22 Feb 2017

Last summer we splurged and rented a house right on the beach for two weeks.

As luck would have it, we were also a short drive from a nude beach.

We could only go to the nude beach for a couple of hours each day while the kids pursued their activities.

On the second day, a Monday, we arrived and stripped off but then realised we had forgotten sunscreen. Rather than getting dressed again and taking the fairly long walk back to the car to drive home to fetch it, we looked around to see if we could borrow some.

There were only a couple of other people on the beach, as it was still early. The closest person had a sort of translucent cloth fence all around, as a wind break. I said to Mrs Pool that I thought it might be a couple so I walked up to them.

When I got there, I realised it was a single guy. He could see through the cloth, and was watching Mrs Pool naked nearby while pulling on his big fat hard cock. He didn't stop wanking when he saw me, which was interesting.

I said hello and asked if I could borrow sunscreen. He was American and seemed very nice, just Mrs Pool's type of guy. He was about to hand me the sunscreen when I had a thought. I asked him if he would like to apply it to my wife himself.

So the guy brings his sunscreen over and introduces himself as Mike and we introduce ourselves. It was one of those aerosol sunscreens and I was a bit disappointed. However it was so windy he sprayed it onto his hand first and rubbed it directly onto her while I put sunscreen on myself.

Mike did her front first, then her back. It was obvious that he enjoyed doing her tits and bum as his cock got harder when touching those areas.

He was a real gentleman, and afterwards said kind of shyly "I need to go for a swim to cool off". He went across the beach to drop off his sunscreen, but then walked diagonally down to the water so that he was directly below us.

While he was in the water he was keeping an eye on us so Mrs Pool started to stroke my hard cock while I played with her pussy. I opened her legs wide so Mike could get a good view.

After a while he got out of the water and walked up to us and asked if he could lie down on the sand next to Mrs Pool. Of course we said yes.

We chatted for a while. He told us that he ran a cleaning business, and had earlier dropped his crew nearby for a job. He told us he loved our accents. I could tell Mrs Pool liked him, he was such a gentleman.

Mrs Pool was getting hot and suggested a swim so all three of us went in. While in the water I said to Mike that he would need to reapply sunscreen to Mrs Pool. She just rolled her eyes.

Mrs Pool got out so I took the opportunity to chat to Mike alone. He seemed unsure as to what we wanted so I told him that while topping up Mrs Pool's sunscreen he could play with her as much as he wanted, but without a condom he could only cum on her tits or arse, whichever he preferred. He said she was "Smokin' hot" in a way that only sounds good with an American accent, and added that he couldn't believe his luck.

I joined Mrs Pool on our towels and Mike went and fetched his sunscreen. He started with her back, taking the opportunity to slide a finger into her wet pussy. Mrs Pool started wanking my cock and Mike got so turned on he started wanking his cock. I thought he had decided to cum on her arse.

But no, he rolled her over and put sunscreen on her front. He took the opportunity to focus on her tits and also tongued her clit.

There was another guy watching us by this stage, which turned us on even more.

Mike told Mrs Pool to suck my cock. She played with his cock briefly, then he took over from her and after some minutes put a couple of squirts of his cum on her tits.

He didn't stop however and kept wanking, grunted, and shot several more times over her tits. Apparently he is a two phase shooter. That was hot.

I pulled my cock out of Mrs Pool's mouth and while massaging his cum into her I added my load to her tits.

Sadly we didn't see him again during the next two weeks and that was our only kinky encounter of that particular holiday.