7 Dec 2016

As I entered the bedroom Sam and Annette were on the bed passionately kissing, so I went over to the window bench and strip off, sat down and started to stroke my watching the hot view. Annette slid down Sam's hot body to her pussy where she started to lick Sam's pussy.

Pete comes back in the room and sits down beside me and starts to stroke his cock too, he gets hard in no time and hops up and goes over to the bed where Annette's ass is up in the air while licking Sam's pussy and he slides his cock into her pussy and starts fucking her.

I go over to Sam so she can take my cock into her mouth which she is happy to do, after alittle bit I step back and bend over and start sucking on Sam's nipples.

Pete fucks her doggy style for alittle bit and then stops and goes around and lays next to Sam on the bed and starts kissing her, i stand up and start playing with myself watching everything that is going on and thats when Annette moves forward and takes my cock into her mouth and sucks my cock while fingering Sam's hot pussy.

This goes on for abit until Sam encourages Annette to get on top of Pete and ride him which is does, after awhile of her riding him she hops off and leans over and starts to kiss Sam. Sam stops for a minute and encourages me to suck Pete's cock infront of her and her friend which I do, I do this for awhile and Annette then leans over Pete's body to lick Sam's pussy. After awhile Sam decides to go for a break and everyone fellows suit.

Sam is the first one back and jumps in bed under the covers so I go and join her, as we lay next to each other I start to play with her boobs and then slide my hand to her pussy and start to rub her clit.

Annette is the next one in and jumps in bed on the other side of Sam, so Sam rolls over and cuddles Annette and they start kissing again.

Pete comes in and goes and sits on the window bench so I get out of bed and join him, thats when we noticed that Sam had just started going down on Annette.

Pete got me to go over and stick my cock into Annette's mouth which is did, after a while of this Pete came to the bed and dragged Sam closer to the edge so he could slide his hard cock into her and fuck her. So Pete was fucking Sam doggy style while she was licking Annette's pussy, I moved around to the other side where Annette started to play with my nuts while I was stroking myself.

Sam decided she wanted to lay down and let Pete hop on top and do her so she layed down next to Annette and Pete hop on top and entered Sam's hot pussy and started to fuck her.

Turns out one of Annette's arms were under Sam and she couldn't get it out so I had to grab Annette by the other arm and a leg and drag her out.

So while Pete and Sam were going for it, I went down on Annette and tasted her hot pussy for the first time. After abit of licking I slowly slid my finger into her at the same time. It was pretty hot listening to her moans and bucking her hips and listening to Sam moan and squirting everywhere while Pete was fucking her.

After Annette orgasmed I slide down the bed and started to stroke myself, Annette started to play with herself which got me hardish and I came back up and bed and slowly slide my cock into her tight pussy. I started to fucked her which she was enjoying but unfortunately I didn't start hard enough so I just rubbed my cock up and down her pussy.

Thats when Pete came over and took over from me and slid his cock into her pussy and started fucking her, i started to go down on Sam licking her very wet pussy. Not sure when Pete and Annette stopped as I was getting right into licking and fingering Sam's pussy, after a while I looked around the noticed Annette was dressed about to go so thought I better stop so Sam could see her friend off.

I thought it was getting pretty late and it looked like Sam was getting pretty tired so I started to get changed too, thats when I looked around and seen Pete still naked on the bed trying to encourage someone to go over and suck the juices of his cock so I went over and took his cock into my mouth for alittle bit to suck all those tasty juices of his cock. So after that I apologised for my stage fright and said bye to everyone and dropped Annette home.