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Shopping in the CBD (Part 3 of 3)

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Published 3 years ago
I can't believe that I forgot to post part 3........ Maybe it's because I might have gone just way to far that night but looking back I have no regrets....... Anyway here is the final part to that amazing night............................... Your not getting pissy aren't you', Rob asked, 'just a little', I replied throwing back the other shot of Tequila, 'good', he said and smiled that naughty smile and looked around at the possibilities looking at us. 'Fuck me how do I do this', he said, 'do what', I asked and at that moment a guy asked if we'd like to play a game of doubles, 'sure thing', I said and away we went. They had all figured out that I was enjoying showing myself off to them and it was also obvious that Rob didn't mind. When playing one shot one guy came up behind me and put his hand on my inner thigh, 'nice arse', he said and mmmmmmm ran his hand up between my bum cheeks. After that I had several guys come over and squeeze my bum, one guy even came over to me between shots as I was standing there and put his hand up the front of my dress and while giving my pussy little rub and said, 'love your choice of panties babe', and then casually walked back to where he was before. I loved that Two more Tequila's appeared on our table which I just had to drink, lol, but then the lights in the pub started flashing and someone called out, 'half hour to closing'. 'Time for one more game', a guy called to Rob, 'you bet and the winner gets a price', he said. 'What's the prize', one asked as the table was being set up again, 'you'll have to wait and see', Rob replied and then walked over to and put his arm around me holding me tight almost like he was hinting what the prize was, me, and damn if it didn't work because a couple of them started talking softly amongst themselves. I broke as usual and started the game and oh goodness there was another shot of Tequila at my table. The game was close but I kept getting distracted by horny men who were getting quite touchy feely not that I minded and also Rob had been talking to a couple of the guys out of ear shot so I wasn't sure what he was up too at least until my opponent was lining up the black for and easy shot when he stopped, 'so what's the prize mate', he asked Rob. 'Well my friend', Rob said in a clear voice', 'you see this gorgeous thing here', looking to me, 'she wants to help full fill a fantasy of mine', I smiled trying to control my excitement and replied, 'whatever you want Rob', 'that's exactly right and you see gentlemen I want to see lots of cum on her face'. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather because my heart started fluttering, my butterflies in my stomach went crazy and the guys well even though I'm sure Rob had already hinted to a couple of them what was happening started gathering around me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 gathered around me. 'Where' asked one, 'not here that's for sure', another replied, 'use my room', another said, 'up stairs'. I couldn't believe this was about to happen and actually started feeling faint as Rob took my hand and led me from the pool area out the side door. As we walked up the side stairs to the rooms Rob asked, 'are you ready for this', 'I hope so', I replied, 'don't worry you'll be ok', and then the guy opened the door to his room and we all went in.. 'Can we fuck her too', was the first thing I heard after the door closed as they again gathered around me but Rob stepped up, 'nah mate now listen this isn't about you or any of you, it's about me and her and it's not going to be any different underfuckingstand', 'ok mate its all good just asking', the guy replied. One guy started pulling down his zipper and said, 'hell lets do this then hey, I'm fucking hard here just looking at her', and amazingly they all started pulling down their zipper/ opening their short and taking their cocks in their hands. 'Best get comfy baby', Rob said, I smiled at him and around at all of them. Rob even pulled out his cock and he was hard so down I went onto my knees and oh goodness I began sucking cocks. Rob gave them the ok to touch me as I went from cock to cock pleasing as best as I could before the next wanted me, 'fuck me mate how the hell did you find yourself such a hot little slut as this one', I heard one ask, Rob replied, 'I'll tell you tomorrow'. Oh goodness watching all those men standing around me stroking their cocks as they waited for my mouth to return to them or they cum first while hands probed my pussy and bottom was indescribable I was shaking again with excitement when suddenly one to my left called out, 'here comes number 1' and he pushed his way in front of me and it happened.... His cum started splashing onto my face, my tongue and teeth, I heard, 'fuck me is this going to be good', and then, 'fuck I'm coming', I looked around to the voice as more cum started landing on my face, on my tongue. Rob said, 'she's been drinking cum for me all bloody avro', I heard another, 'here comes number three', but he obviously aimed