11 Apr 2015

Ric is sat upright at the head of our bed. My head rests on his thigh, Ric's other leg rests over my body.

My face is laying against his cock. We are skin to skin and I'm admiring his thick cock resting alongside my face. I begin playing with him softly. Ric instructs me to use his cock, to use it, as I pleasure myself, he says.

I move away for a moment and then I am back between his sexy, strong legs again. Now with my vibrator in hand, to where I was laying, just as Ric instructed me. I wantonly use his cock to turn myself on. I roll it along and all over my face, inhaling his musk, my soft face, feeling it, so hard and yet so soft against my facial skin and neck, it is electric on my skin...

I start slowly working on my pussy now, running my vibrator along my luscious moist lips. I've done it before, just held his cock, tasted it, wanked it, but purely his enjoyment, rarely just for my own enjoyment, it always stuns me how much his perfect cock turns me on. I am addicted to his cock! I am so moist now and my vibrator is slick with my liquid, creamy desire as I move my toy faster along myself, spoiling my cunt, spoiling myself....

Ric's cock is why I cum so hard when we 69, I know I give good head, I love to give good head. I wank his cock in so many special ways. The lucky bastard, he just makes me want to cum. His skin, his musky smell, his fat cock - he makes me cum, he makes me want his cream. I am once more, now pressing the vibrator hard against my cunt lips as Ric spunks into my mouth and splatters my face, I loose all self control. Ric cums all over my face, I am so turned on!

All the while I am exploding myself, jamming the vibrator against my orgasming, thrusting cunt, Ric's spunky orgasm, his fucking, fat cock is making me cum!

OMG what a lucky girl am I...