Written by pandaeyes_hubby

1 Jul 2011

Part 3 Her First Surprise, by Pandaeyes (and edited byHubby)

Hi, my nickname is Pandaeyes, and my Husband had just introduced me to one of his friends. I didn’t know that earlier in the week, he and hubby had been talking about sharing me. Their plan was brilliant. He had crept into the shower and fucked me from behind. At first I thought he was hubby. When I realized it wasn’t, I came so hard.

Later that night we had a ball in the lounge room. I experienced something quite new to me, something I would definitely try again. To those ladies out there who haven’t tried two cocks in the c..u..next..tuesday, all I can say, is go for it. You wont be disappointed.

After I regained my senses I jumped back into the shower to wash. My new friend stopped in momentarily, but only to give my arse a quick squeeze as he kissed me goodnight. By the time I got to the bedroom where we were sleeping, hubby was already breathing deeply. I was actually a little bit annoyed.

After twenty minutes, I got up to go to the toilet. On the way back, I momentarily considered sneaking down the hall to the master bedroom. The sound of snoring from that end of the house finished that thought. There I was, wide-awake. I knew it would be hours before the fire between my legs finally subsided

I returned to bed and went over the events of the evening in my head. My hand was between my legs. I could feel how swollen my lips felt. The radiating heat warmed my fingers. It was in this position that I finally fell asleep. Vivid sensual dreams danced through my head. I was floating... The wind was touching me all over... Tweaking my nipple… It seemed hard to move… I can’t move my arms and legs.

SHIT…I CANT MOVE… I awoke with a fright, my body tense, not knowing where I was, there was light, but I couldn’t see. I couldn’t move. My legs were apart. My arms were above my head… Something brushed lightly against my pussy. I flinched, starting to panic… ‘Shhhhh, its alright’, hubby’s voice quietly reassured me. Fingers gently stroked across my cheek. They traced their way down my neck, across each breast in turn, and then downward toward my pussy.

The feeling of terror gave way to one of desire as I relaxed. The fingers continued down, passing within a millimetre of my now throbbing clit. Here they separated and one went down each leg, all the way to the ankle. Then they gently started upward again. This time, when they reached my most sensitive region, they again separated.

Now there was a set of fingers stroking each upper thigh, while another set continued upward. When they reached the point in between my boobs, they again parted and each set brushed lightly across my nipples. My mind raced, Yep, there was definitely four hands now caressing different parts of my body. Mmmmmm… the fire burned deep, (you girls know what I mean).

The hand on my left breast disappeared to be replaced with something soft and light, (I found out later it was a feather). It moved from my breast downward and spiralled inward around my belly button. Arrrrrrrrr, No not my belly button… Oh sweet torture. I giggled while struggling involuntarily against my bonds till the feather continued downward.

Now it flicked across my clit. OH fuck, I thought, if these guys are trying to light a fuse, they have certainly succeeded. The hand on my right breast had disappeared only to be replaced by a mouth. At the same time the fingers on my left thigh moved higher, running between my slippery lips before two fingers pushed up into my open waiting pussy. The hand on my right thigh moved up to massage my clit.

I moaned loudly when I heard hubby’s voice. ‘She’s ready’ he said. It sounded as if he was down below my feet. The mouth and fingers disappeared. I felt movement. Somebody was crawling up between my legs. I felt so vulnerable as the head of a cock started pushing into me. As his weight increased on my body, he started to fuck me slowly. By his size and thickness, I knew it wasn’t hubby. A hand slid down between us and started to rub and pinch my clit, it didn’t feel like hubby either. They were driving me nuts with desire

There was a mouth suckling on each of my nipples. My body was on fire. I thrust back as best as I could, willing him to push deeper. I was so close, but every time I thought I was going to cum, he would slow down just enough to keep me panting. Why were they teasing me like this? I needed to cum real bad and they wouldn’t let me.

I squirmed against my bonds, I wanted to wrap my legs around him and pull him deeper. I could feel my pussy pulsing around his thick shaft, trying to milk him. His breathing quickened, his cock was getting harder, and its head was swelling inside me. I knew that if he came it would make me cum as well. I squeezed and released my inner muscles, willing him to blow... Oh sweet ecstasy.

Just when I thought we would cum together, he sat back and pulled his cock completely out of me. “No”, I pleaded, “put it back”. I felt fingers holding me open. Then hot moisture splashed against my clit, running down between my lips. He was cumming… his second spurt actually entered my hole. I lifted my hips and was rewarded with the head of his cock re-entering my pussy. He squirted again but it wasn’t enough to push me over.

I moaned as the weight shifted and someone else crawled up between my legs. Again I felt a cock pushing into me. It was different from the first and touched me in different places internally. Shit… that’s not hubby’s cock either…Almost immediately after he pushed in fully, the cock started to swell and throb.. OH FUCkkkkk.. I was cumming with him. Arrrrrr.. I receded into sexual bliss.

When I regained my senses, I could see, my arms and legs were free. I was lying on my side. Someone was spooning me and by the feel of the cock in me, I knew it was hubby. He moved gently in me and I returned his movement. He wasn’t fucking me, we were making love. We came together, and as we lay in post-coital bliss, I heard the front door slam.. When we got up later we were the only ones in the house.

I never found out who the third person was, (I think it was our friends flatmate), but I guess that not knowing was part of the thrill. Thank you to whoever you were…

All comments are most welcome… If you enjoyed, Let us know, Ill get hubby to write about more of our adventures

Pandaeyes (edited by hubby)