more for my mouth because that's were most of his went so I swallowed, 'fuck she swallows and all', and then another was coming, 'that's it keep that pretty mouth open for me', he said sending another stream over my lips, tongue and nose. That's four I clearly remember thinking to myself just before hearing, 'now its my turn', and another splash in my mouth and across my cheek, 'fucking all right', he called obviously loving the experience. What a sight I must have been but they were all enjoying it and then I heard someone say, 'a cumslut fantasy for such a looker wow', and then number five sent a load of cum straight across my nose and in my eyes. It does sting a little too I might add and seconds after number six calmly came and stood in front of me, cum rolling down over my cheeks, everywhere, stroking his cock madly, 'open your mouth', so I did and he aimed and fired, lol. His cum rolled down my tongue and even started coming out of my mouth onto my chin, I was the dirtiest girl alive. 'fuck yes how good is that', so many comments and they all loved the experience. Rob knelt down beside me and wiped the cum from my eyes, 'fucking hell Nic how was that'. I looked to him, my left eye stinging a little, 'it certainly was different', I replied taking the towel from him and wiping my eyes again, 'but I thought you were going to cum on me too', I asked, 'later', he told me and he stood up. 'Well boys thanks for that you've all made me a happy man and Nic here a true cumslut', 'Christ Rob happy to help', one said and another said, 'let us fuck her first next time hey', and with that Rob looked at me and replied, 'we might just do that what do you reckon', and as I stood up I said, 'I think we could arrange something', and smiled to them all and excused myself and went towards to the bathroom. I walked in and closed the door behind me, there was the mirror on the other wall, dare I look into I thought to myself. I wanted to but I didn't if anyone can understand that. I had just had one of the most sexually amazing days of my life and for all I knew it wasn't even over yet but what did I look like with so much cum on my face. I inched myself closer and quickly took a peek and stepped back, oh goodness was that me so I took a deep breathe and stepped in front of it and stood staring. Wow it is me but look at yourself with cum just everywhere. It was in my hair, down the front of my lovely new dress, my right eye was quite red. Some was starting to dry and felt tight on my skin but then I smiled at myself and turned on the tap and ran cool water over my face. I washed my face, rinsed my hair, some even found its way into my left ear and goodness knows how and luckily everything on my dress washed off much easier than I though it would and when I had finished and no one would have guessed what had just happened to me. I stepped back and took another deep breathe and walked out of the bathroom. All the guys except the one who's room it was were gone, 'here she is back and all beautiful again', said Rob. I walked over and put my arm around Rob feeling a little shy in front of this stranger that I remembered as being number four. He still had lust in his eyes as he looked at me but Rob wasn't interested in staying, 'thanks for letting us use you pad mate but we're out of here', he said, 'the pleasure was all mine', he replied and they shook hands. 'Thanks see you next time', I said, 'hope so sexy', he replied and Rob took my hand and we left. Down the stairs we went where I almost tripped but Rob almost by sheer luck caught my arm, 'jesus are you alright', he asked but I was and couldn't help but giggle at my silliness. 'Your pissed', 'I am not', I told him but he knew better, 'yes you are', and he guided me the rest of the way down the stairs. 'I need a drink Rob', I said once back on Palmer St, he laughed and said, 'no more grog for you baby', 'well a cold drink please'. Most of the restaurants were now closed as it had just turned 1am and the only place left open was The Aussie so back we went but now it was very quiet, maybe fifteen people left. Rob sat me down, 'now don't move and I'll get you a coke', so away he went giving me a chance to settle my nerves. Tequila always sends me a little crazy, cheeky and I probably shouldn't drink it when I'm out. I saw Rob returning from the bar I saw my chance and very naughtily spread my legs wide and gave him a big sexy smile, 'fucking cheeky bitch', he said and put the drinks on the table and sat and put his hand on my inner thigh and started massaging me. I took a big drink and boy didn't I need that, lol, 'fuck me your gorgeous', he said running his hand right up to my pussy and back down to my knee. 