14 Jun 2016

Several years ago my wife was acting kind of strange, she had lost her sexual energy and hardly ever wanted to fuck. She would get dressed up and go out regularly and come home late looking scruffy. I began to think she must have a boyfriend on the side, I tried to broach the subject and let her know that it was ok if she did but she just brushed me off.

On one of the rare night we did have sex she moaned another guy's name , so I knew I was right. I put a plan in place to try and find out for sure.

I told her I was going away for the weekend and left on Friday night, staying in a local motel then on Saturday evening I swung by my house and there was some unfamiliar cars parked near my house which confused me a little, I only expected there would be her boyfriends car there.

I quietly snuck up to my house but couldn't hear anything so I silently let myself in, I could hear the bed moving so I was sure I had caught her with her guy. I crept up to the bedroom doorway and got the surprise of my life, my wife was on the bed getting a DP while sucking another guys cock. I just stood there admiring the scene for ages until one guy saw me. He said 'join in mate, the others will be here soon'. I stripped off as the guy fucking her ass pulled out and I took his place in her slippery ass. She didn't even know it was her husband fucking her as I was in her back door. The guy fucking her cunt came and that made me blow too and as we pulled out of he cum filled holes another guy flipped her over and plunged into her soaked pussy, that's when she saw me, she looked worried until I pointed to my cum covered cock and smiled at her, letting her know it was ok with me.

Six guy turned up that night to use my wife's holes, most fucked her at least twice and I fucked her cum filled holes at the end of the night.

Turns out she was afraid to let me know she was truely a slut.