Written by wife_wstcher

7 Jun 2018

I've introduced you to my hot little goddess now i want to talk about her journey as my submissive.

Im by no means "hard core" BDSM or a dom/ sub expert. I know what i like in a woman and how i like to be worshipped. For US its not about pain punishment its about growth pleasure commitment. Recognising both our sexual characters and building trust between us so both enjoy the relationship WE want to experience. Yes i have expectations of her just as she has expectations of me. Yes she does get disciplined. But it's correcting behaviours not beating for pleasure.

So from that first meeting i was clear about what i wanted sexually from her. How i would value and train her all she had to bring was manners and an open mind.

So the next meeting we worked on her being comfortable on her knees dressing appropriately for my visits and the care, respect and love she would deserve in return.

I have taken an inexperienced young lady taught her the value she has as a sexy woman. Encouraged her to dress appropriately both socially and when we are alone together and I've seen her confidence grow as she recognises how her body glows in a great dress over sexy lingerie. I've encouraged her to embrace her height, i love her 6'0 frame when it grows in heels. To hold her head high relax her shoulders and she is divine.

All this before we worked on her sexual techniques. That said she voluntarily dresses in lingerie and kneels at the end of her bed as she waits for me.

Her smile lights my heart because i know she will give whatever i demand from her and she will give because my happiness gives her joy and immense sexual pleasure.

The way her eyes light up when she unleashes my rigid cock from my boxers. The way she loves to look into my eyes as she works her oral magic on me. Her tongue and lips sliding kissing licking my shaft before she slides her mouth down my cock, until I'm in her throat and her tongue is lapping at my balls. Sucking hard as she rises up my shaft until she holds my knob in her mouth twirling her tongue around and around my cut cock helmet not relenting until she gets that moan of ecstasy from me..

Gratefully taking instruction from me to heighten the pleasure she gives.. relishing in the reaction she gets from being on her knees and the lessons we've shared.. she is a class cock sucker but willingly gives more.. rimming my ass while stroking my cock until I'm ready to explode.

And when i am she will happily open her mouth lay her tongue out and stroke me off until i empty my full heavy balls into her mouth..

Recovery isn't needed because when i invite her to the bed she gladly slides out of her g string and puts herself on hands and knees looking over her shoulder asking me "fuck me please" i take my position behind but above her guiding my cock into her hot tight smooth wet pussy every stroke the full length of my cock eventually she drops her head to the mattress and i know she wants to be fucked hard pounding strokes my hands pushing her shoulders down the slapping of our bodies a rhythmic dance of pleasure and as we build to climax she reaches between her legs and under my balls to squeeze and stroke the firm base of my cock shaft... a skill she had been taught and loves to use to finish me off..

Our journey continues together every meeting looked forward to

each fuck session a passionate display of our devotion to each other.

. my hot young sub, she is mine as much as i am hers.