Written by Passionatechic

1 Aug 2014

Twice we met up at this particular work site in Sippydowns... This story is for both encounters.. The first was a hot summer day there was no one else around just us two.. C took me on tour of the site making sure all doors are lock from the inside I could feel the excitement through my body and I can sense C's excitement too.. We settled in the office, C sat on the office chair I sat on top of him with both our clothes off, we kissed tenderly I looked deeply into his eyes we both smiled.. I could feel his eagerness to slide his hardened cock deep inside my inviting wet pussy..as C slides he moans with pleasure looks into my eyes as if he's thanking me... We kissed a lot passionately as if there was no one else matters.. I rode him fast and hard feeling every inch of his hard cock inside.. I will slow down the pace and squeeze him tight as to show my gratitude.. Then C stood up I stayed sitting on the chair, I see his moistened cock, I slowly put it in my mouth while smiling at C, I could see pleasures in his eyes and his moans is the proof of these pleasures.. I take in his cock slowly swallowing as much as I could...oh it tasted so good..playing with the head with my tongue sucking it as I go up his cock then down again sucking it as I slide up, almost to a point C was cumming then I stop.. C helps me up turns me around the chair my back to him.. I close my eyes as to concentrate on tightening up my pussy walls for an intense pleasure as C slides his cock deep into my wet pussy..release then tightens, meeting every strokes with a squeeze then release for a intense pussy cum, C whispered good girl then kisses me tenderly.... Then someone turned up outside..lol..it was the boss..we quickly got dress and I hid.. C went outside to meet him..

After seems like forever, the guy left.. And it was just us two again..

C found me in the eating area, we took off our clothes again C bends me over and fucked my pussy hard. My pussy got real pounding bent over almost touching my toes, god that was hot I was cumming on his cock over and over again C keeps saying how wet my pussy was and that I was a good girl..

We then walked over to another spot where there was a pile of wall sheeting stacked up, I gave C a quick head job and again C turned me around on all fours on the top of the pile, he fucked my pussy some more then I saw him licked his fingers and hands and one finger at a time he slides it through my ass and always asking me if that was ok, I said yes.. Once my ass was lubricated enough C slides his thick cock slowly careful not to hurt me, as C slides in I relaxed my muscles making sure it doesn't hurt him either, god it felt like heaven..C pounded my ass so hard I was screaming not with pain but with utmost pleasure, I came all over his cock and as I did that C came deep inside my ass almost fainting... We laughed and kissed and got cleaned up leaving some cum all over the pile of wood lol.. We chatted a bit then I even stayed for bit to watch him work and what a perfectionist man he is with his work, by the way he's an awesome tiler if anyone needs some tiling work, he's the man to see..

The next encounter for next chapter... Enjoy this one...