning, we had a slow lazy fuck whilst she told me the details of her exploits the previous night and her story reached it's inevitable climax, so did we.

The reality was definitely better than the fantasy and I'm sure we will be in a hotel bar again soon !