Written by Sunshine99

8 Oct 2016

she is sitting at her desk day dreaming, thinking about the hard cock she had inside of her only a couple of hours ago, god she wants to be pounded more and more by this delicious cock. As her hands slowly creep up her thighs she can feel her own wetness as she is getting aroused by that thought. She looks around to see if anyone can see her, she ever so carefully slips her knickers aside and starts to play with her wet pussy, her clit is so swollen she gasps in ecstasy as her finger lightly starts to circle around an around.

she can't help but think she knows someone in the building who would prefer to stick his own fingers in her pussy, she isn't even going to ask him, her idea is to just make her way down to his office and re soak her fingers before she walks in. She heads in that direction, her heart is pounding along with her clit. She opens his door, locks it and before he can even say a word she shoves her pussy juice laden fingers into his mouth. Without hesitation he shoves her back onto his desk and spreads her legs and shoves his fingers inside of her, they slide in so nicely and easily, she lets out a moan of pleasure. But she is not going to make it that easy for him, within in a few seconds she removes his fingers and goes to walk out. She doesn't get far before he pushes her up against the door lifts up her skirt and penetrates her wet pussy with his cock, she has to clasp a hand over her mouth so she doesn't let the whole building know she's just had a hard cock shoved deeply inside of her

she grabs onto his shoulders for stability as he continues to thrust his cock in and out of her, she couldn't careless if they got caught she is too engrossed in the ecstasy of being fucked nice and deep. He is fucking her as hard as he can, she can tell he is about to CUM inside of her, she grabs his arse to hold him closer to her, he starts to shudder as the first stream of CUM squirts inside of her, he can't hold back any more and lets out a grunt of pleasure as he empties his seed into her nice wet pussy. Just when she thinks it's all over he surprises her by dropping to his knees, grabbing her leg and putting a foot onto his shoulder to get better access to her clit, he starts to lick her pussy very slowly at first, and then he starts to lick her faster, her clit is so swollen now one flick of his tongue almost sends her over the edge, he continues to lick her clit and he can tell she is so close, she grabs his head and pushes her pussy into his face, she is fighting not to scream out, she can feel herself building to a wonderful, wet, hard, pulsing climax

she clasp two hands over her mouth to muffle her screams as she CUMS, he continues to lick her pussy, oh god it feels so good. He stands up and kisses her passionately, his lips are covered in her pussy juices, mmmm tastes so good. He smiles at her unlocks the door and she slips out (hopefully unnoticed).