15 May 2017

"Hey, Babe, how about a quickie before work," my husband suggested while pressing the fat bulge of his hardening cock, in between my arse cheeks.

Without replying I pushed my arse back into him and cupped his hands. I could actually feel myself getting wet, it was a really hot moment. My husband lifted my skirt and lowered a hand down to my pussy, slipping a finger under the elastic of my panties. He buried two fingers, right up into my ripening cunt. He worked on my pussy and clit until he knew I was ready for his cock. With his other hand he quickly unbuttoned his jeans. I leaned forward on the kitchen counter and sluttily spread my legs wide, opening myself to his impressive, standing erection. My husband pulled my panty gussett to one side and slid his cock into my open cunt lips and rode himself onto my round, compliant arse.

"Don't worry, Babe. I won't cum inside you."

I didn't really care. I love the feeling when he blows his load and cums in me. I didn't give a fuck, I was too out of control to explain that to him, right at that moment.

My husband continued on and was hammering away at my body, so gorgeously hard and deep. I could tell by his grunts he was getting close to orgasm. I reached down to rub my clit and I could feel my husband's veiny cock sliding between my fingertips, as he repeatedly drove into my juiced up cunt. I slid my fingers lower so his cock would slide between them on each stroke. It was really hot touching him and I could feel myself working up to a good orgasm.

"Oh god, Babe, here it comes. I'm gonna pull out."

"NOOOooooo...!" I screamed, grabbing his arse to keep his cock hard and up deep inside me. I felt him swell in my cunt, I felt his cock pulsing as his cum surged through his length. He managed to get his cock tip right to my opening. The first powerful blasts of his hot seed, sprayed directly all over my sensitive clit. The intense searing heat of his cum, pushed me over the edge, and I let go, I groaned out with pleasure. My husband's cock got caught up in the gussett of my panties, and he filled them up with cum, a really horny pulsing flow continued gushing from his cock. As we relented, I could feel the the thick semen leaking out from under the elastic and streaming down my legs. I recovered and pulled my, very warm, very semen filled, knickers back into place, patting my cunt mound, for him to see. Then I pulled my skirt back into place and we kissed and each left for work.

It was great start to our week...