19 Apr 2016

I had just moved into a country town and found a nice house to rent. When I went to the Real Estate agent to sign the lease and pick up the keys a new girl introduced herself, different to the one who had shown me the house. There was an instant connection and I left hoping I would get to see her again. She was in her early 20s, slim and pretty but it was the connection we had that made her so attractive. A few months later it was time for the regular property inspection and R advised me she would meet me there at the designated time. It was a lovely warm spring day and when she arrived there was that same easy connection we had before. I let her in and closed the door behind her. Instead of the usual conservative dress R wore a tight short sleeve top and a long summer dress. She looked like she was dressed to impress, I wondered what she had on underneath. After some small talk she proceed to check out the various rooms and when she reached the bathroom commented "Mmm big enough for a shower session". I wasn't sure what to say, then we exchanged glances and I knew what she had in mind. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, she gasped with anticipation. I caressed her neck and kissed her gently careful not to leave any marks. She lifted her dress and and when I ran my hand along her thigh I noticed she had nothing on and was already dripping wet. She climbed onto the bed facing the large full length mirror as I quickly undressed and took her from behind as I knew she wanted me to. Even though we didn't have much time it was amazing though we hardly spoke. The next few times she visited it was just as much fun. We both knew what we wanted and it was the perfect excuse to visit. No one ever suspected, I don't think they did anyway. She was very discrete and I knew I had to be to. Gee I miss her.