Written by public_fuckers

21 Feb 2012

Well the title all mrs lives at home still and having sex there is a hard thing to do. That's why we go public so much. When we are misters places its easy mr lives in a share house and well we don't care bout making noise there. Mrs mum is very against us sleeping in the same bed she sets a bad example for her younger sister, who well lets face it is prpb doing worse.

We are constantly horny. Love to fuck and have fun so there are hands grabbing parts constantly when we are alone in her room. We can't shut the door tho. So there is the sneaky little suck and wank of misters cock, a quick finger and lick of mrs pussy. The hornier we are the longer we do it keeping a sharp ear out for anyone coming up the hallway.

One the the best times we had, we started at the movies bit of light touching, mr having already fucked in the movies a few yrs ago is always keen but mrs hasn't yet so easing into it. We were so horny by the end of he movie could wait to get back to her place thinking we were be alone, which would of been awesome as mrs is a screamer and mr loves making her scream. We got to hers and were let down as her parents were home. We walked in and the usual hi how was the movie and so on. Walking down the hallway to her room mr reaching up her dress as we walk down. Get into her room and the passionate kissing starts, so does the wandering hands. Mrs pulls out misters cock and starts wanking away not a care in the world, she starts sucking as mr pulls her ass around and pulls down her panties which were soaked and slides in a finger instantly mrs is moaning but mr pushes her head onto his cock so they are muffled. 10 mins this went on for when we heard someone comin up the hall way. We straighten ourselves up mr hides his rock hard cock and pretend like nothing was happening.

It was her parents they say they are going to bed soon did we wanna use the tv In the lounge room we reply with no. Hey wall back to the lounge room and the coast is clear again. Mr wanting to get back to where they left of mrs worried they knew what was going on.

Mrs stands up and says we should go to the other room and get comfy in there for when they go to sleep mr quite comfy still laying on the bed grabs mrs by the hips as pulls her pussy over his face and starts eating it (he loves to eat pussy) mrs lost in the moment grabs out his still hard cock and continues sucking. Mrs stops pulls away and again tries to get mr to go to the other room and again mr grabs her hips this time a quick tonging of her ass then back to her pussy and mrs starts sucking again.

Mrs pulls away just before coming to the point of no return and says that they need to stop of her parents will hear. Mr gets up gives mrs a hug from behind pressing his hard cock against her. Mr then bends her over mrs thinks he is joking until she feels her pussy being opened by the head of his cock and slowly slid in her tight pussy. Mrs grabs a pillow to muffle the moans and screams while mr starts pounding away.

Mr stops after a few mins puts his cock away and walks into the other room leaving mrs on the other bed panting, she quickly follows, naked, she comes into the room demanding more of the same and now clearly doesnt care about being heard. Mr bends her over and starts fingering and licking her out, her cum oozing out onto his fingers. He stands up and puts his finger in her awaiting mouth and with out warning thrusts his cock into her pussy again and again she reaches for a pillow. This time there is no stopping, pounding away mr feels his balls start to tighten and twich, he holds and keeps going. Mrs orgasms almost collapsing mr pulls out turns her around and covers her chest in cum. Exhausted they both lay down cum dribbling off mrs tits down to her neck as she lays down.

Mr and mrs clean up still sweating and trying to catch their breath they get comfy into bed only for mrs to have to get up and go to her bedroom.

That was the best time. We both love sneaky fucks the thrill of getting caught so much better. Thanks for reading hope u enjoyed.

J and L xoxo