'What was it like for you', he asked, I leaned forward and kissed him, 'it was amazing really amazing', I told him, 'to say the least', he replied then, 'watching you play pool showing off your body, that pink fuckin G-string between your arse cheeks, best thing ever', 'I'm glad you enjoyed me', I said and he laughed, 'enjoyed you hell that's a bloody understatement and so has every bastard the you've crossed path with today'. I could only smile at him thinking about the extraordinaire afternoon I'd had. He was still massaging my upper leg and mmmmm it felt nice, 'so Nic do I need to take you home', he asked, 'Rob that's entirely up too you', 'not sure I want this night to end just yet', he said, 'well don't let it', I replied. He smiled and said, 'ok then fuck it we won't, is anyone looking at you', and quite honestly I wasn't sure because I had been focused on our conversation. I had to look around and funny enough there were several actually, two guys over there, three sitting there, one sitting just there. 'Yes', I told him, 'of course there are', he laughed, 'your a god damn cock magnet look at you', and well I guess he was right. I was quite the happy drunk and very relaxed and my dress was sitting high on my body as it does, 'pick some one', he told me so once again I discretely scanned the bar area. The one sitting over there making out he's looking at his phone was a good target so the next time he sneakily looked I smiled at him and that got his attention. Rob still had his hand on my leg, I looked down then back up at him again and gave him a wink. Rob was watching me doing my thing, 'like a fucking pro', he said as I then casually licked my lips, 'invite him over', he told him so I motioned towards the empty seat to my right and up he got and walked over. I didn't move a muscle, 'g'day', I said, 'hey how's it going', he asked and Rob turned to him, 'how are you mate Rob', and he put out his hand and they shook hands. 'It's Luke', he said and sat down not sure what we were up too, 'she's a looker isn't she', Rob said, 'she has a name', I interrupted, 'I'm Nic', 'Hi Nic and yes you are a looker', he replied with a smiled. 'So what are you doing', I asked and then it was Robs turn to interrupt, 'perving at your pink by the looks', he said and Luke picked up on us quickly and responded, 'and it looks great too', so I moved my leg just a enough to improve his view, 'thanks for that very nice', 'you welcome', I replied and looked to Rob. 'So mate I bet my sweet little flower here that she won't blow the first guy that caught her eye and your it', 'I'd have to say lucky me then', he replied getting myself more comfy on his seat, 'and I have no intention of loosing my money', I said and put my hand on his leg. Rob got up and called to the bar staff, 'mate is the smoking area out back still open', 'until 2', was the reply. Rob looked at his watch, 'twenty five past, lets go have a smoke hey', 'yes lets', I said and grabbed Luke's hand and we got up and followed Rob through to the beer garden. The Australian has one of the nicest beer gardens in Townsville to I might add but goodness maybe it was a little obvious us walking out with me holding his hand after having just sat with us because people had noticed, lol. Right at the back was the smoking area and it certainly wasn't well lit up so as soon as Rob stopped and pulled out his smokes I cuddled up to Luke, 'would you like me to suck your cock', reaching for his bulging shorts, 'you bet I would', he replied so down I slowly went and knelt in front of him and pulled at his shorts. 'Mmm your very hard for me', I told him taking his cock in my hand stroking it, 'I want you to cum in my mouth', and I started licking his head, 'do you smoke mate', Rob asked him offering him one as I wrapped my lips around his head and started on him. 'No thanks', he replied watching me suck his cock and then Rob looked around, 'well well looks like we have company', and not stopping I looked and was able to see two figure walking in our direction knowing that they wouldn't have been able to see me kneeling and as they got closer I saw it was in fact the two guys sitting at the other table. They came right down, 'mind if we have a smoke with you', one asked still not being able to me, 'no worries fella's, Rob said and then they saw me and oh goodness, 'fucking hell this is alright', one said pulling a packet of smokes from his pocket. 'Rob looked at me, 'dared her she wouldn't blow a stranger and hell she won', 'looks that way, the other said. I smiled my cock in mouth smile at them and went about pleasing Luke. He was standing there proud as punch enjoying my mouth. The guys lit their smokes and watched, 'nice panties', one said, 'want a bet her cunt is dripping wet', Rob said, 'twenty bucks', one said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a twenty and put it on the table, 'ok then your on find out', Rob told him. 'Ok', he said and he moved around behind me and knelt down and put his hand between my legs and found my pussy and started rubbing me, 'the moneys your', he declared seeming delighted at what he found as he sliced a finger into me. 'Dave check her out will you', he said to his friend, 'ok', and his friend came around and got on the other side of me and knelt down and his fingers also found my pussy, 'oh mate she's soaked', he said also seeming pleased with his discovery. It can be hard concentrating on the job at hand with fingers probing my pussy but I managed, 'remember what I told you Luke', I said taking a quick breathe as I started massaging the base of his cock then Rob said, 'come on fellas give her some room', so the other two stood up, 'can we get some of that', one asked, 'bet you won't suck three stranger's cocks baby', again I took a breathe, 'I bet I would', I said and back to work I went, 'fucking bewty', they said and got their cocks out of their trousers for me and watched. I brought Luke to a wonderful climax that all went straight down into my tummy, 'oh yes that is just the best', he called as I emptied his balls into me. 