21 Nov 2016

Well the night was young I packed the required gear for the photo session and off I went. The Location was luxurious with 5 bedroom home 2 super dining areas a large bathroom a large 8 person spa and a back yard to die for. I had no Idea where to start so I thought I will begin in the back yard, there was plenty of lights so no need for the camera flashes to be going, just me and my camera and the lovely couple.

I began photographing the beautiful young lady she was 28, stunning blue eyes with long dark hair. He was 30, tall no hair must say a handsome guy who looked a little shy at first. I asked him to fetch me a cold drink, and some Champagne for the lady which he did, don't know where he went but came back 20 mins later with the drinks. thank goodness because I was getting hot.

Meanwhile the photo session was going great she was relaxed after having several drinks and she slowly began to remove her clothes piece by piece, when she said to me to stop.

She said that she wants to be filmed as well, but this meant that the night was going to drag out longer and luckily I had a camera that can shoot video has well. this is going to be one hell of a night.

I began filming when suddenly in the background he walked out into the garden dressed as James Bond, and man it all began they kissed passionately while she began to strip him of his clothes when he called cut and replied this is only the beginning, lets move to the next stage.

I asked him if he had all of this planned before I arrived, they replied YES with a big grin on their faces, great I said, fill me in with the rest of the script it will be easier for me. So they did. Now that I have a basic script of what they want I can proceed with a mix of Photos and Video.

We proceeded with the rest of the evening where they eventually were entirely naked, and they began to arouse each other, he began to finger fuck her slowly and with a close up shot I could see her juices dripping from her pussy, she grabbed his long and thick monster cock and began to stroke it slowly, she was good making sure that he would not cum too soon. you think he had a monster cock mine was trying to rip my pants open and she noticed the big bulge, at this point I was close enough for her to touch and she found a perfect opportunity to press on my bulging pants while I was on the side when she whispered 2 cocks is better that one, so I slowly backed off a little has I had a job to do and that was not in the script.

Things were beginning to heat up with the couple she wanted his cock so bad and I can see that she was about to erupt. He put her on all fours and began to penetrate her pussy with very short strokes and the occasional hard thrust this went on for about 5 mins when she rolled him on his back to take control of that cock before her blows his load.

We moved to the spa room but I was not able to get close enough to the action so I pulled out my GoPro from my camera case set it up and began filming, This should be the high lite of the evening with some great fucking in the spa, I stepped in to the spa too get a extreme close up when she reached out and grabbed my pants and began to unzip me, I said that is not part of the script (but my eyes lit up and my cock was about to explode too) She said it is now we just added it and it's my fantasy to have 2 cocks blow on me at the same time and it looks has though yours will be the one.

She was not letting go of my cock, he was fucking her so hard that they were about to explode and my camera was working overtime to capture the moment. She took my load all over her face when all of a sudden he began to stroke her so hard that he blew his load in her pussy.

I was all wet with no change of clothes they offered me a spare bedroom for the night, while my clothes dried.

To be continued..........