20 Nov 2016

My sexy wife spent the afternoon getting ready and surprised me by getting out a very sexy dress with a very low, revealing neckline resulting in a stunning display of her cleavage.

The dress clung to her body, showing the outline of her suspender belt and panties. In spite of her 53 years, she still had a sexy body and, with her soft brown hair, she is a very fuckable woman.

When we got to the party it was up and running. I went to get us a drink from the bar. Whilst there I met a friend I had not seen in a while and chatted. I suddenly realised I had been a long time and hurried back with the drinks.

I was relieved to find that my wife had immersed herself in a small group and was chatting animatedly.

However, when I offered the drink, it was clear that she

was busy as she just kept chatting."

I went off chatting and I was pleased she seemed to be enjoying being the centre of attention in her group. A bunch of men looking as if they thought they were on to a good thing surrounded her.

I sat, now getting a little drunk, on the edge of the dance floor and slowly realised that my wife was the real star of the show, at least for her select group of male admirers.

She was dancing each dance with a different man and, as the dance floor darkened and the music got slower, she was nestling closer to her dance partners.

She was obviously being chatted up and dancing cheek to cheek, her partners boldly ground themselves against her thigh, even feeling her up a little.

Eventually the lights became dimmer and it became harder to follow her little party, although I could see she was progressing to locking both hands around the neck of most of her partners and even pressing

her lips to their cheek.

She was clearly giving them free rein and encouragement, to explore her

body as they wished, It was really hot to watch her encourage this action.

In the far corner of the room was a long draped curtain, soon, I noticed, each of her dance partners, quietly steered her to that darker spot so

Their behaviour was obscured by the curtain and nobody else could see exactly what was happening.

However, each time my wife came off the dance floor, she looked more and more flustered, more flushed and more excited each time.

Initially I had expected her to keep those randy blokes at bay, but it was obvious that the opposite was happening. I was so excited with what she was allowing all those men, to do to her.

All the men held her as close as possible and rubbed their groins against her during the slower numbers. They lightly kissed her and felt up her breasts, butt and stomach, whilst whispering in her ear; I am sure, telling her what they would like to do to her.

All this attention must have been exciting and she appeared thrilled that these younger men still wanted her. She basked in the flattery and attention.

At first, she kept her various partners from groping her and turned away from their kissing.

However, as the evening wore on, I watched as she became more and more aroused by all the avid attention. I noticed as she stopped her partner's

sexual advances, way less often.

They dimmed the lights on the dance floor and were now playing only slower numbers. My wife began to allow her partners to lick her neck, to nibble at her ears, and then to raise their lips to hers.

I watched on as my wife allowed herself to respond to the attention, she parted her lips to allow their tongues explore her mouth.

It was clear her excitement was mounting and she let them slide their hands up and down her body, caressing her breasts and round arse.

She kept their hands to the outside of her clothes.

After each dance, she would sit out for a while, laughing and flirting with the group, enjoying the glow as her wine and their attention relaxed her.

By the next dance, my immediately responded to the wandering hands, allowing them to thrill her body. She welcomed a hand that slid into the top of her dress and caressed her soft breasts through her bra. My wife even allowed the same hands to ease her bra aside and caress her excited nipples. It was electric to watch and soon both her breasts were bare and the nipples exposed.

Her various dance partners always headed for the darker curtain area, where they could quickly get their hands down the front of her dress, her bra to one side, and her breasts exposed. There was very little attempt to dance, just a groping of her breasts and sexy arse. They cupped her mounds in their hands, caressing her skin, sending shivers of arousal through her.

She stopped the many attempts to get their hands straight up her skirt and at the end of each dance she straightened her clothes and returned to the men and her glass of wine.

Two men pulled my wife back to floor "I can't dance with both of you." I heard her exclaim.

"Why not?" they both asked, and they each took a hand leading her onto the floor.

She slipped into the front embrace of one and the other moved in behind her, sliding his hands around her and onto her belly. She was soon again pulled into the far, dark corner, near the curtain and one man kissed her passionately, I watched on as she responded and clasped her hands around his neck.

The man behind soon had a hand deep into the plunging dress neckline.

Her bra was soon undone and his hands were soon groping her breasts, pulling her nipples until they were hard and firm, all the while he rubbed his erection into her soft bum.

The thrill of his kiss, the firm caresses of her breasts, the pressing of the obvious erection onto her bum added to her rising excitement and she allowed the man behind to reach down and caress her stomach through her dress with his other hand.