'Fucking hell she swallows', one said, Rob laughed and said, 'oh yes she swallows boys'. I kissed his head and turned to my two new friends, 'so who's next', I naughtily asked and they both stepped forward, 'better hurry things along', Rob said so I did just that. I sucked one while stroking the other and swapped and back again and then one started stroking his own cock while I pleased his friend and I saw that by his frantic movements that he was close so I went back to him and started sucking his balls, 'oh yes baby that's it', he said and then, 'fuck I'm coming', so I released his balls and took his head in my mouth and he unloaded onto my tongue, 'awesome', he said as he friend started stroking himself faster and faster, 'now me, he said and yet another load of cum was running down my throat and another healthy load. It has always fascinated me that some guys have big loads while others have smaller but as I knelt there swallowing his I thought, but not today because every load I had received today/night was healthy . I stood up and looked to Rob, 'so you owe me some money', 'seems I do bugger', and then I turned to my three new friends, 'thanks guys I hope you enjoyed yourselves', 'shit thank you', said Luke and one of the others said, 'and you thank us hell we're the ones who should be saying thanks. We all walked back out to the bar area but we weren't staying and said our good byes and walked out. Rob put his arm around me and squeezed me tight, 'your the best you know that', he said, 'it's been fun', I told him as we walked back up and onto Victoria Bridge. 'Can I stay the night with you Rob', I asked, 'most definitely you can I love you too', he said. Across we walked and back onto Strokes St and as we walked past Cowboys League's Club a voice, 'hey Rob', and a guy walked out of the club, 'fuck me G'day stranger', Rob said and they shook hands appearing very happy to see each other. The guy looked at me, 'well hello', he said and then Rob introduced me, 'hello Stan pleased to meet you'. They stood and talked for several minutes having obviously worked together in the past so I found a seat and rest my legs. I heard Stan say, 'Christ mate she's a cutie', 'that she is mate', and then he said, 'give me a minute will you', Rob said and came over to me, 'mind if I invite old Stan along', he asked. Oh boy another one I thought to myself but replied, 'of course not Rob', 'thanks baby, he said and he turned back to his mate, 'Stan come up for a drink', 'you bet mate', and away we walked up that a cursed hill. Half way up and I'd just about had enough, 'bloody hills, I declared and what did Rob do, he knelt down, 'here hop up beautiful', and delighted I climbed up onto his back and he lifted up, 'your so strong thanks', I said and kissed him on the back of his head, 'bloody hell', he said straining and off we went. Stan was quick to notice that my dress had lifted up high with my legs around Rob's waist. 'Holy shit nice arse you've got', he said, 'thanks Stan', I said just happy not to be walking. Finally we arrived at Robs place and he let me down and reached for his keys. Stan was certainly checking me out and even though it had been a big day I suspected it wasn't quite over yet. As soon as we got inside I disappeared to the bathroom and had a wee and oh goodness did I need that, lol. I walked back out feeling very relieved and found them sitting out the entrance to the tidy balcony and each with a beer in their hands, 'can I have a beer now', I asked Rob, 'help yourself your safe here now', so I got myself a beer and sat and slid a chair over and sat next to Rob. 'So how do you two know each other', Stan asked, Rob looked to me and I to him and we both just grinned, 'it's a long story', Rob said, 'not that long Rob it was about eleven when I first saw you wasn't it', I said, 'yer roundabout then' Rob replied. Stan looked confused but also interested because Rob for some reason was hesitating and looked at me again, 'tell him', he asked, 'its yours to tell', I told him and he looked back to Stan. 'Well mate I spotted her in Flinders St looking fucking hot as so I thought I follow her for a bit, you know have a perve', 'yer yer', Stan said, 'well and then she started flashing her G-string at me didn't you', 'and you loved it', I said 'next thing she's flashing her cunt at me in The Brewery, fucking fingered her there too', he continued, 'bullshit in The Brewery', Stan asked and it was then I noticed that his groin was starting to bulge, 'no bullshit hey Nic', Rob said. 'I have this naughty side Stan and can be easily lead astray', I informed him. 