2 Apr 2017

So a meet and great was planned at Parramatta to celebrate a fellow Swinging Heaven Australias birthday. Found out my previous playmate and her hubby were going so we arranged to meet up for a pre-event meeting early evening.

Got to the Holiday Inn, sorted out room, got showered and texted my friends, for the purposes of this very factual story and to keep their names secret I'll call then Shanah and Paul :)

As I arrived to their room Paul welcomed me in with a handshake and smile, both of us knew this would be fun. Shanah was dressed ready for sex, a basque, stockings, high heels and her hard nipples poking through her lacy basque top. A welcome kiss and a catch up chat, we hadn't played since November last year and was all looking forward to having a play. Shanah was keen for me to resume my anal exploration of her sexy tight married arse and Paul hadn't seen us do it yet so it was a chance for him to see his sexy wife taking another big cock up her tight arse while he watched, it was only fair that I should oblige!

After some chat I couldn't resist any longer and had to pull her panties down and feast on her pussy, such a wet pussy and lovely hard clit that is so easy to suck and taste as she writhed on the bed. Paul got undressed as he watched his wife enjoying my tongue on her pussy lips and clit, her stockinged thighs wide open as she enjoyed letting me pleasure her. She got so wet, so damned turned on so I then stood up and gave her some cock to suck, pushing her head further onto my cock to force it down her throat. I also started getting undressed, a bit difficult when a sexy married slut is devouring your cock! Pushing her onto the bed I kissed her passionately, she is such a good kisser and our tongues mesh so easily. My cock gets so hard when I kiss and as I slid it into her pussy it got even harder as I filled her up and started pumping into her. Paul joined us and started wanking his huge cock (Prince Georges arm holding a croquet ball comes to mind!!) as I continued to give Shanah the cock which she has missed for so many months. As Paul got harder I turned Shanah onto her hands and knees so that she could suck her husband's cock as I fucked her pussy, encouraging her to "suck your husbands big cock while I fuck your wet married slut pussy". This turned her on even more, she loves lots of filthy talk, as I grabbed her shoulders and pushed every inch of my big dick into her pussy, forcing her mouth onto her husbands cock.

Noting what Shanah craved I carried on fucking her good and hard from behind as I picked up the KY off of the hotel room bedside table. Paul smiled as he guessed my intentions and I got some lube and rubbed it all around her sexy tight arse, using my fingers to slip inside her arse and lube her up, get her ready to enjoy me fucking her arse again. We moved her so that she was in between Pauls legs, her arse up in the air and using more lube I pulled my big dick out of her soaking wet pussy and lined it up against her tight arse. It had been a while so I knew we had to take it slow and gentle. I lined my dick up and slowly pushed, Shanah kept still as I tried to slide my big cock head past her tight ring, using the lube to eventually get my cock head inside her arse and slowly give her more and more. She took it well, slowly backing up and wanting more. It was getting a bit uncomfortable to we moved onto the spoon position and entered her arse again. Paul got the camera out and started videoing his wife as she took more and more of my big cock into her arse, getting my dick balls deep inside her and fucking her arse harder, deeper and faster. Shanah loved it, rubbing her clit to make herself cum as she got off on that mental picture of her husband watching her getting a good arse fucking.. Faster and faster I pounded her tight arse, I could feel my cum starting to build up. I asked Shanah where she wanted my cum, "In my arse, I want to feel you shoot it inside me". Paul had put the camera down and was now wanking his huge cock amazed at how easily his wife was taking all this anal fucking.

I got so turned on, such a sexy tight arse meant that I couldn't last much longer and eventually shot a huge load of cum inside her arse as Paul also came, wanking his big dick into her mouth as I told her to "Suck it all you sexy slut, take all that cum in your mouth, swallow it all, don't waste a drop" as she gulped down as much as she could of his huge load.

