Written by warmblood61

5 Feb 2010

"You want to come around my place tonight and fuck my wife?" Jim asked out of the blue.

I had been working with Jim for about 3 weeks, a decent bloke who had a sense of humour. We were the last to leave work, after a couple of knock off drinks he threw the question at me. Prior to his asking, we were talking blokes business including, my recent lack of sexual activity.

"You serious?" I asked

"Yep" he sincerely replied.

Now it isn't everyday a work colleague asks you to go to bed with their wife. In fact, in all my years, this was the only time it happened. As you may imagine I was dumbfounded and wasn't sure how I should reply. I hadn't even met his wife, nor knew what she looked like.

"There'd be no funny business, no man to man stuff. She likes cock and I like to watch." Jim explained. "If you don't think you'd be comfortable with me watching I can make myself scarce." " I've talked to Shelly about you and she agreed I ask you."

After a bit of discussion and thought, I agreed, me being one for new adventures and all. Jim gave me his address and a time was set.

I had thoughts of backing out, being a man of my word, I arrived on time. Jim greeted me at the door and invited me in. Shelly was no where to be seen. Jim offered me a drink and he started explaining the rules of engagement.

"Shelly is fairly straight, so no kinky stuff. No biting or anything like that. No anal sex, not even a finger up her arsehole, ok? Kissing, licking, sucking and fucking is all good. She's clean but you have to wear a condom when you fuck her. If you are still ok with me watching, I'll be naked with my dick in my hand. Shelly may want me to get in on the action too, so I will say again no man to man stuff. Come near my dick and you'll be out the door. When you have finished just go as it'll be my time with her."

"OK, clean and straight up, I understand." I said reassuringly. It wasn't the rules that bothered me. What was starting to bother me was my having to perform, fuck off like a hooker and the fact I hadn't even met his wife yet. I still had no idea of what she looked like. I'm here, I'm horny I thought to myself. If she doesn't do it for me I'll tell them straight up and go.

"She's in the bedroom. Finish your drink and we'll call you in when ready." Jim said before disappearing through a door.

"You can come in" said a female voice after what seemed like ages, but in reality only a couple of minutes had passed.

With trepidation I opened the door. The room was bathed in a soft red light. The first thing I noticed about Shelly was her smile. She was in her late thirties, nice face, brunette, a big breasted, large woman. She wore a black see through negligee and tiny black panties. Very fuckable I thought to myself..

I noticed Jim sitting on a lounge chair in the corner with a big smile on his face.

"Come here and let me help you out of your clothes." Shelly gestured patting the bed. I moved in and with her help got undressed. "Now lie down and let me see how big your cock gets." No sooner had I lay down, her mouth was sucking on my cock, making short work of getting me hard.

"MMmmmm" I like your cock, it's a good size. Play with me." Shelly offered me her generous breasts and played with them I did. Whilst sucking her nipples our hands explored each others bodies. I kissed upwards,planted gentle kisses on her neck, nibbled her ear just a little, french kissed then followed the same route back to her breasts. Shelly grabbed my hand and directed it to her pussy, she was already very wet. She let out a soft moan as I played with her, my mouth drifted down to her belly and she removed her panties, parting her legs. I kissed, nibbled, stroked and fondled wherever my mouth or hands explored, I found myself between her legs, kissing her inner thighs up towards her pussy.

My tongue slowly flicked her pussy, tasting her juices as it delved into her love hole. My lips tugged on her labia and clit, the latter releasing from Shelly a load moan. With her breathing quickening, so did my efforts, concentrating around and on her clit. I penetrated her with a finger, then two fingers, pumping them in and out. Shelly was getting wetter by the second, I could sense she was on the verge of cumming, so I sucked her clit, my tongue playing with it in my mouth. Her breathing laboured , she began shaking and her legs squeezed my head tight as she came. She moaned loudly and shivered in the aftermath.

After Shelly recovered we swapped positions and she proceeded to suck my cock whilst playing with my balls. Her tongue swirled around my knob, her mouth took in as much as my cock she could handle without gagging. Jim was now totally naked playing with his hard cock, watching the action and getting a great view of Shelly's pussy.

Shelly increased her pace and I had to stop her so I didn't cum. With that she rolled a condom on me and asked me to fuck her. We moved around so I was on top. With surprising agility of a large woman, Shelly grabbed her ankles, lifting her legs high up near her head. She was still very wet, so penetrating her was easy. Slowly I entered her love tunnel. She could feel every inch of my cock as I pumped her, own groins grinding gently on each full penetration. After awhile I increased my pace, moving around to maximise pleasure at every collision. Her pussy felt great and though I knew I couldn't last much longer, I didn't want it to stop. Shelly helped me get to a point of no return sooner by squeezing her pussy tighter around my shaft. I pumped furiously and blew inside her, letting the world know I was cumming by yelling out.

"Let me take that off." Shelly said as she removed the condom from my now diminishing manhood. After doing so she sucked my cock clean expressing her delight of being able to taste my cum. She thanked me for the good time and told me I could get dressed. As I did Jim stood next to the bed and Shelly started sucking his cock. Jim noticed me watching and indicated with his head for me to go. "Thanks." Jim said as I closed the door behind me.