27 Nov 2017

This story happened 20 years ago when I stated in the bar industry my boss told me a new girl was starting to day a could I train her I said no worries to my surprise she was as tall as me which was a change as I am 6 2 and she was a stunner so hot through hour shift and had a staff drink together which end up being about 10 drinks so I said I will walk you home and to my surprise she said yes when we got to her house she opened the front door grabbed my hand and forced it up her dress and in to her watt pussy OMG so I fingered her g spot which mad her shake and she fell to the floor spread her legs and said take me which I did with great excitement as I entered her she stated to shake again so I thrust slowly as I did not want to cum yet and it felt amazing but I stated to get faster as I could feel she was close to orgasm when she screamed out eat me eat me so my face dived in between her legs and my tung move around her clit she then exploded in orgasm and covered my face in hot pussy juice she then said now cum on my hot wet pussy I want your gum so grabbed my hard cock and stroked while she rubbed her wet pussy which made me exploded my hot cum on wet pussy which she then rubbed all over her body what fun time that was