Written by hubby

4 Apr 2015

for many years i have been trying to talk my straight laced wife in to getting a different cock in her as she has always claimed i was her first(i have never believed this however) but whenever i would bring it up i was told that it would never happen.

but as time went on i would just keep trying,i would fuck her really good then pull out and a few minutes later fuck her again but a totally different way and whisper in her ear that she should act as if it was a different younger guy sticking his larger cock up her (i would be harder and feel larger just because i was getting right into it ) she would refuse to to get into it but her cunt muscles would squeeze harder than when we normally fuck .

but when i would try this again on other nights it would result in a argument ,so a different tactic would have to be used ,

one morning i gave her a right good fingering just before she was off to work and made sure her cunt was very wet and made her go to work with wet and sticky panties then when she came home i would pretend she had been fingered at work then later that night i would take her to bed and sniff her panties while i fucked her then spunk in her and then go down and lick the creampie(pretending it was someone elses spunk but that did not last either.

well i tried many other things but they are for another story.

one morning she told me she was going out to dinner with a old school friend and that she would be late home ,and i have don't have one jealous bone in me (quite the opposite) ,fine i said .

she was home, not to late and when she went in to the bedroom to get ready for bed ,i did as well ,well i'm laying in bed with a huge hard cock watching her undress when i notice she has her very sexy black lace knickers on (she never wears sexy knickers unless i ask her to and most times its usually to bed )she rolls them down and drops them right next to me on the floor ,i scooped them up and could not believe what i saw ,in the gusset was a sticky white mess that could only be spunk ,and to top it of i was watching her sitting on the toilet doing a wee when i looked hard and noticed her cunt was red and swollen her flaps were hanging down and spunk was dribbling out of her ,she of course did not see me looking ,when she came to bed i quizzed her about her night and she was half honest and told me it was a guy from school (funny that, she went to a girls school) and that they went to his car and he fingered her (she loves getting fingered) but that's as far as it went .

i have tried on many occasions to brig it back up whilst we are fucking but she gets very angry.

but i still wank over it and she still has those knickers (that i blow in to every chance i get ).