'Hell easily lead astray that's a fucking understatement your the horniest little slut I've ever met', Rob said and laughed and by now Stan was leaning forward seeming very interested and it was then I decided, 'do you want Stan to have me too', and quick as Rob replied, 'you bet baby', and then he looked back to Stan and told him, 'mate anything you want she'll do so have some fun'. 'Fuck yer sounds great mate I'll have some of that', said Stan smiling at me with a devilishly look of lust now on his face. I leaned back in my chair and opened my legs, 'I'm here', I said and oh boy he got straight up and walked the four steps from his chair to mine and knelt down in front of me, 'anything I want hey', he said, 'yes', I replied and slowly he lowered himself down and got between my legs and started with his tongue and fingers. Now let me tell you some guys give ok head, some guys give good head and every now and then a guy I find a guy who gives me incredible head, like a god damn pro and oh goodness he brought me to orgasm and more than once, mmmmmmmmmm did he have me bucking and moaning. While in the middle of one I saw Rob get up and walk out of view and returned shortly after with something in his hand. 'She likes this to mate', he told Stan holding a dildo in his hand. At that point I couldn't remember using it early so, 'do I', I asked and Rob laughed and said, 'fuck yer but you were out to it', 'oh', I said straining my thoughts but all I could think was 'Naughty naughty men'. 'Nice tasty cunt you've got sexy lady', Stan said coming up for air and saw what Rob was holding and took it in his hand, 'ha ha we can put this to good use can't we', he said showing it too me, 'if you want', I told him, and with that he turned to Rob, 'Jesus Christ mate I'm in fucking love', he said to which Rob replied, 'fucking alright isn't she', and with that Stan again turned his attention to me and aimed the dildo between my legs and slowly started easing it into my pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he certainly wasn't rough, 'ha ha how good does that look', he said as he started moving it back and forth. He pulled my body out a little from the chair so my pussy was more exposed and continued using the dildo and Rob pulled his chair over close to me, 'you don't remember us using that on you', 'vaguely', I replied, 'you were pretty stoned and Paul and Chris had some fun with you', 'did they just', I asked, 'didn't think you'd mind considering', 'no of course I don't mind', I told him. 'Considering what', asked Stan still entertaining himself with the dildo, 'considering that the four of us had just fucked her', Rob told him, 'what like a fucking gangbang', 'not quite as they arrived at different times but jesus did they have some fun', Rob told him. 'And what about you Nic did you have fun with them', Stan asked, 'very much', I replied and then Rob continued, 'hell and after that I found her some more cocks to play with and hell she played, didn't you', I smiled noticing that Stan was tickling and probing my bum with his fingers, 'feels like you got some in your arse today too did you', he asked me, 'maybe one or two', I told him. 'Fuck me one or two and you wore your wedding ring', 'yes well I don't take them off', and with that he pulled the dildo from my pussy and put it aside and stood up and pulled down his shorts and jocks and showed me his very hard and almost purple cock, 'best you suck this then my pretty married whore', and smiling and responding to his dirty talk, 'best I do', and I leaned forward and took him in my mouth and started pleasing him. 'She loves sucking cock don't you baby', Rob said but I just looked at him and looked up at Stan smiling. He laughed and said, 'and she's fucking good at it too', 'and swallows like there's no tomorrow', Rob told him, 'fuck me seriously how many', Stan asked as I did my best to take as much of him as I could. Rob had to think as did I as I sucked and then after a minute Rob declared, 'Fuck me Stan I think your number twenty', 'fucking twenty today oh bullshit that is just gold', and he pulled his cock from my mouth and knelt in front of me again and with that wild delighted look in his eyes, 'and I bet hubby has no idea what a slut you really are does he, 'definitely not', I replied, 'does he work away in the mines', 'no he's a truckie', I told him, 'and he's away a lot', he asked, 'too much', I told him, 'well the poor bastard', he said as he lifted his cock and said, 'cutie suck my balls', so I started sucking his balls. He stood there enjoying my mouth and tongue and talked to Rob, 'Christ mate you must have had a great bloody today', 'to say the least mate I'm still in shock', 'where in hell did you manage that many blokes', Stan then asked him, 'me, Paul, Tony and Chris here and then at the a couple at the Newmarket, 'in the Newmarket how', Stan asked, 'she blew them in the toilet for me', 'what do you mean for you', Stan enquired, 'seems Nic likes doing as she's told don't you', I nodded, 'fucking A', Stan said and Rob continued, 'a couple of blokes at my fishing spot at Vikki Bridge, two more in their room at The Crown and then at the Shamrock and fuck me Stan you should have seen her playing pool flashing herself, it was awesome', 'bet it was mate', Stan replied and then, 'get over on your knees', he said to me so I turned around on the chair, 'fuck she's got a great arse', he said, 'ain't that the truth', Rob said seeming very proud and then Stan slide his cock into my pussy and started giving it to me. 