Written by Passionatechic

23 Jul 2014

This awesome sexy man, I'll call him C, whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for a year had suggested we meet at a hotel where his mate rented for a few nights but was leaving early, so C and I met at the hotel in the morning. It was a hot day so I wore a bikini with croquet type dress on top.. C had a big grin on his face, as soon as we got inside the room it was on... We started out on the lounge kissing and caressing, yes I admit I was eager to suck his very well endowed cock, I can feel C getting harder as I suck, I can sense his eagerness to slide his big cock inside my very wet tight pussy.. C had a little taste of my juices but only for a moment as he's too eager to fuck me.. He slides in slowly and nicely through the wetness and tightness of my pussy walls, he moans with pleasure I responded with a squeeze and a moan... C is big man 6ft and I'm only 5ft, you can only imagine the pounding I got...mmmmm

As C didn't want to cum too quick we moved to the bedroom where there was a full floor to ceiling wardrobe mirrors... C positioned me on my all fours making sure I'm facing the mirror so I can see what he's doing, I watched as his big hard cock enters my pussy from behind, I can see pleasure on his face his moaning all..I love to see my lover pleasures it's what turns me on... He pounds me some more trying hard not to cum...we changed position again C laying down on his back I was on top but my pussy was on his face and his thick cock in my mouth, I suck slowly hear him moan with pleasure I suck as far as I can fit in my mouth then I suck his balls too C likes his suck, it's why he shaves them so they can be suck :).... While I suck his cock he eats my pussy making it wetter than it already is and it felt like heaven.. As soon as I got to squirt I quickly slide his cock deep inside of me riding him slowly at first but the rhythm changed quickly from slow to rapid to slow to rapid... I can hear C saying "how lucky he was" to be there....after what felt like hours, C shivered and came almost to a point fainting...cum all over me...we hugged and giggled...showered and changed... C walked me down, we kissed and said byes, till the next time... Walked away with a big smile on my face..

More stories of our many encounters soon....