Written by intrepidme

31 May 2011

I am currently on a camping holiday in Australia near a town called Byron Bay. The campsite is long and narrow. It runs along a river and is situated near a beautiful beach. A couple of nights ago I could not sleep so I decided to go for a walk. I thought I would get some pictures of the sunrise. I sleep naked so when I got out if the tent I was nude. I had some board shorts but decided to carry them rather than wear them. It was still dark when i began my walk. I loved the feel of being naked outdoors. The campsite runs beside a street with holiday homes on it. It felt so exciting knowing I could be caught by either someone walking along the street or by a fellow camper. At the start the campsite was very dark so I felt relaxed but i was heading toward the toilet block which was floodlite.

As I got closer to the toilet block hmy hart started pounding. If someone were to head towards the toilet they would definitely see me in my naked slender. I walked past the toilet block fully exposed. I was now walking through the caravan area which is much more crowded and presented a much greater chance of being seen. At first I had no intention of going so far but I was keen to see if I could get all the way to the beach naked. At the front of the camp ground is a long wooden pedestrian bridge that crosses the river and leads to the beach. I set this as my goal. To walk through a busy campsite naked and cross the bridge.

At this stage my heart was racing. This part of the park was well lite and I was sure I was going to get busted. But I continued and was soon within site of the bridge. To cross it meant leaving the security of the campsite. At this stage there was no turning back so I boldly walked out of the campsite. I felt so excited and exhilarated as I crossed.

I had now walked about half a kilometer completely nude. On the other side of the bridge I had to cross the road to get to the beach. The road was well lite and there were parked cars and campers about. I was really expecting to meet an early morning dog walker or fisherman but saw no one as I stepped onto the sand. I still couldn't believe I had walked so far in the nude. It felt liberating and excelerating. I now had a vast streach of beach before me.

I started jogging along the beach through the shallow water at the oceans edge. The feeling of the dawn air on my skin was very liberating. My scrotum tightened and my nipples became erect at the natural stimulation.

Periodically I stopped to take pictures of the sunrise reflecting on the ocean. The colours and hews were changing ever few minutes. I continued my walk towards the town of Byron Bay about ten kilometers away. There is is. Legally designated nude beach at the half way mark. This was my next destination. On the way I stopped to text a work friend. I was feeling a little cheek so I told her I was texting nude. Fortunately she wasn't offended so we flirted a while.

By the time I made it to the official nude beach I had been nude outdoors for three hours. It was still very early in the morning so not surprisingly there were few people there. I walked past a couple fishing they were both dressed. I don't know if she was checking me out but I suspect she was.

On my way back to the camp site I met a nudist couple strolling along the waters edge. They were an older couple in there fifties but they were both in great shape. They were both clean shaven I could clearly see her labia which turned me on a bit.

I commented on what a lovely day it was and we chatted a while. I suspect he liked showing her off and I think she liked being displayed.

As we parted I asked if they could take a photo of me with my phone camera. It was a thrill getting a nude photo taken by a nude couple I had just met.

I thanked them and headed back to the campsite. When I was nearly there I started seeing the early morning runners and dig walkers. My nude walk had lasted five hours and was a total thrill but now unfortunately it was time for me to put my shorts on and get back to civilisation.

As I entered the busy campsite it was thrilling to know that I had ambled through there totally nude just a few hours before.