Written by Anna

28 May 2016

As i entered the party sheepishly and alone, wondering if i should really be here as i barely knew anyone, i could feel my hands becoming clammy. I headed towards the newly engaged couple, pausing to enter the room taking a shaky breathe in the hope it would offer me some confidence and courage, it didn't....so i faked it and pretended i was comfortable and at ease.

I boldly hugged her and offered my congratulations, much to my surprise her eyes welled up with such gratitude, i knew then this lady had not felt many offers of kindness and i felt her soul soften. It was at this moment i felt a gaze upon me from across the room that shined as bright as the yellow i was wearing, we locked eyes for just a mere moment in time, i instantly felt his acknowledgement of my mere gesture of good manners as though he too was a stranger to a kind heart. I will never forget the flash of his mischievious, sexy grin it was etched into my soul as though id been struck by lightning......i felt a tingle i was unsure of but a warmth that had a sense of comfort i too had not felt. I had no inclination at this point it was the very beginning of not only unveiling the dark cloak that protected my disheartened soul but the key to a door of unbridled erotic passion beyond anyone's expectations or wildest fantasies........To be continued.....