Written by FitCouple1

1 Feb 2014

At the end of last year we had a close friends wedding to attend that was away from home & had booked a weekend away with some of our friends (another couple) Samantha & Jake.

The wedding night was great and as we each had more to drink, I began to flirt with Jake, grinding my hips onto him on the dance floor & whispering dirty suggestions in his ear. Some of our friends had noticed this and we made a few jokes about swinging, saying to them 'oh, didn't you know? We do this all the time!" even though it was a joke. Some of the guys even asked my hubby because they were so confused with the obvious attraction between us. Whilst waiting for the taxis I began to stroke him through his pants in front of my hubbys friends- they couldn't believe it (I have always been viewed as the conservative wife).

In the maxi taxi I sat next to my hubby whilst Jake sat on the single seat across the tiny aisle and Samantha up the front with the girls. My hubby surprised me when he placed my hand on his cock- as I wasn't sure he had any idea of what had been going on between Jake & I the entire night. I started rubbing the outside of his pants & feeling his cock become even harder. Knowing Jake was watching on beside us made me so horny & I could see his suit pants begin to bulge. My hubby noticed that I was watching Jake & by the look in his eyes I don't think he minded, after a cheeky grin to my hubby I had my hands over stroking his cock. My pussy was getting so wet knowing that my usually protective & jealous hubby was loving how naughty I was being. Before I knew it I was leaning over the seat sucking on Jakes cock. It wasn't a long cock but it was so thick- and as soon as my tongue touched his knob I could taste his sweet pre-cum. It was dark enough on the highway & everyone was talking & since we were right up the back we knew it was pretty safe to not get caught- but it was so exhilarating knowing that it was a possibility! I took him all in my mouth & as I did I felt my hubby pulling my knickers to one side from behind. He tickled my thighs and teased me, just brushing my pussy lightly with his fingers before filling me up with two fingers. I rocked my hips back and forward on his fingers whilst taking Jake in my mouth.

We arrived back to where we were staying & continued drinking, there were a group of about 16 people from the wedding staying at the same place & they sat outside close to our bungalow on picnic tables chatting. I decided to keep things going, as at this stage we were all so horny yet had to remain 'normal' for the other guests. I somehow convinced Samantha (who at this stage had no real idea of what had gone on after from the 'jokes') to have a spa with me in the room whilst the boys were still outside. I had never seen her naked, yet we had been close friends for several years. She had perky round boobs with light pink, large nipples & a clean shaven pussy. We enjoyed a few drinks & were getting really really drunk by the time the boys returned from outside. They were so excited to find us in the spa, but I gave them both a look of disappointment as nothing had happened between us. I was disappointed that I didn't get to play with her but still so horny! Samantha decided to call it a night & crashed out on one of the beds.

The boys and I kept drinking & laughing about what had happened in the taxi & wondering if the other (still outside chatting) thought that something dodgy was going on between us all. All of a sudden I was slapped hard on my arse by my hubby & told what a naughty, misbehaving slut I had been all night, which really surprised me! He told me to bend over the lounge as Jake watched on from the other end of the lounge. Once bent over he slammed his cock straight into my pussy without warning & I let out a scream. He was rough but I loved it & felt so sexy giving Jake dirty looks as I was being fucked! Jake started to undo his pants and stroke his thick cock, I wanted it back in my mouth but I wasn't too sure what my hubby had in mind- was he angry or just being dominant and rough? I soon found out when he demanded I suck Jakes hard cock. Within minutes he shot his hot sweet load into my mouth. To my surprise he stayed hard after coming & was still up for more. I climbed onto the couch and sat on his thick cock facing away from him. It was so thick & felt so good. I ground my hips into his as my hubby pulled my head towards his cock. He stood in front of me and demanded that I take his whole cock as I had done the same with Jakes. Again he was rough, grabbing me by my hair and thrusting down my throat. Having Jakes thick cock thrusting in and out of my wet pussy had me shuddering with orgasm after orgasm, all whist Samantha lay fast asleep only metres from us. My hubby finally blew his load all over my face before taking a seat on the lounge.

Jake told me that he had wanted to taste my pussy ever since we had first met & joked that I couldn't possible orgasm again. I felt his warm tongue hit my clit & work its way over my pussy, he was an animal and clearly loved what he was doing to me. I felt his tongue lick all the way down to my arse. He told me that I had been such a bad girl & deserved punishment. I knew then that he meant he wanted to take me in the arse (& little did he know that I loved it). He started fucking me from behind in the arse whilst my hubby watched on. I could see that he was now hard again & I waved him over & asked him to lick & finger my pussy whilst Jake fucked my arse. I had never experienced anything like that before and almost instantly shuddered with the most intense orgasm I have ever had as Jake blew another hot load deep into my arse.

Still to this day Samantha does not know what happened that night & it remains a little secret between the three of us. I loved the excitement of it all and being a naughty little slut & am excited to see what adventures will get up to as part of Swingers Heaven! I wonder if our 'first time' will be topped??