Written by steve

18 Aug 2011


This is a bit tame because it was our first time but needless to say it get far steamier!

I had been trying to get my wife Debbie, to visit a club but it was taking its time. I got talking to a guy in a chatroom and Debbie got interested in if he did it on his own, did his wife know. He let on that he was married and no she didnt. I thought this would put her off but it seemed to excite her.

Further conversations were had and eventually we decided to visit a club in Bury, North Mnachester UK and to meet this guy on the way at a service station- just for a chat. We got ready and left. We had a 30 minute drive to meet Lee and Debbie seemed flushed and eager to meet, worrying about if he would like her. When we arrived, we waited for a car to come in next to us which, after 10 minutes, it did. Lee came over to us and sat in the back. Debbie gave me a sign that she liked the look of him and I wondered this was heading! Lee suggested we move to a quieter spot and this we did. He followed us in his car and Debbie said she would get in the back seat to talk to him properly. My cock was bursting through my pants and my breath was coming fast. Debbie moved into the rer as did Lee and we continued to talk. Lee commented on Debbies big boobs 18g and she fell for it. Very soon, he asked could he see them and she removed one from its bra. He moved his hand slowly onto her boob and massaged it gently, rolling the nipple around. She has very sensitive nipples for such as size and I knew this was turning her on no end. He then sucked one into her mouth. Her eyes were closed but her face said it all. She opened her eyes, saw me watching and closed them. Lee plucked out her other boob and squeezed. He was amazed as this is pierced. He sucked on both boobs by pushing them together and her hand cradled his head. The smell of her pussy filled the car as did her moans. I removed my cock from its contraints and rubbed it slowly.

Lee moved his hand down her body and rubbed her pussy through her trousers. I had advised her to wear a skirt and I really dont know what would have happened had she done so! She was squirming in her seat and looked at me again- whether for reassurance or just to make sure I was ok,I dont know. I smiled, she smiled and she lifted her bum from the seat. Lee had undone her pants and slid his hand in. A little shuffle and she gasped. Her pants slid down her legs and I could see his hand moving inside her knickers, evidently rubbing her clit and pushing in his fingers.

I could hear the squelch of her juices as he fingered her and Debbie was thrusting back as he pulled out. I started to really wonder how far this is going! A minute or so later, he stopped and slowly withdrew his fingers from her knickers. Debbie was panting hard but had not come, as I could tell.

Lee informed us he had stayed later than he could and need to go. I think Debbie was partly glad as she had gone farther than I think she had intended. I suggested he show Debbie what she was missing. He sat up and undid his trousers. A little shufffle and his cock was on show. Looked pretty big from mu view and Debbie reached out and pulled his foreskin back. The head was very wet fromm pre cum and she rubbed her finger in it. Lee asked her to suck it for him but she refused, saying if he was leaving, she wasnt doing it. Again he apologised for having to go, but his wife was waiting to go out. He gave Debbie a kiss and left. Sheepishly, she re dressed and we left for the club. But thats another story!