Written by Wetilisious

21 Jan 2018

I started talking to this guy who said he only does Dom submissive play, and was I interested... Hell yes!!!

So I had to drive to his place, wearing only a top that was easy to get out of and a skirt, go to the door and put on a blindfold and ring the bell. He then lead me into the hall way where he pressed me against the wall... My arms up and my legs spread. He ran his hands all over my body. I was quivering with excitement.

He then walked me to what seemed to be the kitchen bench and bent me over it, again making me spread my legs. He lifted my skirt and ran his hands softly over my arse, slipping his fingers into my already very wet pussy. I instantly came on his fingers. He bent over the top of me and whispered..,"oh you dirty little slut, you just came as soon as I touched you", and slipped his fingers in my mouth to lick.

He then walked me to another room where I was made kneel on a padded box with my legs spread, where he locked my hands and ankles to it.

Again he ran his hands over my arse,

And at times feeling my clit. He said some wonderfully dirty things to me, telling my I was a juicy wet tight slut that was going to beg for cock I wasn't going to see. I was only going to feel it in my cunt, my mouth and my arse.

He bought me to climax just by touching me everywhere but my clit.

I was screaming in ecstasy.

He then came to my head and lent over me to feel my arse. I could feel and smell his cock near my face and I tried to get it in my mouth, but he slapped my arse and told me not to touch him. He was in control.

The more he touched my arse and ran his fingers over my body, the more I wanted his cock in my mouth.

He then told me to open my mouth. "Now you may suck it but you must not let me cum,"

I sucked him well, licking him to the full length of his shaft and filling my mouth with his hard thick cock while he ran his hands over my nipples and round to my shoulders. The feeling was both relaxing and erotic at the same time.

He stopped me, and slapped my arse and told me I was a bad slut because I was trying to make him cum.

He came back around behind me and felt my arse, running his hands everywhere as close as he could to my clit without touching it. Then he rammed his throbbing cock into my pussy hard, three times. Then he pulled out fast. I came hard. He stood watching me cum alone, not touching me, whispering in my ear that I was a dirty little cum slut.

He rubbed my anus and slid his thumb in, then slid his cock back into my pussy. I came straight away.

He fucked both my arse(with his thumb) and my pussy until I gushed cum everywhere.

He unlocked the buckles on my hands and feet and told be to lay on my back with my legs spread. He locked me up again.

He came and stood between my legs and breathed his hot breath up and down my legs stopping momentarily at my pussy, and gently licked my clit once. Again I gushed cum. He then slid his fingers into my pussy and licked my pussy and fed on my juices. I was about to cum when he stopped and slid his cock in my pussy and fucked me hard. My legs were shaking, I was screaming, begging him to fuck my harder. He filled me with his hot cum and I came again.

He left the room. I could hear him washing himself. He left me there panting and feeling very satisfied.

He released me from my shackles helped me to re-dress and walked me to the door. With him standing behind me, he removed my blindfold and set me out into the front porch. He closed the door behind me.