She stopped the men from raising her dress to get onto her bare flesh, but, suddenly, a hand was sliding across her bare stomach. The man behind had found the side zipper of her dress, slid it open, and was caressing her soft belly. She momentarily stiffened.

I watched on as my wife tried to get her hands down to stop him but could

not do so because of her partner's firm hold around her torso.

She was forced to abandon her efforts to prevent these men exploring her body so intimately. She now began to respond to her partner's exploring by nestling in their arms and enjoying the excitement that was enveloping her soft body.

The exploring hands gently caressed her belly with ever widening circles, the tips of his fingers going lower and lower. She tried to protest when the finger tips slipped under the elastic of her, what must have been moistening, panties and was soon exploring her pussy mound with its soft skin.

I could see the fingers of the hand were soon at the top of her pussy, fingers were smoothly slipping between her pussy lips, easing them apart to explore the entrance to her pussy. She moved, even squeezed her legs together in a weak attempt to control the sexy exploration, but her front partner had his knee between hers, holding her thighs apart, and providing the hand of the man behind with free access.

I watched her face; we even made eye contact for a few seconds, as the fingers were stroking her hardening button. She momentarily, attempted to complain. This small effort dissipated as her desire exploded beyond her

self control.

My wife then turned from me and she clung tightly to her partner, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide to welcome his exploring tongue.

She relaxed and pressed her body on to his thigh.

He pulled his hand from her soft breast and thrust it down onto the top of her underwear. He slightly pulled away from her to give himself room, and pulled the front of her dress up until he could reach inside, to the top of her thighs.

He stroked her inner thigh; his movements steadily getting higher and higher until his hand obviously could feel the heat from her sex.

His hand stayed there for a bit, he was savouring the pleasure of the warmth, but soon moved up to caress her mound through the satin material.

Wanting more, his hand was then up inside the moist gusset and I am sure, a couple of fingers found the wetness of her pussy and were quickly deep up inside her, searching, delving into her wet excitement.

She let out a low, audible moan when entered her, and as his fingers massaged her, the other man was working expertly on her clit. Her cunt must have been responding to these attentions and I watched as she convulsed, gripping his fingers tightly as his finger fucking intensified.

"Oh God, that's so hot," she groaned out loud. Then she had to bury her mouth into his shoulder to stifle her moans and her deepening panting as an orgasm started to grip her.

She clung tightly to him, thrusting her tongue down his throat. In her passion, she slipped her hand from his neck and down to his cock. She felt his prick was erect and she quickly pulled at his zipper, until his hard cock bounced out into her hand. She stroked the length and gently caressed the tip before sliding her fingers down the shaft and expertly, vigorously stroked his hardness.

This hand action became a steady rhythm; familiar intense spasms of pleasure gripped her body. The man sped his finger fucking in response to her sweet cunt squeezing his fingers.

She had stopped kissing him. She jammed her mouth onto his shoulder to stifle the groans as she obviously orgasmed. She hung on to him until her flowing orgasm had subsided. She jacked him wildly, and smiled as she felt his prick explode and spurt gallons into her hand, the sticky semen dripping down her hand and wetly onto the front of her dress.

In the afterglow of her orgasm she now relaxed, but the man behind continued to stroke her clit with a persistent rhythm. His fingers plundered her body, the pleasures of a second, stronger orgasm exploded through her body.

My wife nearly collapsed but held herself against the embracing arms. She released the first cock and reached behind her for the second erect cock, which was now exposed and leaking precum. The original semen in her hand was thick and slick, and in response to her lubricated stroking attention, he too soon spurted cum into her hand and sprayed it over the back of her sexy dress.

She now really did collapse into the arms of the two men, glowing with the sweet pleasure that had swept over her, at her unexpected behaviour and growing interest at the sticky mess she was now covered in, when the dance ended.

The exhausted satisfaction of the men was passing also, but replaced with rekindling desire. One of them returned to fondling her breasts and even fingering her again, the other soon had his hand on her arse and slid his fingers up her legs again and was also deep back into her.

She pushed their hands away and whispered, "I must get

cleaned up," and broke away from their attention.

She walked off the floor and quickly over to me. My wife grabbed my hand, with her sexy sticky hands, and urgently pulled me out the door and out to the car. I drove her home, both of us groping all the way there, the strong smell of their semen was all pervading.

I fucked her and she fucked me, so hard, the moment we were in our door...