Written by Anonymous

5 Oct 2020

The National Park is a popular place for people to go walking, jogging, mountainbiking, and some of the trees in places are magnificent, and its is a place that never seems to be crowded. Its so vaste.

We decided to do a bit of a hike into one of the more remote trails looking for some elusive spot to enjoy ourselves, with the wind in our hair, the scent of summer flowers and the heat of the day, it was quite alluring. To give it a greater wow factor we though, seeing that it was one of those really hot summer days perfect for the outdoors, the opportunity to find a secluded place, sunbathing naked next to the river, would be ideal. Somewhere where we could enjoy each other as nature intended, with the smells of the trees, river and the sound of the rushing water, it would be definitely a new and refreshing experience.

We chatted away on our journey and i I couldn't resist, as I knew that if anything was going to happen i would have to initiate the first move seeing that a woman always needs to be woed, rather than expected, so i dropped my hand to touch you gently on the bum, just reminding you that I was there and captivated by your persona.

The unfortunate thing is that we bumped into a crowd of people along the way, however you seemed very capable of reaching behind yourself, and resting your hand on my hardening cock, still completely poker faced, you started rubbing me until it was straining against the fabric of my pants. In this instance, I had decided to wear my tights with nothing on underneath. I had a long shirt over the top so it wasn't obvious, but if you had lifted my shirt you would have seen the bulge.

It wasn't long till my hand decided to apply the same attention to the inside of your legs until it too started rubbing the outside fabric of your underwear over your pussy. Today you had decided to wear a skirt as it was certainly cooler than long pants.

You were on fire down there and decided that it was time to fuel the flame. We pulled back from the group, and you said you were going to the toilet so i would wait for you. Once you finished your pee you removed your panties and stuffed them into the pocket of your camelback and we returned to the group as they marched along the path.

Assuming our conversation and hand positions that left me in no doubt of your desires when my hand moved up your leg reaching your now unclad very wet pussy. My face never flinched whereas you could barely contain yourself as I slipped my fingers into your pussy, you so wanted me at this moment.

We remained with the group chatting until we came upon another trail. At this point we said our fairwell, and marched off in another direction. By now I had two fingers buried deeply in your love canal but you wanted so much more so regrettably I had to extract my fingers but you were now confident that you were about to lead this spider to your web.

We raced down the track and walked for miles seeking out a wonderful little spot where we could lay in the sun and have the coolness of the water splashing over us if we wanted. We came to this clearing with a little waterfall and a wonderful stream and rocks, secluded from the track, no one would know that we were there.

We raced to the spot, and once settled down we became very hot and heavy, our tongues probing each others mouths, hands groping, i pulled at your skirt, and you at my tights releasing my cock from the restraints of the fabric and began sucking on me, loving the taste of my manhood until I started moaning that I was going to come and then you sucked even harder until your mouth flooded with my seed. You swallowed every every last drop as you drained your wonderful man of all his goodness, but we both wanted more.

We were like teenagers racing as we were trying to tear each other out of our clothes, i tugged your clothes off and you too mine. I wanted you to sit on my face so I could suck you in return, loving every minute of your touch. You lay naked on the towel with your legs spread and i didnt take a moment to be between your legs, licking and sucking the very juices from you. Here we were in the bush, on a waterfall, naked, and exposed to the sunlight, but without anyone in sight, how refreshing.

I told you to ride on my face and you did so without a thought. The sheer pleasure as you rocked back and forth on top of me while I sucked at your pussy was just too much and you started to come. I could taste you I could feel you and I could feel your body throbbing. It was sensational. We kept moving like this in sync for what appeared like hours, as you continued to come and to experience orgasm after orgasm.

You then couldn't take it any longer and asked me to fuck you, so as I positioned my cock at the entrance of your pussy you started raising your hips to draw me into you, but I started teasing as I rubbed my cock at your pussy, then you felt the head of my cock enter you, your whole body was shaking in anticipation of more and I did not now disappoint as I fed all of my wonderful cock into you.

I was buried deep within you, then I started slowly fucking you, and you moaning with a pleasure that you truly thought you had not experienced before, it seemed like moments and you found that you were having an intense orgasm wracking your body, your intensity was such that I too said that I was going to come and you wrapped your legs around me locking me inside you so that you could draw the very last of what was within.