'Still feels pretty good considering so many guys have been through her Rob', Stan said but Rob corrected him, 'shit no mate only about half fucked her, bit of a cum slut this one and drinks it like fucking water', 'fucking hell', said Stan. I was on cloud nine as Stan pumped my pussy listening to them talk about me like the slut I am, it was just thrilling. Stan slipped a finger into my bum and started fucking me with it as he took my pussy, 'if only hubby knew', he said and he eased his cock from my pussy and pushed it into my bum and started servicing that hole, 'yes not bad at all in there either', he said, 'saw her take two guys at once in the Crown', Rob said, 'actually she told me she wanted to show me what she could do', 'so she did it to show you fuck me swinging', Stan said, 'yep like a real slut and she loved it didn't you', Rob said, 'I love pleasing men Rob and you found me so I was and am yours today', I told them, 'fucking see what I mean Stan', 'I see mate I certainly see', Stan said enjoying my sore little bum. 'So Rob you've been telling her and she does it like a good married whore', 'that sums it up in a nut shell', Rob told him, 'so if I tell you what special treat I want and you tell her she'll do it', he asked talking like I was in another room so I piped up and said, 'I'm right here Stan and I did say anything you want', 'oh baby', he said and pulled out of my bum and sat back into his seat so I turned back around and sat in mine but slide straight down onto my hands and knees and walked over to him and started sucking his cock again, 'what a good slut you are', he said and goodness was I feeding off all that dirty talk so I pulled up his balls and started licking the base of his cock and felt hands on my bum. It was Rob touching me again, 'let her lick your arse', he said, 'hell never tried that', he said so he lifted his legs up giving me great access and away I went on his arse. 'Oh boy how good is this', he delighted as I pushed my tongue into his bum, 'best thing', Rob said and then I started stroking his cock, 'fucking hell so hot and so slutty', he said. I took a breathe, 'yes I'm a good girl who does what's she's told Stan and I want you to cum in my mouth', 'then keep that up and I will', he said so back to work I went and after several more minutes he was so close so I took him in my mouth just in time to receive my yummy reward, 'oh yes what a winner', Stan called out as he unloaded straight down my throat and when I had sucked every drop from his head I leaned back on my knees, 'did you enjoy that', I asked, 'bloody fantastic really', 'thanks', I told him and turned to Rob, 'fuck me woman you are incredible', he said so I turned back to Stan who still had a devilish look in his eye, 'what Stan', I asked and he replied, 'anything I want', 'yes', I replied turning to Rob again and he shrugged, 'I'm just a spectator', he said so I looked back Stan who was now looking sheepish and not sure and then, 'I'll pay you', he said, 'pay me why do you have to pay me', I asked, 'because its a fantasy of mine' and by that time I was beginning to suspect what he wanted but figured he was shy about asking me, 'if you want to wee on me you can but in the shower ok', I told him, 'fucking hell', called Rob, 'can I too', I smiled, 'yes if you must', and then Stan asked, 'so how much too', 'oh goodness Stan no money please', and I stood up and took his hand and we walked into the bathroom. 'I'll just take this off', I said and pulled my dress up over my shoulders and threw it on the floor, 'you've got a great body Nic', Stan told me as I took off my G, 'fucking gorgeous body I reckon', Rob said standing there in just his shirt and his semi-erect cock. I sat down on the floor near the shower recess and looked at them both, 'on my boobs or', I asked, 'no no I'll show you where, Stan said and stepped forward so he was looking almost straight down at me. Goodness I thought to myself I know where he wants it watching him take his cock in his hand and hold it very close to my mouth. Honestly I wasn't sure if I wanted to go threw with this, I've been weed on before and even though the first time was ok the second time I found very degrading and I didn't enjoy it one little bit but that was a completely different situation to this and since it was a fantasy of his I felt sort of compelled to please him. 