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orgasmic fun

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2 min
Published 9 years ago
i never thought a man like that would be into me but maybe i was wrong maybe i dismissed him because he was the tall dark handsom type ive always wanted to fuck but never could either way it made me so wet. I went to lay down on the couch and he sat beside me fully naked and me just in a little baby doll lace top with boy leg panties. we chatted for alittle bit about positions we liked and so on when he asked if i wanted to play hmmm i couldnt pass this up fully sexy naked me asking me sure im there. So we walked to a private room where we kissed and before we started we agreed on doggy so off the panties go bent over and couldnt believe how big his cock was the biggest i ever had hmm felt amazing started alittle slow then he got faster and i moaned louder and this encouraged him to fuck me even more harder then i ever dreamed of hmm he made me so hot that i had the best orgasm that ive ever had a cumed all over his 10 inch cock wow it was amazing but then he flipped me over spread my legs and licked me at first i was weirded out cause no one has ever made me cum from licking but he did it was like magic he fingered me and licked and tongued me till i squirted hehe. we fucked for what seem like hours biting and nippling each other i loved sucking his hard cock and still after this time he still wanted more and more and hadnt cum hmmm knowing that i was pleasured for once was a massive turn on and made my night hmm he even was so kinky he choked me and i loved it hehe spanked me hard and i want more....

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