Written by not2old_1

29 Apr 2014

I travel the roads of the NT a lot and am always on the the lookout for any opportunities for sex of any type.

Had pulled into a roadside stop for a spell and walk around, there was a mini van parked in the same stop and I really didn't take much notice, but when a youngish bloke stepped out of the side door completely nude and quite happy to display a very nice package to anyone that wanted to look, ME.

I made no attempt not to look and he seemed happy for me to enjoy the view, never one to pass up an opportunity I walked over to say gidday, by this time he was sitting in the doorway of the van with his cock hanging down and it would have been six or seven inches just swaying in the breeze.

We made small talk but I just asked him if he likes to play bi, at which he opened his legs and started stroking his cock, this thing had grown to 9 or 10 inches and I was nearly having a heart attack.

Wasted no time and got on my knees and started sucking this lovely cock, love a challenge and can take a fair bit in my mouth and throat but this was beyond me, and concentrated on as much as I could.

I mentioned that I would like to try and take it in my arse and he got up and got me to lean over into the doorway of his van and proceeded to rim my hole like no one has ever done before, he then reached in the side of the door and pulled out a condom and squeezed some lube into my hole.

What followed this was a very nice ass fuck, he didn't hurry, and once this monster had worked it's way to full depth he just enjoyed slowly burying it to the hilt and withdrawing it all the way out, while he was doing this another car had pulled in to the stop a bit away from us, but I couldn't care less and he wasn't stopping, he built up pace and eventually tensed up and blew a load into the condom, I was just moaning with pleasure and held his hips so that he was fully embedded in me.

We talked for a while and realised we were heading to the same town up the road and made arrangements to meet up and repeat the exercise.

These things always sound like fantasy when you write them but many people would be surprised at what really goes on at the most unlikely time, and if you are prepared to grab the opportunity when it presents itself.