Written by Mick_L

24 May 2018

Bugger, Wendy's back to jeans, I said no skirt she said you said we were going bush walking. Ok off we went she was holding tight and tits pressed into my back. Same as before rode for about an hour, parked the bike, put my backpack on and off we went into the bush. Was going to take a bout 35 mins to get to the spot I was thinking about. Hot day, no wind Wendy said its a bit hot and removed her shirt - no bra first time I have seen her tits o my god lovely. Now the question was do i let her lead and watch her bareback or i lead and keep on turning around the decision we face. so followed her bareback all the way to the swimming hole because it was Friday no one there all to our selves so we both stripped of and in we went. Bit cool does wanders for your manhood but nipples go very hard. We palyed in the water Wendy was getting very adventous under water sucking followed by I can not hold my breath any longer. It feels quite different fingering a pussy in the water very wet you mite say. So onto the bank for a bit of sun to warm up and warm up it did more sucking more fingering on the picnic rug sun shining . Wendy stopped and said you remember last Friday, Yes I said , I would like you to finger my asshole again if that alright we you. I have been thinking about it all week and i enjoyed the feeling. I said no problems and rolled her over onto her stomack . My fingers were already slippery so I relube them by pushing them into her pussy. As i slowly fingered her I placed my tougue onto the ass hole she jumped and moaned. Slowly I licked away as I was still fingering her, more moaning . Don't stop she said so I pressed my tougue a little harder into her asshole more moaning and her pussy was tighting around my fingers she said I think I am going to cum and started to contracted aound my fingers. my tougue faster and harded she started to shack and moan juices running all over my fingers so out of her pussy and into her asshole - straight in no effort fingered her asshole two fingers all the way in , don't stop, don't stop she said. As she was about to cum again I put my cock in her pussy she cum every were . I was a good day. I would like to say more but blow all over her ass and that was the end of the fucking for this Friday. May be it will continue but for the next two Fridays Wendy's husband is home and she is not riding. Watch this space.