Written by Bushyboy

31 May 2014

This is the story of our Nov. fuck night....the names have been changed to protect our guys.

Oh, fuck that was a great night ....

I planned to arrive in my tee shirt and red panties but that fell through in trying to get inside to join Stan and Jean's place a.s.a.p.. They were so happy to see me but I was so annoyed at making such a blue in arriving late. With Stan and Jean on the couch was another guy Mick all fully dressed and having a drink with them. So I got a beer and took off my shorts and sat down next to Jean who threw her legs across my lap so I was able to stroke her legs in black stockings and black panties as we all talked getting to know Mick.

For about 10mins. it was great and was able to stroke Jean's pussy under her panties and every now and again she would close her legs and clamp my hand so I couldn't move it. Not to be worried besides it felt nice so I just left it there until she opened her legs a little and was able to move one finger up and down over the soft silky panties as her legs were got wider by the minute..... she was getting horny with an occasional sexy smile when I looked at her.

Mick must have liked what he saw so he got up and went to the bath room and came back taking off his shorts and you could see he was already hard in his underpants with a big bulge in the front of them. We haven't seen him naked or what he looked like so as he stood there he looked promising but fuck when he took them off he had a gorgeous thick hard cock pointing straight out, even bigger than Stan's.

When Jean saw it she got up and couldn't wait being horny all week and took everything off in front of him ... bra, stockings, panties and went straight up to hold Mick's cock. When Stan saw this he couldn't wait either and undressed too as Jean pulled Mick by his cock to the "Playroom". With the 4 of us all standing together in a circle playing and feeling each other up for a good 5 mins Jean was deciding which cock she was gong to have first.....gees it was such a nice feeling.

Stan went and lay down on the bed and Jean couldn't wait to get that beautiful big hard cock up inside her so she told Mick to iie down and then sat on him to ride him cowboy style....fuck she loved it. I lay down next to Stan and we played and sucked each other's cocks or gave Jean a cock to suck while Mick fucked her. I could tell when she was cumming because she would bite hard into the head of my cock but it didn't worry me because I didn't want to disturb her as she enjoyed having an orgasm,... we all fucked her.

We must've been on the bed for nearly an hour and all retired to the lounge for a rest and sat down having another drink, talking, and gently stroking each other while resting. All this time Mick always had a big hard cock and which never went soft....fucking unbelievable ... god he can fuck and was so horny. After a while Jean couldn't help herself and just had to have more cock inside her so her and Mick did a demo on the lounge while Stan and I played with each other's cocks.

Mick has a good strong body attending for work outs in the gym reguarly and could pick Jean up while standing and gently lowering Jean down on to his cock while walking around with her perched on it. With his cock hard up inside her pussy, she loved it hanging onto him so tightly....it was so erotic to watch for Stan and I and we were so happy to see Jean enjoying herself. We all fucked her and had to have another rest and quite frankly we never got back to the bed in the playroom for quite some time.

All this time Mick's cock still remained so big and hard as well as Stan's for that matter so we all had another session on the bed but this time Jean wanted to try two cocks in her at the same time so we got Stan to ly down on the bed face up so Jean could sit on his cock and Mick put his cock inside Jean's pussy from the back. It was fun but was a little awkward as Jean was having trouble keeping both cocks inside her for any length of time ... it was fun trying though and she loved it.

Back to the lounge for another rest and by this time none of us had cum with all of us saving it for the final fling. While we were on the couch just relaxing, playing and stroking each other we talked, joked and in general just having fun while Jean had a chance to rest because she would get knocked up every now and again...don't blame her as she was having such fun and so happy.

Every now and again she would hop on a cock and just ride it..she loves riding cock, like the time she was sitting up on top of Mick's hard cock and while on her feet with bent legs and his cock head just inside her inner lips she would bend over and look down at the most beautiful erotic sight of herself just sitting on such a gorgeous big hard cock. At times she would wiggle her hips sideways sitting on that beautiful big piece of meat up inside her as if she was down the road shopping !! ...the look on her face was one of such enjoyment and bliss.

It must have been well passed midnight when Jean got up and sat on Mick's hard cock as he sat with us on the lounge talking and she rode him so hard like a jockey in the Melbourne Cup that Mick thought it was time for him to blow his load and gave her all of what she wanted right up inside her. Not being out done she then turned around with her legs wide open and asked Stan for his load too which he just had to and couldn't wait to give it to her doggie style.

She then turn to me and said "well I've got two loads of cum now I need another one" and couldn't help myself going down on her to suck and lick all of that hot cum dripping out of her pussy ...beautiful and so sexy and she jumped and twitched several times in the process. It was a nice end to a great night as we sat on the lounge just talking and Jean sprawled out face up with not a stitch on. Mick played with her tits as she fondled his cock and I stroked all the bottom half of her gorgeous body making her twitch occaisionly when I ran my hand over her shaved "garden of eden". All of this was too much for her as it wasn't long before she fell into a deep sleep... totally fucked !