31 May 2016

I met cumquat at the junkyard in maitland which is such a great pub for bands a very funny sexy happy guy it had been two years since then and id been in an affair with a married guy and he had moved to the tablelands in atherton he met me at the airport and we started back to his place i was wet already no knickers and the sun was hot thru the window so feet up on the dash skirt hiked my wet fingers between my swollen lips teasing him the whole way back from cairns and being carefull not to cum sucking him at a hundred kays and drinking in his sweet precum we made it to the kitchen before he stripped me and threw me on my back on the table his delightful tongue flicking my button and two fingers sliding accross that gorgeous spot behind my pubic bone i came within a few seconds and then he rammed straight into me onto my cervix gushing now i cried out and bit his shoulders his neck and came again sweet release at last as he poured his ejaculate hotly into me come on into the bedroom he said his huge masculine dungeonesque bed made me look tiny in the mirror as i sat his chest and gobbled what i could of his lovey cock into my famished mouth his fingers in my anus my coaxing had him in readiness once more my soaking sex needed that fat cock again and this time he fucked my wet labia and clit till once more the orgasms started and then he squeezed into me so slowly i had to rise up to make him thrust knowing full well he takes longer to cumm the second time i settled in to be pounded as i like every time i came it was more intense he swore the most exciting words into my ears of what he felt inside me biting kissing and squeezing my nipples till we collapsed back into a chesty spoon ....better than love like the cruel sea he said we talked some more and then he told me he had a young french guy staying with him and would i like to play together when he finishes work mmmmmmmmm