Written by mypussyshard

16 Jan 2011

last time i enjoyed my fucking at a nudist beach so i returned to the same one when i was free and horny on a nice day. when i arrived i didnt take anything with me as i couldnt be bothered carrying it around. on the steps down to the beach there was a young guy just wanking, and there was no-one else around so i stopped and spoke to him. he said he had never actually had sex before so i asked how old he was and he was only 18. now i have a few fantasies and one of them is to take someones virginity, and even better that he was so young. so i asked him if he would like a hard fucking and he was so excitied he almost cummed already. he was already sitting down on a ledge on his towel so i climbed up and wrapped my legs around him and lowered my cunt on his cock. he cummed quite a few times and i also gave him a blowjob and he ate me out, but it was almost a dream come ttrue. when he finished i wished him luck and went down to the beach to find my nexxt victim.

there was an old man (i mean like 70-80 years old) and he was just sitting in the sand having a wank. i thought this must be my lucky day because believe it or not another fantasy of mine is to root a really old man. i caught his attention and sat a few metres across from him, legs spread wide and rubbing my clean pussy. he seemed to enjoy this and pumped harder and faster. i stood up after a while and asked would he like a bj. he grabbed my head and pushed it forward into his crotch so i took that as a yes. when he cummed in my mouth i i put some on my chest and kept some in my mouth. then i hooked up with him and he seemed to enjoy the taste. then i rubbed the cum into my breasts and asked would he help me and he motorboated me. then i was about to come after he got a good taste of my nipples so i shoved his wrinkly dick in my cunt and rode him. he didnt last very long and let me move along to find someone who could.

i decided to walk down the beach and found a hot couple kissing on the rocks. they saw me watching and i made conversation. i asked if the girl was bi and she replied no, so i went up to him and asked if i could suck her juices, he said go for it, so i hoooked up with her a bit then sucked her tits and then went down on her. i fingered her pussy and asshole until she cummed, and then i askd again if she was bi, and replied by going down on ME. while she was doing that i asked him to come give me anal, and there we had an amazing threesome.