Written by playfulcpl

24 Apr 2010

9:20 my mobile goes off it is pete saying he is 5 min away from the café, I get in my car and go there to meet him. I get there first but only wait about a few min and he turns up we give each other a smile as he walks towards me and then a hug and a kiss. We sit down and order our coffee’s, a nice day so I wear a skirt and a low cut black top, pete tells me I look sexy. He then places his hand on my bare leg and rubs it up and down boy it feels great I then return the favor by rubbing his leg. After a bout 30 min’s of talking and touching each other under the table he pays the bill and then we head back to my place.

Once in the door we get as far as the kitchen before we are in each others arms kissing passionately and exploring each others bodies through our clothes. We head for the bedroom both stripping off to our under wear we then go back to kissing (which is just unbelievable) pete reaches behind me and un does my bra and pulls my undies down to reveal my naked and horny body. He takes his jokes off quickly and his rock hard cock stick up he tells me no one has ever made him this hard before. we get on the bed laying next to each other kissing and touching each other like we were on heat. Pete keeps telling me how sexy I am this is very flattering and exciting.

Pete lays on top of me kissing my entire body from my neck down to my wet pussy. Spreading my legs wide he puts his tongue deep in my hole , fuck it feels so good. He is just so horny you can tell by the look on his face and the thing s he was saying to me ,that I have a gorgous body and that I taste so wonderful. He says he has never tasted anyone like me before that I am just wonderful and he could keep giving me oral all day. He spreads my pussy lips apart so he can lick from my hole to my clit , fuck I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter he is just so good at it. I think he senses that I am getting close to orgasm as he then concentrates licking and gently sucking my clit, I feel like I am in heaven. My body begins to shake and tremble and I know that any min I am about to cum. I grab his hands and squeeze then tight as I explode big time in his mouth. He looks up at me with the biggest grin and again says I am wonderful.

We lay back for awhile and then I get between his legs licking and sucking his balls, he loves this I can tell by the way he is moaning and of course with him saying I am fantastic. I lick up the shaft of his cock until I reach the head I suck gently on it and then I suddenly suck on his entire cock putting it all in my mouth . sucking him so hard like I am trying to get all his cum out of it. I do this for awhile but I think it is too much for him so he pulls me away. He doesn’t want to cum just yet he wants it to last a lot longer.

He lays on top of me again and I ask him to put a condom on which he does his cock is so hard he puts my legs up in the air and puts his cock in my very wet pussy fuck it feels so good both of us moan with pleasure. He pounds his cock deep in me and then stops he really wants to last. So he then goes between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy again. He keeps telling me I am so sexy and he feels like he has won tattslotto because he feels so lucky to be with me, I am flattered and I blush at the same time. He does know the right things to say to a woman. With his tongue working wonders on my pussy I can feel myself approaching another orgasm with my arse up in the air and pushing my pussy closer to his tongue I again explode.

Working up my body he kisses me all over until he gets to my lips and kisses me passionately for what seemed like ages.

I get him to lay down and I go back to his cock he has still got the condom on so I take it off and begin to suck his cock slow at first then faster. Going from sucking on his balls which he loves to sucking his cock he says I give great head and if I am not careful I will make him explode too soon. Knowing this I suck like a crazy woman on his dick he is moaning and his body is moving around like his about to cum but he then pulls me away and says he doesn’t want to cum yet it is just too good and he wants it to last longer.

We lay beside each other like we are on fire we touch every inch of each others bodies. I ask him to put a condom on as I want to feel his hard cock inside me.

Laying on top of me pete puts his cock inside me and fucks me. We then move to doggy position he is like a wild man fucking me deep with his cock and getting faster with every thrust in. he slows down and says he wants to lick me again before he cums.

Laying back with my legs spread wide he takes another dive in and eats my pussy. Using his tongue he fucks me with it wow it feels great like a mini penis.

Again my body begins to shake and with 2 or 3 fingers in my pussy and his tongue licking my clit I again explode in his mouth. He just loves the taste of me which he keeps telling me all the time.

Now I tell him its his turn his poor cock holding out for this long it must be ready to explode by now. I decide I am going to suck him and that I want him to cum all over my tits. So I decide to attack his cock full on putting it in my mouth and sucking hard on it. He was getting so excited his body was shaking from over excitement. I then sucked on his balls while he took over and started to take care of his own cock , pulling on it while I was sucking his balls. He was moaning and groaning with excitement pulling his cock harder and faster until at last he shot his load all over my boobs and his stomach.

We lay back in each others arms until our bodies recuperated then we got up and cleaned ourselves up. What a day about a hour after he left he sent me a text message saying thanks and that I am sexy and unbelievable in bed…….