We lay clutching each other, breathing heavily, my cock felt so good inside you, my skin so close to yours, felt so pure, i did not want this moment to stop and i sensed that the feelings that i had for you had just become intensified. We just lay there listening to the forest, feeling the heat and loving the warmth of the moment. It was so peaceful and we just couldn't resist. For what seemed like hours we just lay there relaxing and regaining our strength.

I suggested that we take a swim in the pool, and as we slid down the rock face into the water we felt the refreshing pleasure of the cold water on our bodies, it was so cooling it just seemed like heaven, a beautiful woman, alone and naked and unashamed, what more could I ask for.

I heard voices when i stepped out of the water, and felt as if we had to hide as if shamed by something illegal or wrong. Maybe it was the confines of the place, or the fact that we couldn't see them, but we managed to climb back up without being seen. Stretching out on the rock above the pool we were hidden by any hikers, and shielded by trees to the sun. We lay back relaxing and enjoying the heat, hearing the distant muffled sounds of people or so we thought. Hearing a splash and a giggle, I rolled over to see what was happening.

Not 10 feet away from us, two guys around my age and a younger woman, were having a swim and enjoying the freedom of being naked. The two guys were relaxed in each others company and made the atmosphere very easy. They bounced around the pool as if excited teenagers or something, laughing and giggling. It was kind of cute, but it was only the start. The younger woman went to one of the guys and gave him a kiss and drew him over to the sandy beach opposite we were lying, and the other guy joined them as well.

The difference of a man clean shaven against a man that is covered with hair made an interesting comparison. I thought of my own hairiness and realised that I wasn't as hairy as this guy.

One guy had a hard cock and the woman started to play with it as he leaned back on the sand, the other guy started playing with her breasts, and started to lick and suck her pert nipples. I certainly had a twinge as I knew exactly what that felt like after licking and sucking yours.

You could sense a warmth running through your body again and you saw that my cock was again fully erect. We started to fondle each other, turned on by what we were watching, hmmm, what going to happen next, the thought running through our minds.

We watched as the woman who was enjoying herself decided to switch cocks while the other guy started to finger her pussy. She decided to lick him and he went into estascy almost at once.

The other guy pushed her back on the sand, spread her legs and began giving her pussy oral attention that it was now craving.

The guy who was sucking her pussy mentioned something which we couldn't tell, and then he boldly reached out and grabbed the other guys cock from her mouth and lead it to the entrance of her pussy, The man retained his posture as another man held his cock. strange thing to happen.

The woman appeared to be so turned on, by what was happening at the entrance of her pussy and having it guided in to her, we could sense and see again the same waves of ecstasy as we felt flowing through our bodies, flowing through this woman as one of the guys entered her and slowly started fucking her, taking much more time than we had, enjoying himself.

I felt your own pussy lips swelling, as you felt the tension of my cock, but we lay there transfixed by what we saw, in the stillness of the afternoon.

The other guy then spoke something and the guy pulled out and his friend thrust into her pussy with one powerful stroke causing and immediate orgasm. He fucked her like a man possessed and shortly started moaning that he was coming, he pulled out and then the other guy took over again entering her this time, he also fucked her hard, lasting longer than his friend, as the young woman appeared to be in heaven, the guys body tensed as he to unloaded his seed into her.

We could sense the tension, the passion and the lust in the air. He heat made us again horny as we touched and fingered each other in a realm of pure pleasure. The thoughts of what we had just seen racing through our minds, yet secure in the knowledge we were safe and out of harms way. Both of us came with our touches of each other, and as I just love the taste of you, I just needed to complete my feast by licking you clean, with the sun high in the sky.

They all lay on the sand blissfully spent, not knowing that they had just put on a show for us not 10 feet away.

We heard them splashing and frockling around as we lay sunning ourselves thinking what a day it had been, first to love and enjoy each other with wild abandonment, and secondly be observers in a Ménage à trois.

How very interesting. Another hour went by, and when we knew that they had left, we also took a quick swim, with an almost instant dry off, to regain our clothes and start the trek home..

What a fabulous mid weeks entertainment, of a different kind.