'Open your mouth', he told me, 'I'm not sure about this', I told him and oh goodness sometimes men say just the right words, 'come on now be a good slut for me and open your mouth', so I did and Stan put on the biggest dirtiest smile and looked to Rob and said, 'my wildest fucking fantasy is about to be fulfilled mate', 'go for it mate', Rob said and then suddenly a warm stream was squirting into my mouth and started filling. I wasn't sure quite what to do and found myself swallowing in an attempt to control the flow, 'fuck yes you dirty whore drink my piss', he called absolutely delighted but still it overflowed out the sides of my mouth. I looked to Rob and was quite shocked and thrilled to see that in a matter of seconds he was hard as again and then Stan aimed for my boobs and wet them down briefly, 'how's fucking good are you', he said and straight back up and into my mouth went his aim, 'oh yer baby I fucking love you', he said the head of his cock only millimetres from my open mouth. Rob was loving it, I thought, guys just love dirty and if they like dirty then I like dirty and dirty they get.......................................... Again I swallowed little bits of his wee not really enjoying the taste but tolerating it for them and I actually became aroused possibly because it was so so naughty and then Stan was done, 'that was so fucking hot, now you Rob', he called very excitedly and then there was my man for the day standing their looking down at me with his cock in his hand and that big naughty smile on his face, 'I told you anything you want Rob', I told him cheekily, 'fucking gorgeous little slut that you are', was his reply and then he started weeing and down to the last drop he aimed didn't miss my open mouth but I had figured to not try and swallow but rather let it just flow out and well it worked and before I knew it he was finished and it wasn't that bad. 'Fuck me Nic you never cease to amaze me', Rob said, 'and I never cease to amaze myself Rob', I replied to which we all laughed. 'I might just have a quick shower', I told, 'sure', said Rob and I'm sure as they both walked out I heard Stan say, 'freshen up for round two'. Round two I thought to myself, lol, more like round fifty two but I wasn't fazed if they did want more so I hoped into the shower and washed my face, just my fringe and body and there was that infamous mirror again, 'your a dirty girl', I told myself and got dressed again. Once again I walked out and this time found them sitting on the balcony, 'there's not much room out here Rob', I said and Stan was quick and said, 'here sit on my lap' so I did and noticed they were drinking something different to beer, 'what are you drinking', I asked, 'rum', Rob said but yuck I don't like rum and still feeling quite merry from the Tequila so I excused myself and found a beer in the fridge. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the time on Rob's DVD player and oh goodness it was 3:40am but I knew I could sleep today once I got home so I returned and sat back on Stan's lap. They were certainly throwing back the rums and it didn't take Stan long to once again become adventurous with his hands and surprised me by asking Rob, 'so is she for sale mate', 'for sale hell you'd have to ask her', Rob told him, 'so are you', he asked as he again tickled my pussy with his fingers, 'well I don't know about for sale but maybe for hire', I told him cheekily. They both laughed and Stan said, 'for hire I like that and so what would you cost me for what's say a day', and well I had to think for a sec before replying, 'I'd have to get back to you on that', I told him thinking of my other pro adventures. And there were more questions, 'so how often is hubby away', 'lots', I told him, 'what about gangbangs do you do that', 'oh goodness yes', I told him, 'fucking great', he said and then Rob said, 'jesus Stan I watched her get six loads all over your face not three hours ago', 'oh your fucking kidding fucking', and he looked at me, 'and you loved it didn't you', 'it was interesting', I replied feeling his cock now start to harden once again against my bum. 'And you just spotted her walking along Flinders St you lucky bastard', he said to Rob and they threw do another rum, 'yer mate thought she looked alright so I followed her', Rob said, 'fuck me and your how old', he then asked me, 'well Stan that's not the right thing to ask a girl now is it', I replied, 'late thirties I reckon', he guessed and well what a compliment for a girl much older than that so, 'for that you get a big kiss', I told him and offered him my mouth. Oh goodness do guys love kissing and wow I must admit so do I because once again and much to my surprise my pussy started getting wet again, 'hell Nic you haven't kissed me like that', Rob said I think feeling a little left out so after I was able to pull myself away from Stan's mouth I turned to Rob, 'well big boy here's your chance', and over to him I went and sat on his lap and we kissed and I purposely tried to be as passionate as I could and mmmmm I could the same response from him feeling his cock growing hard against my bum. 'Fuck me I could go her again', declared Stan watching us kiss and still drinking that rum and when our lips parted Rob said, 'mate I think I could too', and when I looked around Stan had got up from his seat and was standing next to us, 'you want to suck my cock again', 'if you want me to Stan', I replied, 'yes I want you too', 'right here', I enquired as we were on the balcony 'fucking betya right here', he said. I looked to Rob, 'go on baby', he told me so I slide off his lap and knelt in front of Stan and pulled down his shorts and once again and for about the hundredth time (lol) in fifteen hours I was sucking cock but at least it was nice cock. Rob poured Stan another rum and they cheered, 'fuck I love watching you suck my cock', he said, 'your a sexy little thing that's for sure', he said, 'fuck those green eyes of yours', he said as he slowly started moving towards me as I sucked, 'your going to let me fuck that pretty little married mouth aren't you', he said. He was exciting himself with his dirty talk as much as he was me, I could tell feeling his cock growing lovely and hard again, I nodded my approval but Rob said, 'come on mate lets take this inside hey', 'shit yer your right Rob', he replied and so slowly pulled his cock away from me, 'you come with me', he said and took my hands and lifted me and turned me around and grabbed my arms and walked me inside. 