Written by ahw1

11 Jun 2010

1 day i was with a friend and then one of his friends came over to see him and we got talking about camping it sounded good and fun, Latter that day we drove in my car to my place got clothes in a bag and then went to his friends place to get some clothes so then we headed off to this misterious place.

we arrived to our destination about 7pm still day light as it was daylight saving at the time, we put the tent up near the beach where they wanted to go we got a fire going and then started to cook sausages we had coffee made already then we sat and talked and then one of my friends started to strip his clothes off and sat down then the other friend did the same so i copied them sat naked talking.

Latter while sitting around the fire talking we decided to go for a walk still with no clothes on as there was no one around we went down to the beach at this time the 3 of us had hard ons my 2 friends where hold each others cocks and then I got to think what we came here for as I had never has sex with another male before.

Like the other firend was very nicely tanned body and this was making me think what should I do but both of them turned to me and said come on then I couldnt hold myself back in saying nice hard ons so they grabbed me and we walked together down the the edge of the water and sat, while sitting those 2 got right into it while I watched as they said if I wanted to join in I could, it got very tense as my hard on was getting very hard and throbing they looked over and started to touch me I exploded ( when anyone touches me I just fall and let them do what they want).

I had never sucked any cock before and never fucked an ass before but this time was the first time for me so I just let what happen happen to my supprise it was good then we went back to the tent sat down for a little longer and they where playing with each others cock which me me horny again.

We went inside of the tent sleeping side by side naked I rolled over looking away from them the tanned guy came over to me and said " could I suck your cock and you can suck mine " as this sounded good and while I was being sucked he was getting in the ass. I then turned over on my belly and he put his cock in side of me this felt strange as I had never had this happen before he said to me your ass is very tight which this made him cum very quick then the other friend put his in me and did the same and I had the opertunity to do the same to them which I did I cum in both of them and they where great asses and great cocks too this why I dont mind having sex with other men.