Written by Rosalyn

14 Jan 2012

Hi my name is Rosalyn and I am a single and 37 years of age. I am about 170cm tall size 10 with blonde hair and decent c cup breasts.

Recently a friend of mine named Natalie and I went out on the town for the night. Natalie is single as well and aged 39 with dark hair size 8 and small breasts. We went from pub to pub in hope of getting lucky with some men. It had been about 18 months sinse I had had sex and I was really horny.

It was getting late and Natalie and myself were not going to well until we went to our final pub and came across a couple of guys in their twenties who were rather talkative. Their names were Paul and Aaron. Paul was about my size and looked rather fit, and Aaron was taller with an average build.

Natalie told me we should put all our efforts into taking these guys home and we could share them between us. Being rather drunk at this stage I agreed and it was not long and the four of us were leaving the pub.

We arrived back at Natilie'shouse soon after and sat in the lounge room and Natalie was all over Paul. I had to settle for Aaron. Soon we were all naked and I was sucking on Aarons cock and Natalie was being pleasured by Pauls tongue, we all moved to the bedroom and Paul and Natalie wsted no time and went at it straight away. I asked Aaron if he had a condom and he told me no. I told him if we were going to have sex he could not cum in me as I was not on the pill. Aaron said he would pull out and I wasted no time in mounting him. Beside us Natalie was screeming her head off and had already orgasmed.

Aaron started to thrust his hips up and it was not to long and my pussy began to tingle and I slammed myseld down onto Aaron and came. At this point Natalie suggested we swapped partners and Paul was quick to switch and entered me from behind. Aaron did the same with Natalie and was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Paul was gentle and was was kissing the back of my neck which was turning me on. It was not long and Natalie came again and Aaron soon followed and pulled out and came on her arse.

Paul was kissing my neck, and grabbing my tits and my pussy was on fire. I felt the heat build up and I came soon after. Paul's pace quickened and before I could tell him not to cum in me he burried himself deep inside my unprotected fertile pussy and unloaded. It was a huge load and I was a little worried.

We all went to sleep at this stage in seperate rooms and Aaron joined me for the night. In the morning when I woke up I went to work on Aaron and got him hard. He mounted me and I came in no time. Aaron pulled out and came on my belly and I thanked him for a wonderful night.

The guys left soon after that and I told Natalie I was going to the chemist for the morning after pill. Natalie told me she would be requiring it as well as Paul had unloaded inside her as well.

This was the first sex I had had in over 18 months and it was better then I had expected. The only downside was the fact that I fucked a stranger without a condom and had him cum inside my pussy and I am not on the pill.

Luckily for me the morning after pill worked and I learn't my lesson to carry condoms with me. Unfortunately it did not work for Natalie and she is now 3 months pregnant.