20 Jan 2019

Following this bloody hot chic up the stairs that I've spent the afternoon perving on in the pool, had me so nervous, and I wished i could of had a few drinks to calm myself.

Since the moment I seen her thru a small crack in the fence, looking dam fine with her bikini body layed out beside the pool, I wanted to touch, feel and taste her.

U invite me in to watch some TV , it's dark and cool as we sit on the couch, as the movie plays we make small talk, "it's like been a teenager again" not sure how or wen to touch u. So I ask if u want a massage and u agree. 

As u sit between my legs I rub your shoulders and arms. As I get a little more game my hand rub further down over your shoulders to the top of your breast. They r soft and warm. But your sexy bra stops me from pushing the boundaries. I whisper softly in your ear if I could remove your bra. U don't say anything as I remove it. u take one of my hands and firmly hold it against your tit. Giving me the all clear. Lol. 

As I massage and rub and lightly pinch your boobs I kiss your neck. Your nipples harden instantly in my hands your head falls back agaist me as I nibble on your neck, we kiss deeply, your kiss is perfect, soft but wanting. gently cupimg your breast. U moan sofly, as I rub my hands down your hot body under the blanket. Till I am massaging your thighs. 

U r now really enjoying my touch, now your body is betraying u and pushing back against my hands , with each movement my hands get higher till they touch your underware, u push back against me as I pinch one nipple, nibble  on your ear and rub the out side of your panties. your now  hot p*^^y. Lol. Slightly spreading your legs. 

I slowly move my fingers over the outside of your panties till they r soaking, then slowly sliding one finger under, your breath quickens and u moan as I firmly run my finger over your clit. Slowly but firmly I run my finger over your warm smooth wet pussy. (Hope not to rude). I whisper in that this is so hot u r so hot. As I slowly push my finger inside of u, u moan on my lips as I kiss u deeply.

I lay u down on the couch and blindfold u. 

I start kissing your neck slowly working my way down kissing and licking your nipples, all the way down till my tongue licks the out side of your soaking panties, I don't remove them just firmly push my tongue over your clit. While cupping your breast with both hands. 

U grab one of my hands and suck on my finger. As I squeeze your tits. 

My tongue runs down the full length as I run my tongue back up I pull your panties to the side, it's smooth and shaven just how I like it as I lick the full length back up to your clit softy runing my tongue over it at first. I can't hear u from under the blanket but I can feel the vibrations on my finger every time u moan. 

My cock is now straining agaist my jeans. 

U can't c me but u can hear my zip getting undone and my jeans falling to the floor. As I lay back on top of u under the blanket u bite your bottem lip. As I kiss u, u can feel my bulge against your wet panties. I kiss back down your hot body and remove your panties. Now fully nakid I lick your pussy, running my hands over your body pinching your nipples and telling u how hot u r, I move my waste up to yours as I sit up. U know my eyes r on u. As I rub your best with one hand the other hand frees my cock. Letting it fall on your clit. Not moving teasing u. I grab your hand and place it on my super hard cock pushing it against your clit. Just teasing as I let u use it in any way u want. Your hot hands on my cock feels so nice as I play with your tits. 

U r now rubbing It firmly against your pussy. I put my hands over yours and slid it up and down the full length. It wet smooth and hot. Your hips r now moving and hands pushing it against u harder. And faster. U start getting carried away and wanting it deeper, so I remove your hands from my cock. Now I'm just teasing as I move my cock all over your pussy. I pull the blanket down to our waste as I remove your blindfold. Your hands now on my chest as I push my cock against  u  a little firmer your hips push into mine and u feel the head push inside u. We both moan as I look into your eyes just wanting to tease I pull out and slowly push back in a few times. U beg, scratch and pull me in deeper with your legs. Sucking on your nipples as I slowly fuck u. 

I sit u up on my waste, letting u have control over how fast and deep. As I bit your nipple u moan and push all the way down on my cock. 

U grind yourself on me slowly gaining pace , I put one finger in your mouth and suck on your tits. This pushes u over the edg of no return. Pushing down hard cumming all over my cock. This in turn pushes me to the point where I just hold u firmly. U can c it in my eyes that I'm going to cum. I warn u to get off but u don't u just push down hard on to me looking me in the eyes telling me u want me to cum deep inside u. As my cock pulses and swells u feel my cum spurting

It's only short. Night cheeky chick.