Written by Mick_L

28 May 2018

Well Fridays is here again, I am really enjoying my Friday rides now that Wendy has joined me. Thought, I had a spanner in the works this Friday, Wendy’s hubby was home but she turned up on time hubby in tow. So was ready for anything to happen. He said, Wendy told me that she has gone for a couple of rides with you and she enjoys them. True, I said not know what to say next best not to speak to much until you find out what next.

John said, I will be away for a few days so will not be here when you get back so don’t rush. Ok that’s good. Mind started to think of what to do next. Well I said, jump on lets go. No skirt today just tight jeans. Well we have to look the part with hubby there. Wendy whispered in my ear lets go swimming again. Ok let’s go. Same as before cock holding on the way – parked walked into bush. Was a slow walk down to the waterhole, Wendy had a skirt in her bag and changed as soon as we stopped. Perfect to play with her pussy and legs as we slowly descended into the valley. I was already exploring the valley between her legs the juices were flowing nicely.

Nearly fell over a couple of times try to get my fingers deeper into the valley. Had to stop and check directions a couple of times as I was of track and had my finger in her ass as she walked loved it. Passing another couple coming up the trail had to re-adjust as we passed. Wendy said, if it was possible could I put my cock in her asshole today as I enjoyed last time with your fingers. She said she had been playing with her ass over last couple of days and has had two fingers completely in and enjoyed doing it while I played with my love bud. Two fingers are a bit smaller than my cock you release. I know she said but I would like to try, Ok we can. My cock was hard thinking about it. I have only been in an asshole twice before once with my ex we were both had too much to drink and I think just put in the wrong hole we were both too drunk to take advantage of the situation.

The other was my girlfriend and her lover, had an open relationship which I enjoyed a lot – the only problem was it was in his asshole while he was fucking her. Different did not last long too horning watching the fucking and pulling my dick.

Well we arrived had a swim and found a nice quiet spot of to the side of the rock pool. As were both naked from the swim did not take much time for things to happen. Wendy was on her knees as quick as a flash my cock deep in her mouth sucking like a trooper. Slowly turned he around so I could get to her pussy – tongue go to work on her clit a couple of fingers in her pussy slowly applying pressure with a spare finger to that spot between pussy and asshole as I sucked on that little clit, fingers going for it lots of moans around cock as I applied that pressure with the other finger. Wendy stopped sucking and was getting something out of her bag. Then she said OK I need you cock in my ass and handed me a small plastic bag with coconut oil in it. She rolled onto her back and said I need to look at your face as you slip into me. I spread her legs a little and she held them up I applied the oil to her asshole with my finger and slipped it straight in low moan come from her lips. I pulled it out and replaced it with my thumb. Well the juiced were flowing from her pussy I don’t if we need the oil but to late know she said now put your cock in. I slowly put the head against that tight little hole had applied a slow pressure slowly getting the head in. Did not wish to push yet so she could adjust but before I could move she pushed back and took my whole cock into her ass only stopped by my balls hitting her ass- I scream left her mouth thought I had killed her, luckily there was no one around but it did echo though the valley.

Then moaning followed by words from her mouth fuck me hard. Could not believe it, I was thinking slowly and her was say go for it, fuck my ass. So I just pumped away. I don’t have a huge cock your average 7”:and 1.5” across but I used the whole 7” she was rolling from side to side juices running from her pussy making my cock even wetter. I said I am Cumming she wrapped her legs around me and held me in filled her up. We lay there for about 10 minutes my cock in her ass while I slowly sucked on her nipples as I pulled out there was a popping sound and we both laughed.

She said I love having my ass fucked but riding home my be a little sore on my ass.

To be continued I hope.