Written by aussiecroat

8 Dec 2013

I had just broken up from my partner so I went on a bit of a sexploration, every night was someone new it was great, I went with this one girl in surfers paradise, took her to the border on the beach. She started off very frigid she would talk about everything in life and how she wanted to go with another girl, finally we had started to have sex and I am very thick down there but it was like throwing a stick in the Grand Canyon I couldn't feel the sides. That thing felt like it had just been pounded by 4 guys at the same time. I ended up having to wank off. Then she gets to oral she just stairs at it wanking it off very very slowly looking, she couldn't bring her self to put it in her mouth.

I look up the top of the ledge and there was about 3-4 guys watching, Probally like me wanting it to hurry up.

Disappointed I drove home on the way back I stopped off at a surfers paradise pub, has a bit of a drink went to mc Donald's, having a late night feed, I notice a rather nice looking chick sitting across outside hungry jacks, she just kept starring at me this went on for a half and hour I guess it was a case of who was going to buckle first.

I got up off my seat went over to her was talking for a bit then she asked me to take her for a drive, who was I to say no straight away we were walking to my car. A few minutes into the drive she is like I do services you know, I'm like sorry what. She says again I do services eyeing off my crouch area. I'm like oh ok how much, with how good she looked and the earlier let down a snapped it up

That was the first and last time I accidentaly went with a hooker.