Written by Anonymous

21 Jun 2020

Hey Lover. I have been daydreaming about you. Miss you.

Imagining you kneeling above my face. My tongue gently touching your lips. Long feathery licks. Lightly teasing along your pussy. Very gradually teasing you open. Raising your desire. Fanning your heat. Making you wet. Dripping your honey onto me as you squirm. My hands stroking your ass. Gripping your cheeks. Just before you drop onto my face to ride me, I grip your hips and hold you up so I can use my tongue. Licking you full length. Slipping between your lips to drive deep inside you and scoop out your hot juices. Slipping down to the bottom of your pussy, out over your taint. Hearing you gasp as my tongue circles your starfish. Stiffening to push and penetrate your most personal place. Working you thoroughly before slipping back up the way I came.

Finding your clit. Gently flicking with my tongue. Gradually firmer strokes... my hands moving to grip your ass.... you feel a finger teasing your wet arse as my mouth closed over your clit to suck... then as you feel me grip the base of your clit with my teeth, you feel my finger slip into your arse at the same time I begin lashing my tongue over your captive clit..

You cry out and I release you to drop onto my face... riding your passion out on me.. your juices pouring over me as I tongue fuck your spastically writhing pussy..,

Until you can wait no more and slide backwards to impale your open, hungry need on my raging cock. Crying out as my hands on your hips add to your force slamming down as I drive up.... stretching... filling you... deep deep inside you.

My hands move to cup your glorious tits as you grind your hips on me. Sitting tall. Moving to hit the spots that increase your pleasure. My fingers pinching, pulling, twisting your nipples... just hard enough to ramp up your desire... I strain up to get them in my mouth... loving them energetically. Until you fall forward to kiss me.. kisses of the highest passion that either of us have ever known. Tasting and smelling yourself on my face fanโ€™s your desire into a raging inferno as your hips continue to grind... your clit mashing against the base of my steely hard cock as my shaft drives deeper into you.

As you cum again, I plant my feet, grip your hips and beginning slamming up into you. Fucking hard... losing control and pumping my hot cream deep inside you in soul shaking spurts.

I am drained, but knowing you can take more pleasure, I pull you up onto my face again to tongue your ravished pussy.. sucking and licking strongly... you realise you can feel my cum slipping from your hole, coating your lips that I am devouring with lust.... you feel a mix of shock, lust, love, culminating in uncontrollable passion as you cum,, crying out...convulsing through spasms of pleasure into one continuous orgasm... gushing over my face leaving me covered in a mix of our passions.. until you can take no more and fall to the side, where I take you I my arms..., gently caressing and kissing you as you ease down from rapturous heights of previously unknown pleasure.

Come home soon. You know we both need this ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Tags: affair, arousal, bareback, cumming