Written by Fuming linguist

17 Jun 2012

I would have been 24 at the time, sharing a flat with a mate. I'd recently caught up with an old school buddy who was over with his wife and her younger sister. We were all relaxing having a few drinks. Reminiscing about school days and having a laugh. As the evening came to an end and they headed for home, me and the flat mate stayed up drinking, as he'd had some friends come over. A couple of hours had passed when there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, there stood the younger sister from earlier. She said she had snuck out, wanting to keep on partying. So in she came, got her a drink and continued with the festivities. Shortly afterwards people started to slowly drop off. And being as late as it was I decided to crash myself. As i made my way to my bedroom and crawled into bed, I noticed I'd been followed by our late lady visitor. Asking me If I wouldn't mind some company. Why not I said. With that she crawled under the covers with me and proceeded to undress herself, leaving only her little cotton panties on. She snuggled herself up against me and whispered into my ear that she was still a virgin. And would I like to be her first and show her what it all about. But more importantly wanted to know what guys like and how to please him. Well I instantly became hard. I asked her if she'd ever seen a mans dick before. She said she'd never seen one or touched one and wasn't sure what to do with it. So I lifted the covers off and exposed to her my stiff cock. She reacted by commenting that it was quite big. I said to her she should touch it. So she moved her inexperienced hand towards it. She instinctively wrapped her hand around it, squeezing it repetitively. I grabbed her hand and gently showed her how to pull a man off, until she was comfortable doing it herself. Which she got the hang of very quickly. As she stroked my length she asked what the difference between a head job and a blow job was. And if she was to do it to me. Could I show her the difference. So I explained to her what she wanted to do was to just put the head of my penis in her mouth and to slowly and softly suck on it, as though it were a lolly pop or an ice cream, and at the same time roll her tongue around the head, and that is a head job. So she firmly gripped my shaft in her hand and tentatively put her mouth over my knob. As she did I told her at some point she needs to bob her head up and down along the length of it, putting as much of it deep in her mouth as she could, making sure to maintain sucking and tongue action. To my amazement she was doingit to perfection and really seemed to enjoy doing it. So I decided to see if she'd be keen on trying deep throat. I want to do it all she said. So I instructed her what she needed to do was to slide my mouth as far down my shaft as she could, aiming to get down to the base gradually, and as her mouth filled with saliva to use her lips and tongue to coat my entire cock in it. She found it a little difficult but absolutely soaked my cock and managed to get 95% of me down her throat. She asked if I was liking it and if she was doing a good job. I told her it was one of the best I'd ever had and she doing it like a seasoned pro. She slid my cock out of her mouth and asked if I could fuck her with it now, or could she fuck it. So I asked her if her pussy was wet. She asked how wet does she have to be and could I check if she was wet enough. So I got her to lay on her back, opened her legs and felt her pussy. I told her she probably wasn't wet enough and I would finger fuck her first. With excitement in her voice and eagerness in her body, I told her to close her eyes and just relax. I began rubbing her flaps, opening them and sliding my fingers between her slit and over her clit. As she became more moist I slowly eased a finger into her hole, sliding it in and out of her, eventually introducing a second and a third. By this time she was extremely wet and was moaning and groaning with intense approval. But my intention was to bring her to a higher level of ecstasy. So I then slid my tongue the length of her soft pink pussy lips, licking her swollen little love button, as my fingers worked the inner walls of her still sopping finger filled casm. She reacted with pleasurable surprise and approval by thrusting her mound into my face. I pushed my tongue into her hole tasting her sweet nectar, getting her as wet as possible. At this time I positioned myself between her legs. Grabbed my cock and slid my knob all over her pussy, pushing it with firm pressure between her labia and coating my cock in her juices, working towards slipping my knob in her hole and eventually my entire length. Which didn't take long and I began fucking her slowly but deeply, occasionally smacking my meat on her mound. She said to me she wanted to do doggy and then after than wanted to fuck me. So I put her on all fours, got behind her and enter her. I fucked her hard and fast and as deep as she could manage, commenting as I did how big and deep it felt. She said she could feel my balls smack against her arse with every thrust, which made it feel better. Obviously eager to do some of the fucking she pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me, cowgirl style and guidied my cock into her wet waiting hole. She sat herself all the way down on it and ground herself against it with intense vigor. I instructed her to squat on it and to girate herself along it full length, like a see saw action. Within minutes I said to her I was about to cum. She said she wanted to see it shoot out of my cock and wanted to taste it. So she got of me and knelt on her knees, asked me to stand up and fuck her mouth, so I could cum. I pushed my cock into her mouth, put both my hands on either side of her head. She cupped both her hands over my butt cheeks. I began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth and as deep as I could, leaving it deep in her mouth on occasion. Within no time I felt my head begin to swell, drawing my load from my nuts, ready to erupt from the tip of my knob. I let her know this so she grabbed my member in her hands, vigorously tugging on it, enticing it out. Which she did, spraying it all over her face and in her mouth. She wiped my cock all over her face and siphoned ever last drop out of me with her mouth.