'Bet you like it a little rough to don't you', he said and then he stopped me in the middle of the living area and turned me around facing him and with all my heart I tried not to smile wanting to play his game and then me grabbed my head and kissed me hard and then pulled away, 'fuck yer are you a hottie', he said and then, 'get on your knee's', he told me and pushed me down on until his cock was pointing straight at me, 'now open that slutty mouth', he said so me loving this sudden turn of events opened my mouth, 'a well trained slutty wife is just what the doctor ordered Rob me old mate', he said and he pushed his cock into my mouth and immediately started pumping back and forth. With each movement in a little deeper and a little faster he went, 'another fantasy for your slut to full fill', he said to Rob, 'ok with me if it's ok with her', Rob replied still hard, 'of course it's ok with her, look at her she loves it', and well he was right even after such a long day I do enjoy being dominated and rough can be exciting too. 'Fucking your pretty little mouth aren't I', he said, 'what would your husband think, his pretty wife being such a whore', he went on and then Rob knelt down beside and put one hand in front and one behind and started rubbing my pussy, 'fuck Nic fuck', he said and pulled my G aside and put fingers in my pussy and bum and started fucking me with them, my pussy just exploded into orgasm and they both knew it. 'Fuck me Rob you hit the spot there mate', Stan said not relenting on my mouth as I orgasmed, 'fuck her arse again', Stan called, 'why the fuck not', he said then, 'get up on your knees', he told me. Stan stopped for a sec giving me time to move and then he was straight at me again once I was on my knees. Oh and did Rob just push his cock into me, straight and deep into my bum, 'give her some', Stan encouraged him and he did, 'fuck her like a spit roast', he said. Rob would push his cock into my throat and hold it there and then pull out and do the same, it was rough alright but luckily I could handle it, 'you've had this before', Stan said. I had actually but I wasn't in a position to talk as they fucked me at both ends but yes something similar. They even high fived each other as they took me, took me to the point that my bum was starting to hurt again. I put my hand back to try and slow him down but Stan pulled it away and said, 'not today baby cause it's my turn', and then, 'Rob might swap here hey', 'give you a turn at pretty things mouth while I try some arse', 'ok', Rob replied and in second they had swapped and Stan was taking aim at my bum, 'I'm going to leave my calling card in your whore arse for hubby ok', 'yes yes Stan', I pleaded now at the point where I wanted it over but it wasn't over and oh well and I guess sometimes I just have to slump it and take it because old Stan slammed my arse until he unloaded inside me, 'fucking hell I love this woman, such a slut', he called as he cum thrusting hard until he was totally done. Luckily Rob was being more gentle with my mouth and once Stan had finished with me Rob pulled back and sat down, 'I'm fucked', he said, 'your fucked', I said laying my head on my hands waiting for Stan to pull his cock out. As he did, 'yer man that was a bloody ripper', and then he put his hand on my back, 'don't move I want to watch my cum leak out of your arse', he said and then, 'fuck I've only ever seen that on a porno', and then he slapped me hard on the bum and that pissed me off. 'Rob I need sleep', I told him and stood up, 'nice to meet you Stan see ya', I said and walked straight into Rob's bedroom and fell onto his bed and must have fallen asleep in seconds. The next thing I knew was Rob saying, 'hey Nic it's almost eleven is anyone going to miss you', so I rolled over and gave him a big just woken up smile, 'no not today unfortunately', 'I'll miss you when you leave', he told me, I'll get you a coffee'. He got me coffee made me some toast and we talked. It was his birthday the following week and he wanted to know if I would like to go to his party, 'as the entertainment or as a friend', I asked, 'that's your call but I'd love to see you there', 'ok I'll come as a friend until you bring out the Tequila how does that sound', 'sounds bloody brilliant', he said. We swapped phone numbers and he promised to only txt me and I was home by 12:30 and at least my dogs missed me. It had been an absolutely amazing day of shopping in the CBD

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