15 Jul 2016

I have always loved having men shoot cum into my mouth. Clearly many men don't taste as good as some others, but, for me, it isn’t just about a man's taste, it is also the feeling of womanly power, having that warm, creamy shot in my mouth. I am really disappointed when a new friend does not cum or he has just a little sexual fluid for me.

Some men squirt so much I have a hard time swallowing it all down, but others only let go a small burst, but many times, those men with smaller loads are better tasting? I would like to know if other women (and any men) have noticed this also?

My first boyfriend was one of those that came Ok, just enough for me, as a beginner. I dated him for a couple of years and gave him a LOT of oral and then we broke up! I went with another guy, gave head and when he filled my face, I thought I would drown! I was so surprised at the amount of cum he delivered to me, I had no idea you guys where so different. Since then I have enjoyed a lot of cum in my mouth and boys, just to let you know, I will never spit you out, to me, that would be such a waste.

I have had one guy, holy fuck, I just could not swallow all of his thick load. He came a bit at first, then a few seconds later he lets loose, starts pumping it out, flooding my mouth, the creamy goodness was heavy and so silky on my tongue. It was hot to have my mouth so full! And one other thing, some guys like me to stop, go gentle, as they cum and other guys want you to go for it! Sucking and pumping hard, with your throat and hand.

My husband likes to pull out of my mouth and shoot it into my mouth from a few inches, so he can enjoy the show. My current boyfriend likes to shoot cum all over my face and watch as I scoop it off with my hand and lick it off my fingers.

I guess all guys are different and I just enjoy the change...