16 Jun 2018

In my youth I spent many a day down the beach . Perving and sunbathing this one Saturday afternoon there wasn't many girls on the beach I sat just there the walk way put my towel down and went for a swim .when I got back from the swim there was a lady on the walkway coming down the beach she looked like she was I her 60s at the time I was 21 . She sat about 10 meters away from me. She took her dress off and had a two piece swimming set . Looked like she had a good body for her age . I layed down on my towel face done and put my hat over my head so I could see her but it looked like I covered my self so I couldn't see. I watched her rub body with oil I was hoping she was going to sunbathe topples and give me a good look . I had a pair of speedo on . I could rub my cock on the sand a little when she wasn't looking to get me off if she went topless I was thinking she sat close to me so why not she knew I was there . Any way she was staring at me I was watching her back she was face down and looking at me I took my hat off she then looked away as she could see me looking in her direction .so I put my hat on shirt back over my head but with a gap so I could see and not look like I could . She started looking again her hand in the far side looked like she was rubbing her pussy . I was thinking no way I was just imagining it or wishfully thinking . But then she pulled her fingers up to her nose and sniffed her fingers . Now I knew she was looking . And playing with her self . This gave me a huge hard on . I rolled on my side so she could see it . When I did she rubbed faster and faster I took the shirt and hat off and she looked at me and still she kept on rubbing she stopped now and u did her top. Her breast were great she sat up and sat there playing with her self .i stood up and walked over to her and asked if I could sit she said yes but be better if we moved up the dunes so we could play with out been seen .so we did 1st she fingered her self and pulled my cock till I cam on her hand which she licked off than sucked me hard again I sat on me we fucked on top for awhile then I fucked her doggie she told me to cum in her and get her husband to lick her out wen she got home and not him she created on him . We met up a few more times after that day