Written by mike

6 Jan 2013

I met an old friend from the past here on swingersheaven. She is shy and reserved on the outside, but a firecracker when you can get her out of her shell. Anyhow, yesterday morning I got a call from her, saying she was keen to , as she said, fuck a stranger, and wanted my help. I wont give out her name, but she lets me call her sexy slut. Only just more than half my age, when my ex and I were swinging, she latched on to us, as a playmate. I think her body rocks, she thinks she could improve it.

Anyway, yesterday she must have been pretty horny, as when I picked her up something was different to any other time. She hopped in the car, and said lets go over to the Spit. On the way, no small talk, just rubbing my cock, through my shorts. I asked if we should go to my place instead, she just smiled nervously, and said keep driving, if I know whats good for me.

So we drive past seaworld, and she says pull into the carpark where the boatramp is. I find a spot thinking its a headjob in the car, and we will be on our way. I am looking for a secluded area to park but the sexy slut says park anywhere, we are going for a walk. I am just along for the ride and think we may be going for a swim, and am glad I am in my boardies, even though there is quite the hard-on poking out of them. We hop out and start walking along the little beach that goes around where a lot of boats are parked. My heart sinks a little, thinking that there may be no relief for my cock, and watching her walk in front in bikini bottoms, and a singlet covering her hot oversized titties is only making matters worse. She is texting furiously and messages are coming back thick and fast. I look in front of us on the deserted beach and all of a sudden 2 blokes come out of the dunes from various spots. I also note that another one is still in the bush watching us.

She hands me her phone, says that she is now the sexy slut I wanted, and to film the fun on her camera. I am a little confused, as she goes up to the first guy, early 20s, slim, not what I would think is her type at all and grabs his hand, dragging him off the beach up onto the dunes. I follow close behind, impressed by her planning and interested to see where this goes. I am not alone, him, her and 2 others are all now within 5 metres of one another. You know the feeling that you get when you arent quite sure what will happen next, well i had a pretty good idea at this point. The sexy slut grabbed the young guy and pulled his shorts down to his knees, and went to work. I asked if it was ok to film on her phone, and he gave me the thumbs up, so on the cam went.

His cock was massive! I dont know whether she was ready for it, as she let out an 'oh fuck' in shock. But she is quite the trooper and got to work. I watched and filmed this little lady really give this guy the blowjob of his life, all whilst he has 2 sets of eyes on him. Now, i am not into blokes at all but this was sexy on so many levels. She turns to the rest of us and says 'cocks out, now' I didn't take long to down trou, although a feeling of self consciousness came over me , surrounded by all these sexy people, 20 years my junior. We pull up close to her, as the fellow with the massive penis, pulls it out of her mouth and wanks spurts of cum all over her face, caught on cam, with my free hand. She then pulls me close to her face, spits his cum onto my cock, and starts work on me.

The bloke in the bush has also come out, and is very close to her. He kneels beside her and offers his mouth out too. The fellow beside me lets him suck his cock. I bust a nut everywhere viewing this crazy scene, as does the other bloke beside me, and its all on film. The other cocksucker starts to lick sexy sluts face, swallowing my cum, and the other well hung blokes cum too. He asks if any of us blokes want to help him out and points at his pecker, soft and flaccid. I pass, but sexy slut offers to give him a hand shandy. He declines, and pleads with us for a male hand. The young guy just wanders off, mumbling that any other bj from here on in will be ruined as it cannot get any better than this! He says you have my number, and winks at the sexy slut.

I turn back and see that the bloke who had just given the bj was now getting his reward from the guy that he had just given one to. We watch and both feel that we are intruding on a very private situation and step back a bit onto the side of the dune. At this moment we realise we arent alone, that 2 more blokes have arrived, and have probably watched the whole thing. they both go up as we come down and take our place in that intimate circle.

We walk though the water and back to the car, me thinking its over, and what an interesting place the world is. She explains to me that she had PMed a few guys from this site to come along, for some fun at the Spit. The young bloke was one she had found online, and never met. We watched the video when we got back to my place, I fucked her with all my strength that I had, and she promised me we would do this again soon, I promised I would write about it here.