Written by True Voyeur Pete

19 Jan 2014

My wife had the hots for her hairdresser for some time, and he had made it obvious he fancied her, and always flirted with her.

He was of Italian background, tall dark and handsome according to her, and definitely not gay, so it came as no surprise when the day came that she organised for him to do her hair at home on a weekend "so he could earn extra money.

We had dabled in an open style relationship for some time, but she had never had the urge to screw around, although it was my ultimate fantasy to watch her being seduced.

I had asked her to let me watch her get picked up in a pub, but she always said it wasnt her style to have a one night stand.

So this opportunity to let the hairdresser try his charm on her was as good as I could expect, with me being away for the day so she could feel at ease with him, and her telling me all ther details later.

So the morning came and I packed my golf clubs in the car, told her I loved her, and went off to golf.... Or so she thought!

I parked away from the house and crept back through the open side gate and under the house through the little doorway, and waited with butterflies in my stomach and a raging hard on in my pants.

Finally a car pulled into the drive and out he got. I heard all the small talk, and the arranging of some chairs into the kitchen where he was to cut her hair. They then went into the bathroom and he got her into the shower recess with her head back to wash it and put a colour in it.

After some time (more small talk) I heard her say "This is ridiculous" whereupon she got out of the shower and removed her blouse and skirt, and got back under in her bra and panties only. ( I knew all this from what I could hear from under the house barely 3 feet from where it all happened, and what she later told me).

She said later she didnt really think that her underwear would be totally see through when wet! I can only imagine the view that he got of my 24 year old wife (who then had a really nice body with extremely sensitive nipples and a pretty face).

So a bit later I heard him mutter something about was it ok for him to strip down as he was getting very wet also.

Now they are both in their underwaer and I could hear the rollers dropping onto the floor as he took them from her hair. Then their was a bit of silence and I heard her say "what was that for?" and he replied "for being a good girl".

Then their was total silence for quite a while, which I figured out they were kissing passionately (yes).

All this time he was running his hands all over her body and then tried to find the clasp for the bra (he couldnt find it and I heard her say "its in the front". So he undid her bra, got the soap and started soaping up her tits, which got her real hot and bothered. Then she got the soap and ran it over his stomach and down inside his undies and massaged his cock which of course was a stiff as a board. Then he slipped her panties down her legs so she was totally naked. They both leaned back so they could check each other out, while still playing with each other, when the water started getting cold and they turned off the shower and got out.

With the silence it was better for me to hear things, and he said "are you expecting anybody" to which she replied "no" and he locked the bathroom door.

They dried each other off and threw down a heap of towels, and he laid her down as he kissed her. Then he kissed down to her breasts and her nipples and I could hear her soft moans as she got hornier and hornier. She told him to bite them softly and he moans became more intense. She though he was going to fuck her and she was wet and ready for him, but he moved down and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning louder with the occasional "oh God" and he did this until she almost came several times.

Eventually she said "come up here" and he moved on top of her and slid his hard cock into her. She gasped as he did, although he was not larger or smaller than me, it was just "different" (her words).

And he started to fuck her, slowly then faster, then slowly again. I could hear her head banging against the wall barely a foot above me and I got quite a laugh out of that as I could imaging him telling his mates later how he pounded her with her head banging the wall.

He had a fair bit of stamina and fucked her good and she was really making genuine "mmmmf" and "Ughhhh" noises while he did. She told me she had her legs up over his back so he went in deep, and after she had a good intense orgasm, I heard him going really hard and fast until he let out a loud groan, and I knew he was filling her with cum.

They laid there for a while and I heard them kissing (I guess until his cock fell out of her), then they got up and he got dresssed and she threw on her dressing gown only, with nothing under it.

I heard him asking her if she was ok, and did she regret anything, and she said no, of course he didn't know she had my full approval to fuck him.

They went into the kitchen again and there was small chat, until it went quiet again, and I heard her saying "no, we havent got time".

Well, there is more to this story that happened in the kitchen, but this is getting long winded. But it is totally true and remains stored in my memory bank like it was yesterday.