Even though I had cum as I was still inside her arse and still hard, it was such a turn on, even Paul was saying "bloody hell Paddy, you staying in there all night!". We all got cleaned up and refreshed and I left them alone to get ready for the evenings meet and greet while I went back to my room and also re-showered and refreshed myself and got changed.

The meet and greet was a bit quiet, some people couldn't make it and there was a loud band on so a lot of the group spent time outside in the smoking area which probably made it look quieter than it actually was but everyone I met was lovely and welcoming. Would certainly like to meet some of them in more intimate surroundings :)

About 11pm myself and 'Shanah' and 'Paul' (don't forget, names changed to protect the guilty!!) decided to go back to the hotel to relax over there. The bar was shut so I took up their offer of a glass of red wine in their room, would have been rude not too! In the room we all relaxed and chatted again, Shanah giving me glimpses of her small panties as we chatted and it had the effect of getting me hard again and my mind turned to more carnal thoughts. She noticed my hard on and rubbed it, which had me releasing it from my pants and pulling her head down to suck my hard cock. Paul again went to undress some more as Shanah got back to sucking me nice and hard, using her saliva to get my cock nice and wet. I pulled my pants off as Paul and I compared our Calvin Klein underwear (one does have to dress smart for a swinging meet you know!) and we then all got undressed except for Shanah who just had her panties taken off and her dress was pulled up as I got behind her and entered her wet pussy again, letting her suck Paul as we got back to a good threesome that we enjoyed earlier.

Shanah really enjoys a good pounding and lots of filthy talk so I obliged by really giving her long hard strokes, as she struggled to suck Paul at the same time. Paul was asking if I was in her bum to which she said, "no, deep in my pussy'. As she came I pulled out, moving to the side as she climbed onto Pauls huge cock and fed him into her pussy. I was knelt next to her, kissing her and pinching her hard nipples as she rode her husband, Paul using the opportunity to take some more pics on his camera of his wife enjoying two men. It was at this point that I remembered that her and hubby had wanted to try some double penetration and as she had always enjoyed me fucking her arse this seemed a perfect opportunity. I got the KY again, made sure her arse and my cock was well lubed and we got ourselves sorted. For those who haven't done a DP it's all in the preparation and being patient. I got Paul to put his legs together and Shanah astride him, I then got behind Shanah, my legs outside them both and for the second time that night aimed my now aching hard cock directly at Shanahs tight arse. Slowly we took it, making sure that Shanah was comfortable, adjusting the position until all three of us got into a rhythm. It was going really slow, but I knew it was going well when she started pushing back even more, taking more and more of my cock in her arse while Paul was deep inside his wife's soaking wet pussy. It still wasn't quite right so I adjusted position, going up on one leg to change angle which brought a "Ohhhh…that is nice" from Shanah. Bingo!! We had it going right, more and more of our cocks were taken inside her pussy and arse, she was now really moaning with pleasure, pushing back onto my cock as I started to fuck her arse faster and harder. As usual I was talking very naughty as we all fucked, this really turned Shanah on and she started to really grunt and breath hard as she told us both that she was cumming. There is no better feeling in the world than making a woman cum from the sheer pleasure of being filled in her pussy and arse by two big cocks. We kept going as her orgasm subsided then slowly we withdrew, pulling our still hard cocks out of her stretched and well lubed holes. A few drinks to cool down then we were back to it with Paul grabbing Shanah and fucking her pussy good and hard while she sucked on my dick, trying to make us both cum again into her mouth and pussy. I was calling her "my sexy married slut" as Paul grunted and started filling his wifes pussy with his second load that night, giving her a big creamy load into her pussy. AS Paul withdrew Shanah climbed onto my cock and we fucked liked that for a while, me loving the feeling of her lubed pussy and how easy it was to be fucking this sexy woman.

It was now 1am and we decided to call it a night, a very successful and fun night. As I dressed to leave them to sleep and rest I reminded them that next time it was going to be Paul who gets her arse in a DP!! Pauls eyes lit up in delight, Shanah's eyes lit up in fear!! Greta friends, great fuck, great night!!!