Written by Jay

4 Aug 2017

After a night of chatting online and sharing fantasies, Bec wanted to meet up.

It was 11pm, Saturday night I got the kik message to come over.

It was only a 15min drive and I was as Toey as a Roman sandal.

I arrived, She greeted me in a see through silk nightie. Bec is a BBW her luscious curves and enormous tits gave her an hourglass figure so sexy as the silk flowed over her body. She led me straight to the bedroom. Online Becs profile was set to single but the pictures on the wall told another story. I was apprehensive at first she was comfortable and it seemed like hubby might've been sent to a spare bed for the night while Bec plays.

We'd seen a lot of each other while we flirted online earlier.

She came closer to me and pushed me onto her bed and asked if all those fantasies we talked about her squirting for the first time could come true. A smile was enough, she closed her bedroom door and lifted her nightie revealing 2 of the biggest tits I'd seen along with her soft pink erect nipples as round as a saucer. I wasted no time and dove in head first. She pulled up my shirt as I stood up removing my pants my cock was climbing up my leg. Beck had told me how good she would work my cock with her mouth. I layed down and let her kneel between my legs. Her lips met my head and slowly she worked her mouth down an inch and repeated for a few minutes. This wasn't what I was expecting. My mind began to wonder if hubby or someone was really in the next room. I snapped out of my daze. She stood up over the bed as I flipped myself around. I told her to climb on top. " 69" she asked? I smiled again as she climbed on. There it was, her pale white ass uncovered her soft pink lips as she climbed on. I could instantly smell the aromas of her sweet nectar, I spread her cheeks to get a better view of her love haven. Like a flower the gentle folds of her lips glistened as the rest of her magnificent pussy came into light. She was working her tongue around the head of my cock. I couldn't resist spreading her moist lips and tasting the sweetness around her clit as I did my cock went deeper in her mouth. That was enough for me I spelt out the alphabet around every centermeter of Becs juicy pussy. Getting wetter by the minute she was delicious. BBws always are. It was time to make her squirt. 2 fingers teasing her behind the clit was enough. By now she was rocking with my motion and sucking deeper with every stroke. Then it happened. I felt the warm sprinkles on my face first as she rocked harder on me now deepthroating my hard throbbing cock. She came to a halt and drove my 7inces down hsr throat, gagging as she forced it.

Then came the gush, her sweet juices flowing like the Murray river. Her body shook and another gush between my fingers as I tapped her spot hard. I opened my mouth and took as much as I can. Now I was hard and ready. She gasped and rolled over. That was her first squirt and after 3 minutes of heavy recovery she wanted my cock. Another reason I thought

someone else was in another room because after she flooded the bed and me and she was ready to be fucked she put the condom on and said loud enough " fuck me however you want just keep that bad boy on" then again just before I entered her.. after an hour of fucking in all positions we could and me pounding her bent over making her juices flow and her pussy tender, she wanted me to come on her belly and tits while she was on her back laying in her own juices....

Faster and harder I slammed my hard cock deep inside her as she screamed and ran her fingers down my back I could feel my balls swell ready to send a sticky hot load all over her. I pulled out my cock covered in juices the condom came off in seconds I was about to blow, then she grabbed my throbbing shaft and pulled me inside her with her legs...

She took everything inside her, wtf? I was shocked it was too late to pull out now, she gasped then moaned as I pulled myself out of her pussy now oozing with my creamy load she stuck 2 fingers inside herself scooped up my cum then sucked her fingers clean...

My cock still oozing warm cum was getting hard again after that I was ready once more and with her pussy waiting I fucked her deep every stroke harder, I pulled her legs up and fucked deeper, i could see my own cum squeezing out between my shaft and her lips as i fucked another mans wife bareback filling her with my seed and about to cum all over her,

She knew I was ready and tried to pull me in again so I came in her but I pulled out stroking my cock I blew in her face instead. Not as big as my first load but enough to make Bek look like a nice little cum slut. She loved it. I looked at her beaten pussy as I stood up to get my pants. Cum still dripping out and red raw. Face still covered in my cum She pressed her finger to her lips. I'll never know if hubby was listening in the next room but we put on a good show.