Written by livealittle

9 Feb 2011

me and my husband where what you may say fridget or shy and we use to talk about having a threesome or foursome with a couple but for most part it was just a fantasy we both thought that would never happen but one day years ago it did happen and our sex play changed forever after that first time. although my husband loved swapping partners and having a diffrent lady on that time he confest that the best part of the night was watching me fuck someone else.

And i must admit even though im no slut i do enjoy sex and the thought of fucking other guys while my husband watches is always a great turn on. this went on for years and we never followed though with anything. but that all changed one night.

we went to the pub for meal & a few drinks it was a mild night and we decided to sit outside in the beer garden.

i was wearing a cut down pair of jeans and a white top. problem was when i made the shorts i cut a little to much around the crutch and i had to be careful because if i parted my legs just a little the crutch of the shorts use to ride up inside my pussy and a few times my pussy lips would slip out the side and display themself. anyway we had a few more drinks than planned and soon found ourselfs a little under the weather. i noticed a group of three guys sitting across from us and they kept looking over towards us it was then that i noticed my pussy lips have slipped out of my shorts and the guys where getting a good look. normaly i would cover up and get red faced but not this time i found my self moving slightly and parting my legs a little futher giving them a better look. it took ten minutes or so before my husband caught onto whats was going on. so i lent over towards him and said im feeling so horney and hubby said well you better make yourself known to them. it was a mix of drinks and the fact only the night before we talked about adding a bit of fun into our sex again so to cut a long story short 5 minutes later i was sitting at these guys table and they where telling me what they would love to do with me 1 hour later we where all back at our house and all 3 guys and my husband where standing around naked for the first time in my life i had a cock in my mouth and pussy at the sametime and as the night went on i had each of them threetimes each and each time they cum inside of me ether in my mouth or in my cunt or arse. that was twenty years ago now and we have since raised our children and ok a little older and heaver but agin we find we have that desire to again get out and play and im hoping it wont be to long before i will have something new to write maybe a story of the night i got gangbanged lets hope so love for now.